how to make a bed & start your day off right!


most mornings, this is what my bed looks like.  #honesty.  post sleep, blankets pulled up and tossed on, pillows plopped on top if they are lucky enough to make their way off the floor.


our euro pillows have seen better days.  i don’t even know how old they are, but they are basically lifeless.  most nights i’m working on my computer from bed, with my iPad next to me (catching up on shows on hulu), and i use one of these pillows as back support.  well, they’ve not been so supportive lately.


i feel much better when i take a couple minutes to make my bed, and really, its just such a good way to start my day!  its kind of like What I Wore – i just feel better when i look better!  when i let making my bed slip, its so much easier to leave the dishes a bit longer, leave the laundry in the dryer, ignore the piles…

so let’s start with some fresh sheets!  i love these sheets from target (no longer available) for their cute cross print and their deep pocketed fitted sheets – i hate it when the fitted sheet slips up the side of the mattress!


next i lay the flat sheet on top, upside down, pulled all the way up the the top of the mattress.  my mom taught me this when i was young, but never really understood the purpose until i cared about making a pretty bed.  just wait, you’ll see why…


when its not too cold, i like to use a pretty coverlet rather than a thick blanket next.  this one was from our wedding (awwww!).


then i fold down that upside down sheet over the coverlet.


see?  so pretty.  so easy.


then i prop up our bed pillows.


and it was time to replace those euro pillows!  the folks at pillow cubes asked me to choose a couple pillows to try out.  i chose a pair of 28×28″ hypo allergenic synthetic down pillows.  i wanted soft and comfy, but sean is allergic to down and we needed to find an alternative.


these pillows are so fluffy, yet firm and supportive – just what i was looking for.  and they look so much better than the limp ones we replaced!


i finish off the end of my bed with our comforter.  we sleep with it most nights if its cold enough but i like how it looks folded at the end of the bed.  i pull it up all the way, then triple fold it back at the foot on my bed.


i like to mix up my throw pillows every once in awhile for a bit of interest, and i’m done!


and just like that, i’m more likely to take care of the rest of my house, just because i made my bed today!

is there anything you do that helps your day go more smoothly?  i wish i also did my s=dishes every night so i start with an empty sink, but alas, that comfy bed is so much more alluring in the evening than those filthy dishes!

and pillow cubes is offering 10% off your order with coupon code PleatedPoppy10.  woohoo!


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    Beautiful bed. I have some pillow cubes pillows and I’m very happy with them. We got the feather/down king size pillows for our shams and a couple of 18″ ones for our deco pillows. I’m still trying to figure out a bedskirt solution to hide our box springs. Our mattress is too heavy and floppy to lift up and slide a traditional bed skirt on and we need a 16″ inch drop. The standard ones are 14″. I’m probably going to have to sew something and use mattress pins.

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    I have been married for 48 years and there have been probably only ten times in all that time that I have ..not… made my bed. Usually my husband stands on one side and me on the other and it takes us maybe two minutes to make the bed EVERY morning. I love getting into bed at night in a bed that has smooth sheets and plumped up pillows. We religiously change the sheets every Saturday and the bedsheets get hung outside on a clothes line to dry. Getting into bed Saturday night on those fresh sheets is wonderful. My best friend of 40+ years passed away and her kids gave me her large stuffed camel that she bought in Saudi Arabia to put on my bed. So the camel guards our bed all day long and I have wonderful memories of my friend every day. We sleep with the fans on and Windows open every night unless its summertime. My comforter is white and filled with silk.

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    I always thought that making the bed properly was a huge time sucking event, so I over think it and the bed doesn’t get made. Thanks for bringing simplicity back to a morning ritual that gets your entire day off to a good start.

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    Such a beautiful bed! I will seriously go home on my lunch hour to make my bed if I run out of time in the morning

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    I always feel terrible if I leave in the morning without making my bed! It just looks so much better to me to have it made. I love how your linens are all white with extra touches that make them special. (:

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    Yes! Absolutely it makes me feel better as I leave for work then to come home to a made up bed is win for me. My Mom instilled this into us growing up, which I disliked but grew to appreciate. My son has those sheets you mentioned. Live them. I have some if target’s Shabby Chic bedding which is an awesome too. Great post, those pillows, yes I may need to check into them:).

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