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so here’s a peak into my real life:  when sean’s not traveling, most days he works out of the house.  awesome, yes.  but we have learned to pretty much leave him alone (i’m sure he’ll disagree with that!) since he’s working.  but it still provides a bit of peace of mind to know he’s home because on our really tough days, he’ll often step in to diffuse the situation, or remove the offender.

our first couple weeks of school have been rough.  they always are, yet i still forget at the beginning of the year, get super excited about our first days at home, and then am in SHOCK when our days aren’t full of magical moments.  so after a long day, even when we still have school left to do, i will sneak off to hang out in silence with sean and hope no one follows me.  and sometimes i’ll sneak a treat and some magazines.

so we’re just finishing our 3rd week.  and the Lord is good (always), He blessed me with a week of successful home days and minimal frustrations and yelling.  i was feeling really discouraged right off the bat but am now recharged and more confident!


and this always helps:  date night with my boyfriend.


i wore a charm bracelet this week that my grandmother gave me as a little girl.  when she would go on her travels around the country and the world, she would bring me back a charm.  i added a few of my own charms when i was younger, but i wish i had added charms from my travels with sean.  guess we need to go on another trip to get a charm…


this one i forgot to add to IG, but it was an important part of my week ;)  after dinner, sean was encouraging me to make chili.  when i make chili, it takes several hours, but it will feed us for several meals.  i did not want to!  but he offered to help and it only took us about an hour.  when we make chili we just use what we have (somehow it still always tastes great!).  sean cleared out the frozen meat and veggies from the freezer and then the veggies from the fridge, and even the pantry.  we let it cook down for hours and then in the morning we had 5 dinners + lunch leftovers!


after a long week, i rewarded myself with a fun little project.  and, as standard, i ran out of supplies (nails) and figured this would be one project i left unfinished for awhile, like i do all too often.


and here it is finished!  i was so proud of myself for getting it done!  i made this for Fred & Betty’s (our school’s thrift store) for our boutique section.  i’m crazy about it.  i’m thinking about making a DIY for this, but… i didn’t take any pictures along the way, so i’d kind of have to start over.  so… we’ll see.


sometimes when the 2 youngest simply cannot sleep in the same room, we separate them and throw one (not literally, don’t freak out) in our bed, then combine them once they are both asleep.  this night i was transferring silas back to his bed and decided to take a pit stop on the couch for a bit for extended snuggles.  today he told me he was awake and was just trying to get back to sleep.  whatever, i loved it.

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 9.16.49 PM

BIG NEWS!  i have started a new instagram account to clear out items from my closet!  i have tons of items i’m listing, some are gently used, some new with tags still.  if you are interested, come follow me at pleatedpoppycloset on instagram!  items will be listed throughout the day!


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    Got to sneak in those snuggles when you can! I’m totally guilty of snuggling my nearly three year old while he sleeps, when he’s awake it’s all ‘no momma don’t do that!’ Oh they grow too fast!

  2. 2

    :( Wish I was a small so I could scoop up some of your clothes! Love your style!

  3. 3

    Love your boutique sign! NEED DIY!! :)

  4. 4

    Your charm bracelet looks great! I adore such thingies)

  5. 5

    That is one super cool sign!


  6. 6

    Awesome! I really like your blog)

  7. 7

    Cool! Thank you!

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