poppy soap co winners!

congrats to the four winners of the $35 gift certificate to poppy soap co!

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all winners have been notified by email this morning! happy shopping!

if you didn’t win it’s not too late to get a christmas order in for some great soap for an even better cause!

our garage


we have a loft in our back yard, above our garage.  my parents built it shortly after we built our house – they live with us 1 week a month.


my husband’s company has a branch that specializes in garage solutions: flooring, cabinetry & organization.  we were happy to be the guinea pigs when they started the company ;)

how about a little tour?  just a disclaimer:  our garage is not perfectly organized or clean.  we have lots of piles.  but i have lots of excuses for those piles, too!


the floor is my favorite part!  its epoxy, so it cleans up really well.  sweeping does a pretty good job, but every few months we (sean) mop it to get the grime off.

this is our main storage section.  all of those cabinets are nice & deep and one of them even has hanging storage (thats where my wedding dress hangs).

the wall racks hold all of sean’s cycling gear, all the kids’ bikes, and all the random sports equipment.  and the table saw. and a spare carseat (for when we have toddlers visiting).


the back of the garage holds all the tools, paint, a mini fridge and most of sean’s work stuff .  sean sells municipal lighting to cities from central to northern california (in addition to owning OneSource), so we have to store gigantic light fixtures in here, too.  they are tucked next to the utility sink on the left, where we left a space for a washer & dryer, if we ever feel its necessary for an extra set out there for my parents.  the opening in the top center is supposed to be for a tv (since this was supposed to be kind of like a show room for OneSource), but we never got a tv for out here.  fine by me.


this side of our garage holds everything that can hang flat, since we get out of our car right there (nothing could stick out too far): skateboards, scooters, beach chairs, beach miscellaneous, a stool, and all the brooms.


i can’t tell you how sanity-saving this wall solution is for me!  when there is a place for everything, it nearly eliminates the excuse “i don’t know where this goes”.  nearly.


 as space-saving as this area is, the kids can’t get their bikes down on their own, which can be a little annoying.  since silas is the only one that regularly rides his bike in the back yard, we leave his on the ground.

here’s some details:

flooring: OneSource home solutions

cabinetry:  OneSource home solutions.  the cabinets look kind of like stainless steel, but they are actually a silver commercial-grade melamine.

wall racks: OneSource home solutions

wall color: mermaid’s net by behr (i think)