modern industrial farmhouse

modern industrial farmhouse

sean and i have been letting ourselves daydream a bit lately about building another home on a bit of land.  it really is a daydream because we also want to live close to town, and land close to town is pretty much an impossibility here.  but daydreaming is fun and great for the creative soul, so i’ll stick with it!

while i love our current home, which is a style we call california bungalow, i’m craving change.  like BIG change.  i’d love a huge barn structure with a mix of modern, industrial and of course vintage influences.

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want to see more?  i have a whole pinterest board full of modern industrial farmhouse ideas!



i’m linking up my weekly phone pictures with my friend jeannett.  i’m thepleatedpoppy on instagram if you want to follow along!


you guys.  she’s only 11!  gracie will be quiet for a couple hours and then comes back with this!  she saw a local magazine sitting on our counter and then decided to sketch one of the photographs in it.  she amazes me.


i’m such a mom.  i see this picture and the first 2 things that pop into my mind are: 1) he’s going to bite off his tongue some day, and 2) it is time for a haircut!  and then i just laugh because this picture is just so him.


i’m away for a couple days of being a grown up all by myself down in huntington beach.  i had to pick out clothes an pack the night before i left.  i’ve had these shoes for a couple weeks that i ordered online and hadn’t even had a chance yet to try them on.  i’ve always had a thing for ankle straps.  and now i definitely have a thing for those ankle straps.  its called a blister.  darn it.  but totally worth it – they looked awesome!


just as i was feeling the 3 o’clock lull, this fun gift basket was delivered to my room!  perfect timing.


i’m away for a few days with Behr paint, learning about their newest paint line, marquee.  a group of us got to spend the evening at Sunset magazines idea house, which was painted entirely with Behr’s marquee paint.

this house was pretty amazing, deserving a whole post of its own (coming soon!).


we spent an entire day with Behr, visiting their color marketing studio, the color lab, research and development, and the manufacturing plant.  it was a long day, but so interesting!  did you know i was a painter for a couple years in college and after?  i have a lot of paint knowledge and its always fun to get more!

so what’s on tap for your weekend?  i’m going to take my time driving home tomorrow, stopping by ikea and anthropologie.  then home to the family!  and most importantly, home to see sean.  he was traveling for over a week and before he got home i left, so i kind of miss him.  a lot.  so thankful for the weekend!