sunuva suits


my girls just got new suits from sunuva.  can i just say, i think its stink in’ adorable that they still like to dress alike!  so sweet :)


the best part of these suits?  they fit!  yes, that may seem silly, but there are very few places that i can get modest suits for them that actually fit well.  most often, they are too short in the torso, so the next size up is too baggy in the buns.  most often we get suits that are at least one size below their usual size, but lily is wearing a 7/8 and gracie is wearing a 9/10 (she’s 11, but rarely wears her age/size).


the pocket?!  i die.  with a teensy wooden button?!  i die again!


sunuva is offering my readers a 20% discount on full priced swimwear and beachwear!  be sure to use code POPPY20 and get your kids some cute stuff!


i don’t know how the weather is in your area, but we are far from summer ending.  the school calendar may say differently, but we enjoy summer through most of the fall – yay for good weather!  these suits will get lots of wear!



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    Hi… Great suits! I’m trying to use the coupon code but it says it’s invalid.

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      hi robyn!
      i have heard that from someone else as well. i’ve put in an email to my contact at sunuva and will let you know as soon as i hear back!

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      robyn – i just checked in with sunuva and they said the code is only good for full priced swimwear and beachwear. i hope that helps! sorry about that.

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