the everyday sandwich

why is this called the everyday sandwich?  because i could eat it every. day.  no joke.


this sandwich was born out of stubbornness: me, not wanting to go to the grocery store and getting creative with what we had on hand.  enter goat cheese, cherry tomatoes (especially the heirloom variety!), avocado, sourdough bread and lemon pepper.  because everything is better with lemon pepper.


we do most of our shopping once a week at coscto, and all of these ingredients were bought there.


first i lightly toast the sourdough bread slices, then i spread on a hefty amount of goat cheese on.


for a little zing, i add several sprinkles of lemon pepper.


i slice the tomatoes in half or thirds, depending on the size, and pile them on.


depending on the size of the sourdough slices, i use 1/4 to 1/2 of an avocado to slice and add to the other half of the sourdough.


slap them together and enjoy every bite!

another one of my favorites is cottage cheese with cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, and of course, more lemon pepper ;)

do you have an easy go-to lunch you could eat every day?


  1. 1

    This sounds delicious! I’ll have to add these items to my grocery list.
    My easy go-to lunch is a quesadilla. Just a couple of tortillas (corn or flour – doesn’t matter) and some grated cheese. On a perfect day I will have leftover chicken or black beans and an avocado that I can add in. I could seriously eat this every day for lunch!

  2. 2

    Goodness gracious I wish my last bag of avocados hadn’t gone bad within days because that looks amazing!

  3. 3

    YUUUUUM!! I love all of those things and will be buying them on my next Costco run. I like (and my kids do too) the bag of frozen, pre-cooked, all-natural chicken (already cut into small strips), the organic Fresca tortillas and whatever cheese I feel like that day, cut up avocados, beans and plain yogurt together (all from Costco) for easy quesadillas on the griddle. Super filling and tasty.

  4. 4

    Hmm. I like the idea of spreadable goat cheese on a sandwich. Haven’t tried it, but now I think I will. I think my go-to sandwich would either be grilled cheese with bacon or a meat-slice sandwich made with ham and cheese.

  5. 5

    Oh I can’t wait to try this, it sounds delicious! Pinning… :)

  6. 6

    WOW! This sounds PERFECT for me!! I don’t work, so this is such a simple and easy lunch I can make for just myself during the weekdays! And, healthy, too!! I am going to make this next week. I had no idea Costco had such colorful cherry tomatoes.


  7. 7

    That sandwich does look awesome, but I tend to need a little more protein in the afternoon. I think I’d add a fried egg! Or some of the low-sodium chopped turkey breast from Trader Joe’s, mmmm. I’m glad I’m not the only one who likes the bread on their sandwiches toasted. I think it’s so much better that way!

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