i’m linking up my weekly phone pictures with my friend jeannett.  i’m thepleatedpoppy on instagram if you want to follow along!


its been a few weeks since i’ve shared my phone pics!  i’ve been busy at the thrift store creating a back to school display – i love my job!


i took the hanging book mobiles i made several months ago and used them as inspiration:  piles of books, mannequins with book page skirts, and spirals of pretty vintage books.


every year on labor day weekend (or for us, a long 6-day weekend), we head up to my parents’ house on bass lake, where i grew up.  we bring a handful of friends with us and just relax.  i mean, how could you not?  look at that view!

i also only had my phone with me for a little bit the whole time we were there so i only got a few pictures.  not having my phone with was so nice!


sad news, due to the drought, the water level is at an all time low.  but the kids hardly even noticed.  they just saw the fun, the adventures.  i loved watching my girls being the big kids of the group, blessing the other moms by taking care of the little ones.


the mud stripes on the cheeks just about did me over.


bridgey, want me to fix your glasses? “nope”


the 2 littles with us over the weekend both call me “cheney”. i kind of love it.


the kids were all amazing on the water!  all but one tried wake boarding.  the best part of it all were the kids cheering each other on – it was so sweet!



and any time we’re at the lake, the boys love to go on mountain bike rides.  and their favorite ride requires me to drive 30 minutes up a mountain to drop them off, and 30 minutes down.  thats how much i love them ;)

what are your weekend plans?  mine just might include cleaning out the disaster that our garage has turned into.  don’t be jealous.


  1. 1

    Book page tutu = Awesome

  2. 2

    That lake house is gorgeous! Looks like you had a wonderful and relaxing time :).


  3. 3

    Your creativity is awe inspiring!

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