fall thrift store window display

did you know i moonlight as a window display designer when i’m not a stay-at-home mom?  actually, its more like daylighting, since its always in the day ;)

our school opened a thrift store 1 year ago and i have spent a lot of time investing in it.  my official position there is as a business consultant and display lead.  i get to share my experience of running a business and play with decorating various spaces – its pretty great!


i wanted the windows for november to hint at fall, but not be overwhelmingly obvious.  i added deep pinks and plums to help with that.


i’ve got to figure out some time of day that i don’t get a horrible reflection off those huge windows!  i had a handful of people ask me on instagram how i made the hanging display, so i thought i would share it here.


its been a long time since i bought a bunch of fabric – it was really fun to pull these colors together!  i bought half a yard of each of these colors.


i had been setting aside these giant embroidery hoops (?) at the thrift store, then grabbed some empty frames as well.


i cut each of the half yards into 1″ strips


 then i tied the strips end to end then wrapped the frames.  also, i separated the hoops so i had 2 to use, rather than one.


 i just tied the first end of each strip to the frame and when i finished i either tied the other end to the frame or taped it against the frame – super easy!

a9 a10

above are most of the other window displays i’ve done over the last year – i’m bummed i forgot to photograph a couple!


  1. 1

    So much fun! I have loved all the displays you’ve done! What a fun job!

  2. 2

    Hello, the displays are lovely! Such a good idea with the embroidery hoops. Have you ever used them for their real purpose? :-) Must say I have, my mother taught me embriodery when I was a kid.
    As for the reflections on your photos, you should use a polarizer filter on your camera. If you take photos with your phone, maybe taking photos from an angle may help.

    • 3

      yes, i actually have used embroidery hoops for their intended purposes, just not these! they are HUGE! thanks for your tips for photographing!

  3. 4

    These window displays are so fabulous. I love the use of color — and the color gradation. You’ve managed to take thrift high-end with these eye-catching displays. Great job!

  4. 5

    Can you do a post about the kites?? I love them!!

    • 6

      oh i wish i had taken pictures when i was making those kites! unfortunately, i didn’t. they were made from fabric or thrifted men’s button down shirts (using the back side) and had wooden dowels supporting the back (attached with hot glue, of course) and then i tied yarn tails on the end with fabric scraps as bows down the yarn. i hope that helps!

  5. 7

    What a fun job!!! You did a fabulous job!! Love the window displays.

  6. 8

    I love the fabric wrapped hoops and frames and the pretty fall colors you choose! I want to come shop but PA is too far. The windows look like those from a fun upscale boutique A+ work!!!!!

  7. 9

    You are amazingly creative! Jealous!

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