bootie review

no, not booty, but bootie.  as in the things on your feet.  i’m sure i’ll get some awesome spam comments on this one…

i’ve been getting so many questions about some boots i posted recently on instagram, so i wanted to share the brands, links and a teeny review for you.

i’m super opinionated about everything booties, so it took me a long time to make my final decisions on these.

bootie review

top left – softwalk rocklin, sand dusty suede leather

top right – kork-ease velma, meteora grey

bottom left – kork-ease michelle, meteor grey

bottom right – steve madden gilte, cognac leather

i bought these all from zappos.  i love using zappos.  they probably hate me.  i bet i have ordered 40 pairs of boots from them, only keeping a few!  thankfully, they have free shipping both ways so i can return easily.  beyond my pickiness, i also have a really hard time finding shoes that fit me.  i have big feet and narrow ankles and calves.  trying to find a good fit that doesn’t look baggy is tricky.  thats why ordering several pairs at a time is better than going to a shoe store.  i can try them on in the comfort of my home, but also try them with different outfits to see if they will really work right for me.

so do you want to know which pair i kept?  first of all, these are the 4 i narrowed down to from the original 6 pairs.  i was looking for shorter boots and the first 2 were a tiny bit too high.  even though they weren’t what i was looking for, i immediately decided to keep the wedge booties because LOOK AT THEM!  i first saw them on emily, and thought i’d give them a try.  they are the perfect brown with a hint of grey, and are actually really comfortable for wedges.  but my goal was to find short ankle length booties, so i now had 3 boots to choose from.  the softwalk rocklin pair were like pillows – so soft and comfy.  but they were too light for me and not quite fitted enough for my narrow feet.  i loved the kork-ease michelle pair, but they were the exact color as the pair of kork-ease wedges i decided to keep.  seemed a little redundant.  so that left the steve madden pair and i love them!  they are so comfortable that i didn’t even think about them on my feet all day! the color is the same pair as my favorite tall boots and go with everything.  i do wish they were a little shorter, but they are the best i could find.

now i’m thinking i’d love a super short pair of black booties.  i may give the kork-ease a try in black, or do a search for more…

have you found the “perfect” pair of booties?  please share!


  1. 1
    Stephanie Pham says:

    I love your post on finding the right bootie…I too am very very picky (husband says it just means having good taste – love that man)…Fell in love with the wedge heeled one you chose (and I’ve been looking forever) so I looked it up online and yikes!!! $190 !!!! Not in a stay-at-home mom budget by any means…bummer! I’ve been to every DSW, Off Broadway, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, etc…still on the hunt for the right (inexpensive) bootie!

    • 2

      i know – its definitely the priciest pair of shoes i’ve ever bought! thankfully, i had christmas money to spend!

  2. 3

    Tell me about zappo’s…I received a gift certificate for them…I can’t imagine ordering shoes online…is it just shoes?
    I’m 67 and not sure about all of these things😊

    • 4

      oh karen, you’re going to love it! they sell clothing and accessories too, but are most well known for their shoes. if you are unsure of your exact size, you can order 2 different sizes and just send back the one you don’t want and it doesn’t cost you any extra! its so nice to shop right from your home and not have an added expense to do so (they aren’t paying me to say this – although i wish they would!). each item also has lots of reviews about the quality, fit and comfort, so be sure to check them out!

  3. 5

    What a great selection of booties. I don’t have enough booties, and I’m so excited to hear that Zappos has free shipping both ways. I think I’ll be doing some online shopping soon. :-) Thank you for the shoe inspiration! Have a wonderful day. Maria

  4. 7

    I got those same boots in October! They are wonderful. You always have great style so now I feel extra good about sliding those puppies on ;)

  5. 9

    My perfect bootie is Sam Edelman’s Petty. I have black leather and camel leather and plan on getting a few other colors. Comfy, casual but cute with dresses! I walked all over DC for 4 days in 20 degree weather in them and my feet never hurt!

  6. 10

    Great review and love the ones you picked. I have a bunch of booties I purchased last year, and am having a hard time styling them this Winter. I had no problem with skirts and dresses, but with pants I struggle. I realize the look is to show a little skin by either having shorter pants or rolling your pants. But I feel when I do that I make my legs look stumpy. I will keep trying though and just today, I had a pair of skinny jeans on that were slim enough to go down into the boot since it was pretty wide on top. I hope to post those pics today.

    • 11

      so funny because i am the opposite! i have no idea how to wear them with skirts and dresses! i agree about with pants, a little leg should show – just barely. but i have to wear socks for this season because i’m too cold!

  7. 12
    Melissa stover says:

    I bought a pair of born bootiesim enjoying. I had to look back at your past posts to see what you’re wearing with your black point pants. I need a new pair of black boots and have been wearing brown with those pants. But I’m kind of wanting black or gray booties instead of tall ones.

    • 13

      i haven’t really figured out how to style the ponte pants with booties, i guess because they can’t be cuffed? i feel like you need to have a certain confidence to pull of certain styles and i’m just not cool enough for that yet! but you? you definitely are melissa!

  8. 14

    absolutely love love love your style!! xoxo

  9. 15

    I have those same Kork-Ease booties and LOVE them. Super comfy and chic. Get lots of compliments. Love all your choices too. I bought so many booties last year. This year it’s all about over the knee boots.

  10. 16

    Love all these looks! It’s hard to choose a favorite but the first has all the perfect layers! Get it girl:)


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