a year later

on january 1st, 2014, sean and i made the final decision that i would be closing my shop.  after 5 1/2 years of owning my own handmade business, it was time.  what started somewhat accidentally, just for fun, became a necessity for our family just a couple years later, getting us through some hard years.  we were so thankful for the reoccurring support of my faithful customers, and for the ability to provide for my family in our time of need, and to also give work to other local women.  but when we realized we were no longer in such a bind, and sean said to me “the need has been lifted”.  in an instant, we knew closing was a very real option, but we decided to think on it/pray about it/seek advice for a couple months.  we set new year’s day as our decision day, and there wasn’t a day leading up to it that i didn’t feel that closing was the right way to go.  and what’s even better?  there hasn’t been a day since that i’ve regretted that decision!


this has been a really strange year for me.  a year of many doors opening, decisions of which ones to go through, and a consistent feeling of unsettledness and being in limbo.

so what on earth have i been doing?!  i mention little bits here and there – basically i’ve been doing a little of a lot of things!

job #1 – wife & mom.  for so many years, i had been running on fumes – staying up into the wee hours working, tending to my kids in the day.  while sean and i found a pretty good balance together, i was still running a bit ragged and often short tempered.  the biggest decision maker to me closing the shop was so that i could have more mind space available to focus on the kids.  i’d love to say that this year was my best mothering year ever, but i’ll be honest – its been really tough to get back into the full time mom mode.  when my kids would get difficult, i’d bury myself in work emails or product design – it was easier.  so this year i have actually had to deal with issues more head on, and not let my mind drift to work projects.  its definitely a good thing, and i’ve made big changes in myself, but it hasn’t been nearly as smooth as i hoped it would be.


job #2 – blogging.  while i may be wildly inconsistent right now with my posting frequency, it is still a big part of my identity: i am a blogger.  i’ve been blogging for over 8 years!  i am trying to find my footing as the blog world has changed drastically  in the last couple years, but it still brings me  joy!


job #3 – very soon after i closed my shop, i was approached to take on a larger role at Fred & Betty’s, our school’s thrift store.  i was the project manager for the renovation before our grand opening, and had stayed on as a design consultant, to do displays, and also as a business consultant.  this new role included all of that, but also was more of a supervisor position.  i am passionate about small business, our school, thrifting, repurposing, and design, so this job was a great fit for me!  i am in the store a couple times a week, and can do work from home also which works well with our family schedule of the kids being in school 2 days a week and home the rest.


job #4 – again right after i closed my shop, i was approached by a handful of people to do design/decor work for them.  as exciting as the prospects were, i was terrified!  i have no design degree or professional experience, only my years of hands on work with our own homes and helping a few friends, but that didn’t make me qualified, right?  so i turned them all down because i didn’t believe in myself.  a few months ago another opportunity came up, and after encouragement from sean and my best friend, i decided to try it!  i am currently consulting for a family who will be renovating their house this summer while they move out for a few months.  for now, we are nailing down floor plans, furniture layout, all the finishes and details.  when the construction starts, i’ll be acting more as a liaison between the job site and the family – i can’t wait for that part!  i’ve shared peeks at some of our design plans and i’ll share more soon, but the final results won’t be finished for several months, so it just seems a bit premature to share right now.  whats great about this job is that i am able to do most of the work from home in the evenings, with a few house calls on days the kids are at school!


job #5 – this one is the newest, and is very similar to the last one.  i have just started working with some friends who own a business doing fix & flips.  they have pulled me in on a couple jobs to make all the finishes decisions – think interior & exterior paint, tile, cabinetry, flooring, faucets, hardware, lighting… you name it!  these are super rushed jobs – i chose all the finishes for the first house in 3 days!  what i love about this is that i get to make decisions on making a home look its best for the style of home it is, and make neutral design decisions that will appeal to a broad range of potential buyers – so fun!  sean and i have fixed up a couple homes together with a 2-year fix & flip time frame, so i have a little experience with this.  when i was making the design decisions for our current home, our “forever” home as we called it, the decisions seemed so much heavier if we had to love these choices forever!  this job will be much more infrequent than anything else, but really really fun!  i am hoping to share some before and after pictures of my first 2 projects as soon as they wrap up – they are pretty amazing!

and job #6 has officially ended.  for several years (7 i think) i have ran a local handmade boutique called the stitch market twice a year (sometimes more).  my partner and i have both decided that we just don’t have the desire to keep it up and running, but man it was a good run!  we’re so thankful to our wonderful vendors and all of our customers over the years!

so that’s what has been keeping me so busy and away from blogging this year!  that and the whole “feeling in limbo” thing.  i’ve finally moved past twiddling my thumbs in not knowing what to do with my life, and now i’m just trying everything!


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    I’ve been a long time follower – and I love this post! It was such a great way to get to know you just a little touch better! Congrats on all that you’ve done and all that you will continue to do!

  2. 3

    All I can say is: WOW. You’re awesome for being able to do everything you did and doing right now! Here’s to more blessings and maybe doors to open? :)


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    Hi from Oregon! Just want to say that I’ve been reading your blog for a long time and I appreciated hearing your heart today! Isn’t God amazing? Sitting in His ‘waiting room’ is never much fun, but He is always faithful to lead us, right? ‘Change’ and ‘Transitions’ … ick! ;) I think learning to say no is the hardest for me and that goes right along with learning what to say yes to! May you continue to be blessed as you serve Him and use your talents for His glory! :)


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    Thanks so much for this timely post. I have owned my own very full time home business for six years. We have just decided that ‘the need has been lifted” as well. That is such a concise way to put it. I anticipate a challenging year of transition ahead as I wrap my arms around our family life with four young kids. Thanks for this. It makes me feel it’s ok if I don’t have all the answers on my first day. Whew! What a relief.

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    I am quite a newcomer to I-pad using ( or anything computer-like!) and when I first got the I-pad I found your page quite by accident and have been following your ‘pleated poppy’ ever since. What a busy life you lead! And homeschooling your children!

    Doors closed and you made changes and nou you still sound as busy as ever! I know you said in the past you must have run on fumes, but is it going to be better now?! But then, you must be about 40 years younger than me if I guess your age correctly. Good luck with your new ventures, I’ll keep reading to see how it goes.

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      hi suzette! glad you stumbled upon me! yes, i am still super busy, but the good news is that in my off hours my mind is clear (for the most part). with my old business my mind would never shut down and i was much more stressed. thanks for asking!

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    Wow, busy Mama! You are super talented, and glad that you are finding a new normal, and new opportunities.

  7. 12

    Wow! This was so good to read! You are such a multi-talented person Lindesy!! Love how you have such a varied range of experiences..and I am so glad you took up the opportunity to help the homeowners with their home renovation, you will rock it!!

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    Isn’t it funny all the hats we wear? People can’t really ask the question what do you do without getting a list! I sometimes feel odd that I can’t just say, “I’m a web designer.” I mean, I can but, then I’m leaving out so much. Life is always interesting. Crazy how it evolves.

    Miss you girl. xo

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