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you guys know i love my paper works!  paper works is a monthly subscription plan with 3 levels – you can print it all yourself or have it delivered to your door.  plus there’s an online gallery of printables and past collections so you can print extras if needed.

my friend emily designs a beautiful new set every month, and every month i say, “ooh, this one is my favorite!”.

i get an email before each new month, reminding me to download and print my new set, which is really helpful to do some prep work for our month ahead, like write out our family calendar.


i keep a more detailed calendar on my phone, but this one is more for the kids to see what to expect each day/week/month.  i’d like to say its eliminated the question of “what are we doing tomorrow?” each night, but no.  at least not yet!


this is absolutely our most used piece of the set:  the chore charts.  we’re pretty big on raising responsible kids, so we implement lots of chores in our house.  plus, mama ain’t got time for all that!  truly, we want our kids eventually to leave our home knowing how to take care of themselves and serve others.  having a regular rotation of chores gives them experience in all areas of domesticity.  i’ll go into greater detail about our chore system another time, but basically, they have set chores each week (different ones each day), and each week the charts rotate to a different child so one of them isn’t, say, always doing laundry.


these grocery lists have been life-changing for us, too.  unfortunately, my pictures are a little blown out so you can’t see the details, but the list is divided up into categories, like dairy, produce, pantry, etc.  it saves us considerable time at the store each week, having everything categorized!  i’ve tried grocery lists on my phone before, but this works so much better for us.  it hangs on the side of our fridge and everyone adds to it throughout the week.  on the weekend, we grab the list and head out the door.  i like having a paper list in hand while shopping better than my phone because i can cross things off and i don’t have to keep turning my phone back on when the screen shuts off.


there are so many other great pieces to the monthly set, but another of our favorites is the verse cards.  we have a whole stack of verse cards on a big ring that we leave on our dining room table.  we’ve also implemented “prayer sticks” as my kids call them – prayer requests on popsicle sticks.  we don’t do them nightly or as regular as i’d like, but we each grab a few sticks and pray around the table with them, then one of the younger kids usually ask if we can read a few of the verses as well.

if you don’t want to print these out on your own, you can also get the full set delivered to your door each month!  i’ve done that in the past, and may do it again.  i didn’t use every piece of the entire set, so it felt a little wasteful to me (not to my friends who got the extra pieces, though!), but the quality of the print and paper is so much better than what i can do at home, so i might be switching my service soon…

paper works

full disclosure, i do get a $5 kickback for every new subscription, but you can too!  this isn’t me trying to make a living selling beautiful paper products, but me supporting a friend’s business that i believe in and use myself, and think you just might love it too!  also, if you click here, you can get $5 off, too!  woohoo!



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    Can’t wait to hear about chores and would to ask you opinion on 13 year old boy and 10 year old girl

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