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over the last couple years, my style preferences have shifted slowly from bright, colorful, and eclectic to a more neutral, clean & bright, slightly more modern aesthetic.  i still have a love for vintage items, and for the most part it still works.  i’m not the type of person that makes huge changes in home decor.  i am really slow to make decisions, or i don’t make any decisions at all!

now that we have sold our house and have the hope to build a new one on the horizon (albeit a very distant horizon), i have been pinning like a madwoman, really trying to hone in one what “my style” actually is.  i am so afraid that this will be a passing phase for me, that i’ll crave pops of color again, and feel like modern is too cold for me, then ohmygoodness what have i done?!  i don’t want to build a new home based on what i like right now, but want it to be something that is still classic and can stand the test of time.  lots and lots of time.

so dream with me for a minute at these kitchens!  i see a few themes: windows and lots of them!  also white, black, stone, and metal elements.  this look can quickly go cold without the right balance.  natural materials like wood really help to warm up a space.





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my current kitchen needed a little help in the accessory department as i was having a hard time making it feel like “me” or the new me, whatever that is.  world market to the rescue!  i really love so many of their items and really love that they are affordable.  i’m not redecorating my whole house, so there’s not a big budget for making my kitchen cuter.  i stopped into world market the other night and grabbed a few items (tea towels, pepper mill and salt cellar) and i found so much more that i didn’t take home but sure did want to!  so i thought i’d share them here so you can take a peek as well!

*this post was not sponsored by world market, i just happen to love their products.  i did use some affiliate links though, so any purchases you make through those links help to support this blog – thanks!*

Copper and Wood Paper Towel Holder

Medium Olivewood Canister

Vintage Style Ribbed Glass Jar with Copper Lid

Olivewood Salt Keeper

Wood Mortar and Pestle

Acacia Wood Cutting Board with Copper Hanger

Black Villa Stripe Kitchen Towel

White Marble Salt and Pepper Mill

Wood Bark Bowl

Agate Cheese Serving Board

Round Marble and Wood Pedestal Stand

White Marble Lazy Susan

Glass Decanter with Wooden Stopper

what i wore

welcome to “what i wore” at the pleated poppy!  share with me your fashion posts and we can inspire each other!  i started this originally as motivation to get out of my daily uniform of jammies or sweats, but now i am encouraged and held accountable to put a few extra minutes aside for myself and try new things.  i’d love for you to join me!


milkmaid braids for the win!  comfy outfit and hair out of my face for a day of homeschool and errands.

shirt – forever 21 {similar}  //  jeans – golden tote  //  shoes – converse

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kids at school, meetings and work from home.

cardigan – target  //  shirt – stitch fix  //  jeans – golden tote  //  flats – target  //  necklaces – lisa leonard designs + noonday collection  //  earrings – nickel & suede

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kids at school, work at the thrift store – then home to workout with sean, so this outfit was short-lived.  stayed in my workout clothes for the rest of the day!

field jacket – stitch fix  //  sweater – forever 21 {similar}  //  jeans – target  //  ankle boots – charlotte russe  //  scarf – gift {similar}

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