house update

Its been awhile since I gave an update on where we’re at with our house build.  I wish I could’ve have update earlier, but NOTHING HAS BEEN HAPPENING! Ugh.  You guys.  Never ever in my life did I think this house building process would take so stinkin’ long.  I think we’re about 2 1/2 years or so into this process.  Good.Ness.

(our old house)

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s how it all started: why we sold our last house, the lengthy process of selling, and buying our property.

There has been some progress, I guess, but its been so slow.  Our plans have been submitted to the county for the first round of plan checks and now we’re just w a i t i n g for the plans to get resubmitted for the second, and hopefully last, round.  Then we’ll have our permits and can finally get started on actually building a house!  We have chosen a new builder and can’t wait to get started with him.

For now, I have been walking through my house in my head, and since our plans have been drawn for so long now, I am second guessing some of my ideas.  Here’s my latest change I think I’m going to make: changing our front porch roof from flat to angled.  I think we went with flat because our architect was pushing us to go more modern  – which I asked him to do – but in the end, I feel like its just not the look I’m really wanting.

This is what it’s designed to look like currently:

flat porch roof

View from the front of the house (above).

flat porch roof

View from the side.  See how flat it is? I like the look for sure, but I just don’t love it.

It totally matches my original modern farmhouse exterior inspiration, but I’m second guessing it now.

Here’s what I’m going for:





So what do you think?  Do you prefer a flat porch roof or slightly angled?

Yes, Please: Target

If you’re like me, you go into Target with a list in hand, and walk out with a whole lot more than what was on your list!  We’ll call it a blessing and a curse ;)

There are times when I’m in a hurry and I can get in and out with mostly just the things on my list.  I love seeing what other people buy, so I thought you might, too!

pink cardigan

I have this cocoon cardigan and love it!  It runs a little large – I have a an XS and it’s roomy.  The pink is the prettiest blush color and super flattering.

Now on to the homegoods…

black herringbone wrapping paper

I grabbed a roll of this Hearth & Hand black herringbone wrapping paper after Christmas and love that I can also use it year round!  It definitely worked well with my Christmas decor this year, but it could be great for birthdays as well with just a few bright pompoms on top!

stoneware pitcher

This simple stoneware pitcher was under the tree for me this year.  There’s a good chance I bought it for myself…  I’ve been keeping it in the middle of our dining table, holding a few eucalyptus branches (sprigs?).  Its simple and modern, and just really pretty at a great price!

As you may know, we’re in a rental until we build our next home (more on that later).  I have put off  updating anything in this house for so long because its temporary and I’d rather wait until we’re in the next house before I purchase anything home-y.  Then I decided that was stupid.  I have been completely uninspired living here, and have decided after 2 years, I am finally going to do something about it!  Our bathrooms (we have 2 identical ones – upstairs and downstairs), are blah and boring, and our old, dingy towels and bath mats weren’t doing them any favors.  So off to Target I went.

target bath rug For my bathroom, that I share with Sean and Silas, I went with this bath mat (above).  I just read a review (I bought it in store, and we’ve already used it) that said the grey bleeds quite a bit into the white – darn!  I’ll try to wash it in cold and see how it does…

We already had these dark grey towels and a white shower curtain.

For the girls’ bathroom, which is also the main bathroom in the house, I went with something a little sweeter and softer.

pink and white bath mat

I chose this bath mat.  Unfortunately, its fluffier than our last bath mat and doesn’t fit under the door that opens on to it – grrr!  So it looks like I have another project to add to my list: trim the bottom of bathroom door.

macrame shower curtain

And this shower curtain.  The macrame details are even prettier in person!

My mother-in-law just gave us new white towels, so they are going in the girls’ bathroom for now.  I plan on painting both bathrooms soon because the pale lemon-lime that they are now is killing me slowly. #deathbybadwallcolor

pink pillow

pink tassel pillow

I also got a couple new pillows for our couches (here and here).  Clearing the house of all the sparkly Christmas decor leaves the space feeling a bit blah, and adding in a couple pillows with a bit of color did the trick!

wool area rug

I also just ordered this rug for our living room, and I’ll let you know if it works out!

You can get 20% off most home items with code HOMEREFRESH – woohoo! (offer expires 1/18)

So what’s your favorite find at Target lately?  Are you more of an in-store shopper or online?