currently reading

currently reading

if you know me in real life, the title of this post will give you a chuckle.  if you know me, your guess would be a variety of magazines.  i used to be a reader as a kid.  i loved reading!  give me a babysitter’s club book and i’ll read it in a day.  but over the years i have lost my love for reading, which has in turn caused me to be out of practice which has made me a slower reader.  dang you, inconsistency!  you strike again!

but when i do read, i find i tend to read for specific purposes.  either i’m reading something i find interesting, like books on design, or i read more often to educate myself on something.  over the last several years, the little bit of reading i’ve done has been either bible-based, homeschool related, or about parenting.  and it you look at my current pile on my bedside table, you’d see that pretty much holds true.

we’re in an interesting phase with our kids right now.  out of the life-saving phase, but into more complex life stages.  and i’ll be honest, most days i haven’t got a clue what i’m doing!  i find myself throwing my hands up more often than i want to and i think digging into books can be really helpful.  now please know this pile of mine is mostly pretty new.  we had a rough few weeks where i was freaking out and ordering everything off amazon that i thought could help!  thank goodness for free shipping.

currently reading

so here’s my list:

growing up duggar – i’ve only seen the show a few times, but its certainly intriguing.  my sister-in-law recommended reading this to my girls.  it sounds like a sweet book with an interesting perspective from the older duggar daughters.

365 ideas for recruiting, retaining, motivating and rewarding your volunteers – as the supervisor for our school’s thrift store, volunteers are a necessity for keeping our costs down, but they always seem to be hard to get.  we’re hoping this book fills us with all sorts of great options for our non-profit.  i’ve also read a couple sales-based books for the store recently, too.

how to talk so kids will listen & how to listen so kids will talk – this one was definitely ordered in one of those “parenting emergency” situations.  somedays i feel like no one listens to me, and it freaks me out!

raising a trail blazer: rite-of-passage trail markers for your set-apart teens – a few moms of pre-teens and i are just starting into this book as our girls near the teen years.  we just heard the author and her husband speak at our church a few weeks ago and they were full of great insight, having raised 3 girls themselves.

6 ways to keep the little in your girl – i haven’t even cracked this one open, but it came highly recommended.

siblings without rivalry – same author as how to talk to kids, also ordered in haste, hoping it will help with some of the junky stuff here.

grace based parenting – i am probably most excited about this book than any of the others!

created for work – we really believe in the power of working hard and glorifying God through that, and we want to instill this in our kids.  i think this book is more specifically geared towards boys, which will be helpful since its our boy who has the strongest aversion to work!

the read-aloud handbook – i finished this book several months ago, but it has great references in it.

one thousand gifts – i am so bad about finishing books!  i have been slowly creeping through this wonderful book for a couple years (yikes!), so there it sits.

praying the scriptures for your children – another unfinished book, but so good!

the reason for God – not started yet, i think it migrated from sean’s table.

my bible

the meaning of marriage – we just finished this book with 3 other couples and i can’t recommend it highly enough!  it spurred on great conversations.

not pictured, being that lent started yesterday, i am starting on my naptime diaries lent devotional.

do you have any great recommendations for me?


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    Susie Larson is such a wonderful author and speaker. I highly recommend her book Growing Grateful Kids. Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp is also a great book about parenting. As much as I love reading Ann Voskamp’s material, I’m still working through One Thousand Gifts, too. Her Advent books are fantastic. We just did the family one this past December with all our kids.

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      growing grateful kids sounds like a must read! i loved shepherding a child’s heart – i think its time for a re-read. and i have ann’s advent book, but forgot to do it this year!

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    I read Grace Based Parenting a few years ago and was not inpressed. Haven’t read that particular Duggar book but have read other books from the Duggars and was encouraged by them. Bringing Up Boys by Dr. Dobson was a great read. We have 6 kids ages 2 months to 13 years. 3 boys and 3 girls. My husband is currently working through a study with the older kids on Pilgrim’s Progress put together by Answers in Genesis. Ken Ham has a book about raising kids in the faith. It is called Already Gone. When my bigs were little people would say all you needed to know about parenting you could find in the Bible. I had a hard time finding where Jesus taught about potty training but I can see now how it works. You read the truths, share them with your children and open yourself to the leading of the Holy Spirit through prayer. It really does work! Imagine that!

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    Your post has reminded me of this book I read a long time ago.—Preteens–Without-Punishment/dp/0374527083/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8

    I still use some of the things I learned in this book and I found it to be the most helpful. In fact it’s probably time to reread!

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    My bible study is currently working through The Christian Parenting Handbook by Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller. Excellent book w/lots of short, easy to read chapters (like 2-3 pages per chapter) that focus on 50 principles. Heard them speak when they came to my church and they were wonderful. Also taking a parenting class through church which uses Loving our Kids on Purpose: Making a heart to heart connection by Danny Silk. Parenting is HARD work, but so worth it! Perhaps these books will speak to your heart…they have to mine.

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    Me too- the freaking out part :( And NOBODY listens to me, and yet demanding all my energy and brain power to listen to them….. I love these kids, but wow!!!the last few weeks have been hairy!!
    The life-saving stage is simpler :) I have one still there, and I’ve learned to just enjoy her :)
    Off to go read my own parenting books-time to gain some perspective :)

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    I’m slowly working through grace based parenting as well and am liking it so far. I also just checked out that marriage book from the library last week :)

    Mission of motherhood by Sally clarkson is another parenting favorite.

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