banana nut smoothie


hey friends!  so we’re big smoothie drinkers here.  honestly, its mostly because lily our baker also is lily our smoothie maker.  so if lily makes it, we’re all into it. i just need her to get a little better at making sushi…

anyway, smoothies.  i decided to try my hand at a smoothie for just sean and i (the kids usually want mostly berries and i’m kind of done with them right now).  something healthy and hearty, packed with protein.  and without protein powder, because i don’t feel like trying to find a good one or paying for it, to be honest.  so nuts = protein, so nuts and nut butter it is!


i tried a few versions on this, and honestly, you can’t really go wrong here.  its really a banana peanut butter smoothie, but then i added a few extras, like almonds, almond milk (because sean doesn’t drink cow’s milk) and chia seeds.


i prefer very ripe, frozen bananas.  when we have ripe bananas, we usually thrown them into a ziplock bag in the freezer to have them on hand.  but nice yellow bananas work well, too.  if i use them, sometimes i’ll add a little honey since the yellow bananas have less sugar in them.

i buy our almonds in bulk at costco.  they are so much less expensive than i’ve found at the grocery store.


chia seeds – i’m not sure of their health benefit, but i hear they’re good for you, so i throw them in, too!


i have tried a couple different coconut milks and i like this version best, the toasted coconut.  i am not a coconut lover, but i really like this milk.

any smooth natural peanut butter will do.  or not natural, whatever you have on hand.


we’ve had a couple different blenders, and both good quality, but we are really happy with the power of this breville blender.


i never measure when i make this, but i tried to keep track this time.  i start with almonds on the bottom, a big handful.


i add 2-3 bananas usually.  when i make this for the kids too, i double almost everything.


after i made the smoothie, i realized i added less chia seeds than usual.  generally, i load 2 tablespoons in.


i’m guessing i add maybe 3 tablespoons or so of peanut butter.  maybe more.


and because warm smoothies are gross, i add about 2 cups of ice.


i add the coconut milk last, maybe a cup or so.  adjust to the thickness you like best.



banana nut smoothie recipe:

makes 2 big smoothies

2-3 bananas (over ripe is best)

a large handful of almonds

2 tablespoons of chia seeds

2-3 tablespoons peanut butter

2 cups of coconut milk

~2 cups of ice



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    Thanks for the recipe! Summer time is smoothies time for us. Just this morning my daughter said it would be good to have a good different kind of smoothie. You knew just what we were looking for. ;-)

  2. 2
    Sarah Jo says:

    This looks tasty! I got in a berry smoothie rut over a year ago and haven’t had one since but feel like I need to get back on the wagon and make them again. Our blender was terrible and I gave it away. I’m going to try this in our food processor–crossing my fingers that I can make it work!

  3. 3

    Us too! Need a change from berries. One question- do you freeze the bananas peeled or unpeeled? Can’t wait to try this!

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      lindsey says:

      i’ve done both! they blend just fine even with the peel on, and i haven’t noticed any funny flavor from it. but most often i peel them. hope that helps!

  4. 5

    Just made one with almond butter (Just an fyi…be careful not to serve smoothies to those with peanut allergies after you’ve used peanut butter in your blend in case the oils are still present even after washing. My husband has gone to the hospital twice just this year. )

    The smoothie was yum!

    Shellie / RubberChickenGirl

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