The Hardest Peace

Do you remember when Kara wrote here on my blog awhile back?  Her story is hard to hear.  Sometimes I selfishly plug my ears when I hear stories that are too hard to take in, too much to process.  Because I always put myself in their position, in the hard position.  And when I imagine myself there, I CAN’T DO IT.  I can’t see myself getting through the hard, the difficult.


But Kara’s story of hard has been eye opening for me.  She’s doing it beautifully and honestly and gracefully.  Beyond the ways that she views her battle with stage 4 metastatic cancer is even more beautiful how she walks her children through it with a vision of heaven and filling them with her love (and KNOWING her love) before she goes.

I had the privilege of reading Kara’s book The Hardest Peace over the last couple weeks.  i am not a reader.  But this story had me longing for more, picking it up during breakfast and lunch to just sneak in a few more pages, excited to sit for the hour during swim practice 3 days a week because i knew i’d be able to read even more!  Not only is her story well-written, but i felt like i was learning lessons over and over – feelings of “yes!” and “I need to hear this”.  I also had several occasions in public where i was reaching for tissues or popping on my sunglasses to cover my teary eyes.  This is a beautiful love story – between Kara & her husband, between Kara & her children, and between Kara & Christ who is walking through the hard with her and teaching her a peace she would only know through this experience.


I was reading Kara’s blog, Mundane Faithfulness, and trying to figure out a way to describe the book in a neat little package.  My words were failing me – “It’s a book about a mom with 4 kids who has cancer…” no, its so much more than that!  Then i found this paragraph that Kara just wrote after snuggling her youngest and whispering about heaven: “The hardest peace is to walk through and not around what is hard. But peace is present. It is so painfully present- I am able to imagine heaven with my baby with wonder and not bitterness. It’s beautiful really. I go to sleep thankful.”  

If you have a chance, pick up this book.  Then share it.  Also, head over to Kara’s blog and dig in.


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    I wondered if l had the courage to read Kara’s book. Your thumbs up is helpful. Young moms being “called” home (a blessed Hope, by the way), away from little ones is hard to take in. The intention with which this family is walking, hand-in-hand, as far as they can go together, is what makes those of us who call ourselves Christian keep our focus on the real thing. As people of faith in the God of the Bible, it should set us apart. Our living…and our dying. Thank you for your tender words, Sweet Girl.

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    I can ONLY imagine, I lost a dear sister~in~law to breast cancer 5 years ago, at age 46. She was my best friend, it IS the hard stuff, it STILL is the hard stuff for my brother (her husband), they had two children, and he is struggling…I WISH he could find peace. I will read it, not now, but when I can, when I can do it without so much heartache…it takes a very looooooong time I guess. Thank you for sharing!

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    Donna Parrack says:

    Thank you, Lindsey, for being such a kind person in encouraging people to read Kara’s book and blog. I have read the book and I can safely say to those who haven’t that they will not be disappointed –far from it. I very seldom write reviews of books I read, but felt compelled to do so after reading The Hardest Peace. I am sharing my review because if it makes just one person read Kara’s book, it will have been worth it. Here it is:

    I have rarely written a book review before, but I have been so inspired, so uplifted by Kara Tippetts’ book, THE HARDEST PEACE: EXPECTING GRACE IN THE MIDST OF LIFE’S HARD, that I am moved to tell others about it. If this book doesn’t change your life and your way of dealing with difficult situations and brokenness, it will at least move you and encourage you. After reading Kara’s blog,, meeting her, and reading her book, I strive to be a better person. You see, this book is not just about a young mother of four who is fighting Stage IV breast cancer, it is much more. It is about finding grace and peace in the “hard” of your life. It is about kindness, love, courage, and faith. It is about Kara’s deep love for Jesus Christ.

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    I just learned about Kara from her post that Ann Voskamp shared on her own blog last week. I was moved to tears about how she views her trial with such grace and hope. It affected my entire week for the better and I cannot wait to read her books!
    Thanks for getting the word out! We all need the reminder that no matter how hard our trial is, we can have victory in Christ in it and through it!

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    Anxious to read the book. My all time favorite book is Hinds Feet in High Places by Hannah Hannard, ive read it 4x. Its an allegory about a fearful character who climbs her mountains in life only to find The Good Shepherd meets her and empowers her the wole way. Kara has been nothing short of this character in real life for me…helping me to live more in reality…which in turn makes me have a closer walk with THE GOOD SHEPHERD.

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    Just this review had me in tears. I agree with you, in many ways I do not even want to imagine myself in her position because it is just too painful. Thank you for recommending this book.

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    Love this post Lindsey. What I loved about her book was the way it touches on each of our stories. Each of our circumstances vary, we are all at different stages of life, but we are all in need of grace. Grace for the hard stuff and the everyday stuff. Grace to love and live and be.

    Kara is hosting a blogger challenge and a small group giveaway for the release of the book.

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    I have never heard of the book or her story, but after reading your thoughts, I need to read this book. Thank you for your recommendation.

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