new baking center

baking center

my almost 9-year-old is the cook in the house.  and the baker!  we were at the point where we were dragging the heavy kitchenaid mixer a couple times a week, so i decided when i simplified our kitchen to create a specific space just for baking.  really, this is lily’s space.

baking center

i still wanted to keep things clean and simple, so its just the mixer and sugar & flour canisters, along with some really pretty anthro measuring cups.  but its all within reach for lily so she can bake to her heart’s content without needing to call me every time she couldn’t reach something.

but you don’t just bake with flour and sugar…

baking center

there’s all the other goodies, too, but they’re too ugly to have out!  and i had them on a too high/too small shelf across the kitchen, so for this to be a legit baking station, it all had to move.  its so much better now, all in one space!

baking center

and i cleared out one of our 2 junk drawers (why 2?!) to put all the little necessary gadgets as well.

baking center

 just doing what i can to ensure fresh banana bread in the morning ;)



  1. 1

    What a great idea! Do you mind me asking what are your countertops?

  2. 4

    Love this! Inspired :)

  3. 5

    so simple, but so cute! I used to have to bring my KitchenAid up from the basement when I needed to use it (because my old house had no counter space for it), and I must say, those things are heavy!

  4. 8

    Thanks for the peek:) Totally makes sense…just in time for Holiday baking too xx. P.S. what do / did you did with the “junk” drawer stuff? Can that be another blog?:)

    • 9

      good idea for another post! i sorted all of our junk by keep/trash/donate. so much of what we were keeping went out to the garage – where it belonged (like tools and nails). lots of it we hadn’t used in several years so it was donated. and then we also had multiples of items that we donated. for our final junk drawer, everything is organized in tiny little compartments.

  5. 10

    Such a great idea!

  6. 11

    Gorgeous baking center! I can’t live without my Kitchenaid & I use the exact
    same canisters!! Great job!!
    All the best, Mimi

  7. 12

    I just unboxed my Kitchenaid this week. it was a gift from 1 year ago. used it to make peanut butter cookies. Now I’m wondering what I was waiting for…other than yes, counter space issue!

  8. 13

    There are only 2 appliances that are worthy of counter space at my house… the Kitchenaid mixer and the Keurig. I cannot live without these.

  9. 14

    This is so inspiring! Great idea! I have a little baker named Francesca and she would love this!

  10. 15

    So pretty! Where is your hanging scale from? Love it!

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