strawberry baby shower


about a month ago, my friend Joy and i hosted a baby shower for a friend of ours who was having her first baby girl after 2 boys.  both joy and i were were the throws of summer, so we wanted to go simple, but still sweet and special.  joy came up with the theme of strawberries (perfect for a baby girl in the summer!) and i ran with it from there.

strawberry themed baby shower

like i said, we kept it simple, using mostly items we had around the house.  i have a small collection of vintage table cloths that i spread out randomly all over the looong table.  notice i didn’t even iron the table cloths?  i’m lazy crazy like that.  i also had this huge strawberry cookie jar that i’ve had for years – perfect!  a handful of joy’s polka dotted glasses were filled with iceberg roses cut from my garden.

strawberry themed baby shower

i had tassels left over from the spring stitch market and joy had some from her daughter’s birthday party earlier that week, so i made a few more and we strung them all over.  i’ll be sharing a tutorial on these simple (and weather resistant) tassels soon!

strawberry themed baby shower

strawberry themed baby shower

joy did easy snacky foods since this was an evening shower.

strawberry themed baby shower

between my collections and joy’s we had some fun red and jadeite pieces to pull it all together!

strawberry themed baby shower

strawberry themed baby shower

strawberry themed baby shower

strawberry themed baby shower

strawberry themed baby shower

i love planning big elaborate parties, but i also love a simple one that comes together smoothly, don’t you?



  1. 1

    This is SUCH a cute party. Congrats to your friend on her first girl!!! And where in the world did you get that giant strawberry cookie jar?! It’s amazing.

  2. 3

    Like you I love the elaborate events but sometimes, simple done with extra love is best! Perfect for a lovely summer celebration.

  3. 4

    The decorations do look sweet and feminine and fresh!

  4. 5

    Adorable! I love the tassels. Can you tell me more about the black word art behind the food that starts “I want to help you grow as beautiful…..”

  5. 6

    My favorite thing, always, is how you re-invent new ways and give us new idea’s how to use the “thing’s” we already have instead of running out to buy more “stuff”. When I first stumbled upon your blog..I found we had many similar item’s and tastes alike. Simple..and always adding a twist on what we are my go to blog when and if I’m needing inspiration or feeling inspired. xxoo Love Strawberries:) fresh, sweet and yummy idea.

  6. 7

    So cute! Love the jadeite and milk glass.

  7. 8

    adorable!!! where did you get the jadeite pedestals and could you tell me more about the beautiful sign behind them??

    • 9

      the jadeite cake plates are my friend joy’s. i think they are actually martha stewart brand? the sign behind joy made. she occasionally does a small local pop-up shop with her signs. isn’t it great?!

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