hairstyle: thick bangs with long hair

thick bangs with long hair

i had been pinning hairstyles with thick bangs for quite awhile and finally decided to take the leap a few months ago.  it was a bit funny to me how so many people were surprised by my bangs because i have actually had bangs for several years, but i always wore them swept to the side.  rather than my normal trim (i would have my bangs cut at an angle, slightly shorter on the left, longer on the right), i asked my stylist to give my bangs a bit more of a blunt cut with fringe framing both sides of my face.  she also cut more face framing layers throughout the length of my hair.

thick bangs with long hair

it was exactly what i wanted!

but little did i know that it would actually take a bit of time for my normally semi-bare forehead to get used to wearing full thick bangs!  i would last about half a day then have to pin them back!  and they made me hotter!  so funny, but i’m more used to them now.


my favorite detail about these bangs is that i can wear them several ways:  thick & straight, swept to the side, or pinned back.

so have you ever had bangs?  did you love them or regret them?

PS if you’re local and looking for a great stylist, go see lainie at the bladerunner!


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    I love your new look. I’m a bang girl with long hair myself. I feel its gives our face more of a personality. And I absolutely live your blog. I look forward to reading it. I hope you have a fabulous day.

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    Your hair looks incredible! I have bangs too, and I love them. You really can do a lot with them!

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    Your hair always looks beautiful. You have great style. I actually just cut bangs this past weekend. It is still taking a bit to get used to especially since I have curly hair. I don’t really like a straight bang with the rest curly. We shall see if they stay.

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      I so understand you. I don’t have curly hair, but wavy hair and when I cut bangs, the hair tends to “curly” and the bangs turn into a big awful wave!

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      Bonnie (BornInaZoo) says:

      I’m a semi poodle-head (say semi since my bangs are the only part not curly). I mostly wear headbands and almost no one sees my bangs. In the past year I’ve let myself go fully grey.

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    I did the same about 8 years ago. It really suited my face etc. as I have a long face however, I eventually grew them out probably for no other reason of upkeep and bugged me having hair in my eyes lol. It looks great on you!

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    Tracie M. says:

    I had bangs until high school or college and since college, every single time I have had bangs, I have regretted it. Yours look really great, but mine end up splitting and I look like a dork! The last time I cut them I told my husband to never let me do it again!

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    I LOVE this look on you!!!! I don’t have the hair to pull it off, but if I did, I’d do it in a hot minute

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    Kimberly Dial says:

    I love the bangs! I had to laugh when I saw this post ’cause I’ve been dealing with the whole bang issue these days as well. I grew them out, then felt like I needed a little something — got a small amount cut but it wasn’t enough. Finally I got thick bangs but they go to the side & I feel like what you have it what I wanted — I’m going for it (I think!) ;) Thanks for sharing!

  8. 12
    TerriLynn Clark says:

    Bangs make you look younger!

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