i’m linking up my weekly phone pictures with my friend jeannett.  i’m thepleatedpoppy on instagram if you want to follow along!


after 28 days in the RV, it was good to be home.  and fun to see how much our plants had grown!


the laundry fairies never showed up!  jerks.  i estimated about 10 loads.  22 loads later…


we hosted art after dark at fred & betty’s last friday – it was so fun!  my mom and i spent the day prepping the store, making it all pretty (i love this work!).


we were so happy with the turnout!  and seth from Lakes was great!


silas turned 7 on saturday.  when i realize i have a seven year old, that my youngest is the seven year old, i feel like a real grown up.  way older than i want to feel.  but this guy is pretty cool and i kinda like having him around, even if he does make me feel old ;)


iced coffee with a splash of hazelnut syrup and milk – perfect for a warm afternoon when the 3 o’clock lull hits. (shirt from golden tote)


after all that laundry i did, do you know what my family went and did?!  they kept wearing clothes and getting them dirty!  the nerve…  (shirt from be still clothing company)


i caught a picture of sean and my dad chatting up on the loft porch.  i love how much my family loves sean.  i tease him that he’s their favorite ;)


hi.  i’m lindsey and i’m a piler.

i make piles everywhere and i can’t stand them!  this area gets particularly “pile-y”, being that its right by the back door.  this is a pile of things i need to get to other people.  i need a maid.


i brightened up my porch for the summer!  after i dropped the girls off corse horse riding, he asked if he could nap on the porch… which lasted all of 2 minutes.


its project time again here!  i’m making a back to school display for an installation in our school office, which will be later moved to a window display at fred & betty’s.  this one is turning out so fun and i can’t wait to show you when i’m finished!



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    What a fun Instagram Friday. Love your mood…it is perfect for a Friday!

  2. 2

    Yay for Friday!!! I like your “Be Still & Know” shirt… can you share where you got it?

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