yummy beet salad


every week our growth group meets for dinner, then worship with the kids, and then a sermon discussion.  but we always start with food.  one of my friends brings the best salads, my favorite being her beet salad.  i never thought i liked beets until this salad and now i can’t get enough of them!  She graciously shared her recipe with me, and now i’m sharing it with you!


i generally get my beets from the farmer’s market, but can’t always so i head to the grocery store.  i like both regular beets and golden beets.  start by washing them.


i do all i can to not touch them since their juice stains really badly.  i start with raw beets and cut off both ends.



i mostly use a fork to keep from touching the beets, and slice them into quarters, then toss them into a large pot with a steamer basket and steam until they are soft with a fork prick.


once the beets are cooked, its time to get the skin off.  i use a bunch of paper towels for this.  the skin rubs off easily with the paper towel.  then i cut the beets into thin slices.


then add to the salad!  i like micro greens, romaine, really any good lettuce.  i also add super thin slices of red onion, crumbles of goat cheese, and sometimes candied walnuts.  but the best part of all is the homemade dressing – its so good!

besides the betts, the best part is the dressing:  equal parts juice of a meyer lemon juice & olive oil, add salt, honey to taste, 1 clove of garlic, and 1 teaspoon of dijon mustard.  i put all of these in a mason jar with a lid and sake it up until combined.

this salad is great for any night, but you’ll be showered with praises when you share it with others!


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    Oh my goodness! You posted this awhile back and I was hoping you would share…I love beets. My mom canned pickled beets from our garden:). Thank you for sharing, good to see you back more often;). It’s always a joy

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    Yum! I love beets out of a jar, out of a can or on my salad! :) I have to try that dressing – it sounds amazing. Pinned!

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    Keri Tomenko says:

    This salad sounds and looks delicious! Thank you for sharing! Question about the dressing – the post says olive juice, but did you intent to write Olive oil? That is what I would have expected to mix with lemon juice… Thanks for your help!

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