client flip #1 – before & after

back in the day, you know the days before we had kids… back in those days sean and i fix & flipped a couple houses.  our first home purchase was a duplex.  we rented out one unit while we lived in and fixed up the other, then switched units and did it again.  after 2 years we sold it and moved into our next 2 year flip.  this time it was a house that was previously a halfway house.  it was disgusting, and thats a huge understatement.  we (sean really, because i was extremely prego with our first) gutted the entire thing from top to bottom: windows, doors, floors, walls, ceiling, kitchen, baths… everything.  after 2 years we sold that house and bought our current house, then had 2 more kids.  and therefore stopped flipping.

while our lives are busy enough, i still daydream about flipping again.  sean and i would love to do it again (without living in the house this time!) but it just isn’t practical right now.  i’m thinking in about 3 years we can, assuming we add nothing else to our plates (good luck with that).

some friends of mine do fix & flips professionally, and ran into a couple trickier homes.  they asked me to help them out with choosing finishes, and talk through some possible design dilemmas.  so i basically got to help with a flip and didn’t have to coordinate a thing!  i chose really basic, but nice finishes that hopefully would appeal to a wide variety of homeowners and style preferences.


this home was a 100 year old colony home, and really quite adorable.  until you got to the porch and smelled what seemed to be 100 years of cats living in the house.

Front-2 (Large)

this house was begging to be painted white, and a really soft grey trim finished it off just right.  the black door was a slightly modern nod.  colors are by behr:  ultra pure white for the main body, french silver for the trim, and limousine leather by behr marquee.

door knobs // house numbers

Front (2)-2 (Large)

and there’s even a granny unit in the back!


the front door opened into the living room which was pretty nast by the time i got there.  i should tell you the demo was in progress by the time i started.

Living 2-2 (Large)

and oh. my. goodness.  look at the fabulous space now!  we kept all the trim bright white and the walls a really pale grey, just to keep it bright.  the flooring was from lumber liquidators and called “log cabin birch”.  i wanted a slightly vintage nod to some of the finishes, so i chose these simple ceiling lights.

paint colors:  stone white by glidden for walls and ultra pure white by behr for trim


the kitchen, before, was a tiny room closed off with 3 doorways, with a terrible layout.

Kitchen 2-2 (Large)

they took out that wall dividing the kitchen from the living room and it really opened up the space!

Kitchen-2 (Large)

and look at that kitchen – its beautiful!  white shaker cabinets, white subway tile, dark grey quartz counters (caesar stone, i believe), floating shelves… so good!

tile // faucet //  cabinet knobs //  cabinet pulls


the first bedroom is at the front of the house and just off the living room.

Front Bedroom-2 (Large)

just a little paint, flooring, lights, doors and windows and it was done ;)

door knobs


the bathroom was funky junk so it was completely reconfigured.

Downstairs Bath-2 (Large)

i think when you own a 100 year old home you actually have to have a claw foot tub.  i’m pretty sure its a law.

faucets // tile // mirrors //  clawfoot tub & accessories // ceiling light


the second bedroom wasn’t bad, but it had to be reconfigured to allow for a hallway to go where that closet is.  the only way to get to this bedroom was to go through the kitchen.  weird.

Bedroom 2 (Large)

i love the doors.  i think they add so much to the whole house.


and then we go upstairs.  it was a really weird space with several different platforms and levels and odd sized rooms.

Open Space-2 (Large)

after it was cleaned up, this room at the top of the stairs could be a sitting area or library, and it has tons of storage!


there was an odd sized bedroom-ish space to the left of the sitting area, but you had to step up to a landing, then down into this room.  and it had a giant walk in closet taking up too much space.

Upstairs Bedroom-2 (Large)

totally reconfigured and leveled and now its a dreamy loft space!  this could be a great master suite or a bunk room for the kiddos.


the upstairs bathroom.  ew.  and those ceilings were tricky to work with!

Upstairs Bath-2 (Large)

but wow!  this is better than i expected!

lights //  mirror //  tile


just another before.  no the toilet didn’t really belong in the shower, but it was on a platform in the corner of the bathroom originally, like a throne!


back downstairs in the laundry room.

Laundry-2 (Large)

look at all those windows!  i wouldn’t mind doing my laundry there!

Granny (2)-2 (Large)

just off the laundry room sits a nice little granny unit.


the bathroom before was, uh, less than desirable.

Granny Bath-2 (Large)

its amazing what adding a window and bringing in some natural light can do!  well, that and a new toilet, tile, flooring, sink and lights.


and this was the location of the former kitchen – yikes!

Granny-2 (Large)

and look how great this unit is now!  such a great little studio.

Backyard-2 (Large)

and then there’s this huge backyard with huge potential!

i’m not sure if the home has sold yet or not, but here’s a link.


  1. 1

    Wow! Ya’ll outdid yallselves on this flip. The house is just gorgeous-congrats!


  2. 2

    Wow!! this is fantastic…so beautiful. Can’t wait to see more of the houses you help with.

  3. 3

    WOW you did an amazing job with this! It looked gorgeous once you were done with it. Great job!

  4. 4

    Just love me a good ” before and after.” Thanks for sharing.

  5. 5

    It looks like a MASSIVE amount of nitty gritty kind of work! No doubt the exterior was painted with lead paint, which probably required intense/professional care to scrape! Also, those mold “issues”? How on earth did you deal? It looked like a remediation nightmare. The end result is stunning to look at, though, congratulations!

  6. 6

    Beautiful!!! Someone is going to get a wonderful home! Man, though, CA real estate prices are killer!

  7. 7

    awesome touches! you made what looks to be a small house on the outside look so spacious. way to go!

  8. 8

    WOW WOW WOW. I LOVE this house! Man, I can’t even get into decorating my house. Wish you guys could come and fix up my place!

    XOXO, Jenn
    The Stylish Housewife

  9. 9

    WOW! This is just incredible! What was your budget for the reno?
    The hubby and I are looking for our first place and will likely have to do a bit of renovation to whatever house we choose—so this was really encouraging to see (a success story, haha!)

    • 10
      lindsey says:

      i actually wasn’t involved in the money side of things at all – i just got to pick out the fun finishes!

  10. 11

    Looks awesome. You wouldn’t happen to have any of the log cabin birch flooring leftover would you? Lumber liquidators has quit selling it due to some customs issues and I desperately need about 50 sq ft. Let me know. Thanks, Ty.

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