modern industrial farmhouse

modern industrial farmhouse

sean and i have been letting ourselves daydream a bit lately about building another home on a bit of land.  it really is a daydream because we also want to live close to town, and land close to town is pretty much an impossibility here.  but daydreaming is fun and great for the creative soul, so i’ll stick with it!

while i love our current home, which is a style we call california bungalow, i’m craving change.  like BIG change.  i’d love a huge barn structure with a mix of modern, industrial and of course vintage influences.

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want to see more?  i have a whole pinterest board full of modern industrial farmhouse ideas!


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    Pleated Poppy…you have a hard time turning your mind off to go to sleep at night, don’t you?😉 Erwin McManus, author of The Artisan Soul, says we were created by God to create. I am in my 60’s and my body doesn’t want to help me create what my mind wants to do these days. But it is lovely to dream, l agree. Maybe You and Sean can build the Industrial Barn when you are empty nesters. It will be here before you know it! XOXO from Georgia where we are just now feeling the first bite of fall air.

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    We might be twins. Craving BIG change. Craving farmhouse. Craving land. yes to it all :)

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    Love your daydreaming! Someone asked me to describe my home style a couple of years ago. I came up with Modern Farmhouse! The Industrial is the perfect middle name!! The combo of all three is amazing.

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    I love this style! Wouldn’t it be fun to move every few years into a different style of home? Not possible, but fun to dream.

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    Your current home is so beautiful, every time you share a house tour I love exploring how you decorate your space and live. Your aesthetic is so warm and yet bright and sunny.

    As for a piece of land close to town YOU NEVER KNOW!!! Occasions happen, maybe at the right moment you’l find something. But at the same time your current house is such a dream would you really consider leaving?!

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    michelle nupen says:

    I love your pins! My husband and I spent this past winter restoring our 1930’s farmhouse. We completely gutted the entire house and refraimed all the rooms to make a layout suitable for our family of 6. We still have some finishing touches to add and then we are going to tackle turning our garage into a rec room and finishing the attic space. Baby steps:) We have this brockway sink in our kids bathroom and love it. Our style is modern industrial farmhouse. Feel free to check out my Instagram page to see our progress at mlnupen .

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