back in the saddle?


(these pictures are from our trip to santa barabara over christmas break, not related to this post, but still fun!)

hey friends!  its january, so that means i have to make resolutions.  really, not my favorite thing to do.  i am not a super introspective person, so i guess the practice of making resolutions is a good thing for me, to stretch me a bit.  one of my resolutions is to blog more.  but the funny thing is, i wrote down “blog more – ?”.  like i am unsure if it should be a resolution or not!  my husband has asked me a few times over the last couple years why i am still doing it, to make me really think through my reasons.  and i haven’t had a great answer.  i don’t have a business anymore, so i don’t blog for promoting my products anymore.  and finding the time to produce good quality content has been hard.  ok, thats probably a lie.  making time for good quality content has been hard.  i’m sure i could find the time.


we’ve been out of our last home for just over a year now, and in a rental house, and in the property finding/buying/house designing-to-build process for about 2 years now.  i’ve mentioned it before, but it has felt like an emotional roller coaster through these 2 years – not overly difficult, but entirely unsettling.  our rental has definitely felt like “home” but not the home i’d love to live in forever.  while its in a beautiful area, its cold and dark (as in it doesn’t get good light), and just kind of blah.  all this to say, i haven’t had a whole lot i’ve felt like blogging about because saying, “hey guys!  it looks like we’ve found property! oh.  never
mind” gets kind of boring after awhile.


 so why do i feel like i need to get back to blogging?  because i feel like i’ve lost myself a little bit over the last couple years.  while i am pouring myself into my kids and my home life more, i am missing a consistent creative outlet, missing pushing myself to write more and create content, which forced me to be creative.  so, here goes again, back to blogging.  forgive me if i produce the most boring posts in the history of ever, because right now, i think i’m doing this more for me than anything else.


 also on the property/house front, i am hoping to have some good news to share in the next week or so, but with the way things have been going, it may just be a bit longer…#cliffhanger


  1. 1
    Heidi Ferguson says:

    Bravo for realizing that you need to “write” again! I love your blog. I love your “what I wore” posts. I know, not too deep but I love your style! Looking forward to reading your “boring” posts-LOL! I’m sure they won’t be!

  2. 3

    hi! glad to see you back. :)

  3. 5
    Honour Del Crognale says:

    I love reading about what people who live real lives are thinking.
    Your voice always sounds authentic and that is in short supply today.
    Welcome back!

  4. 6

    Refreshing honesty ~ I adore your posts!

  5. 7

    Hey Lindsay, so glad you plan to keep blogging! We would miss you if you stopped. I look forward to reading more (and I rely on “What I Wore” for my own closet!)

  6. 8

    I don’t blog, but for those who do, I think it’s a great way to document life. I think it is so important to keep track of the things that happen and if they are written out or scrapbooked, it is a great treasure for our children and grandchildren. Keeping it real is a legacy.

  7. 9

    Great, honest post, I look forward to reading more whatever it may be. Good luck with house news we’ve been back in rental for 3 years now and it just sucks away at my creativity (we’ve not been able to change anything)

  8. 10

    I look forward to more of your writings! I look forward to them! So I’m glad you have decided to get back to it!

  9. 11
    Kathleen Gormley says:

    So glad you are back! I love all your posts, even what you would call the “boring” ones!! The recipes, projects, creative outfits, DIY tutorials, vacation recaps, packing tips, all of it! :)

  10. 12

    NeveR boring. ❤

  11. 13
    Cindy Jones says:

    So glad you’re coming back to the blog. I’ve missed it even if I am your mom. You are a great writer, and you do believe in keeping it real.

  12. 14

    So happy to see you back! I love seeing sneak peaks to the fun things you’ve been doing with Fred and Betty’s, others homes, the school and travel on IG. And who cares if we don’t like your content, this blog is for you and we can choose to read or not.

  13. 15

    So glad you’re back! I’ve missed reading your posts – even the ones about everyday life. You always seem to have so much creativity no matter what you are doing and that creativity inspires me. Living in “limbo” is no fun, so I hope you are able to start your house project soon!

  14. 16
    Melissa Sandoval says:

    Good you do it for you! Glad I get to be inspired.

    Seriously though…learned so much about decorating, parenting, faith, fashion, etc. Seriously! :)


  15. 17
    Jill Ludwig says:

    So happy you’re going to be back at it!! I so miss your posts of crafts, travels, parties (I’ve copied many party ideas from you over the years!!!) and family life. If it’s a little or a lot, I’ll be looking forward to you blogging again!!! Thanks!

  16. 18

    This is Exciting! I have followed your blog for years. I would miss your post. The what I wore post have been inspiring, but it’s the real life & home post I Love. Your Talented! I hope you find encouragement to share with us your experiences and what inspires you, because I want to read and see it. Love your blog!

  17. 19

    I love seeing a post from you!

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