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welcome to what i wore!  this is my weekly post where i share my outfits for the week, and lots of you join along and link up with me!  i started this so that i would get out of my lounge pants and into real clothes, and posting my outfits here helped to keep me accountable.  now its just fun for me (and i still need to be held accountable – those yoga pants are just so cozy!), and i love to come up with new outfits, or just share my everyday style to show that moms can be fashionable on a small budget.  i also have found that i’ve begun to push my self a little bit when it comes to my personal style, and thats kind of fun!

a couple years ago, a friend recommended stitch fix, an online service that sends you 5 articles of clothing, on a monthly basis or just as often as you ask for a “fix”.  when you sign up, you fill out a long series of questions to help them get a good idea of your style, the fit you prefer, and what types of clothing you want.  you can also link up a pinterest fashion page to give them a better idea as well!

so far i’ve had 2 fixes and it has been so fun!  i feel like our first fix was just working out the kinks a bit – getting the size right and the style narrowed down.  i really liked most of the items they sent me, but they were all a tiny bit too big.

what i wore at the pleated poppy

i kept this dress from my first fix – isn’t it so pretty?  it is really hard for me to find short dresses that aren’t too short – above the knees, but not mid-thigh.  i paired it with new shoes from american eagle and an old belt.  i am looking for a skinny belt to wear instead to add more girliness to the outfit.

what i wore at the pleated poppy

this denim jacket was sent to me in my latest fix and the fit is perfect!  i think its really hard to find a denim jacket that isn’t super boxy.

what i wore at the pleated poppy

what i wore at the pleated poppy

this was my favorite item, this dolman top.  it is so comfy and fits perfectly!  it has a barely blue color and can be easily dressed up or down, depending on accessories alone.  i love versatile pieces like this!  i paired the top with new ankle length pants i just got from target, and my new american eagle wedges, and a necklace from forever 21.

what i wore at the pleated poppy

what i wore at the pleated poppy

i also got this top and the jeans.  i love love love the fit of the top and the bold colors, but the sideways chevron was just a bit too much for me.  the great thing about stitch fix, is if i’m not in love with an item, i can send it back and leave a note for my stylist to let them know what i liked and what i didm;t, and my fixes will just keep getting better!

what i wore at the pleated poppy

i really like the jeans as well!  its amazing how different a really nice pair of jeans can feel from the inexpensive ones i normally wear – they stayed nice and fit at the waist! i paired this outfit with wedges from payless.

what i wore at the pleated poppy

one thing i like, and am looking forward to more of, is getting “pushed” a bit by stitch fix.  i really like this top, but would never have picked it out for myself.  the bright yellow is not normally a color i gravitate towards, but i love this top!

what i wore at the pleated poppy

it has really great details with the embroidery and a unique cut in the back.  these jeans are the same as the previous outfit, but i cuffed them this time.  i am still learning how to style these boots – i’m not super comfortable with them like this with skinny jeans, but its fun to try something new!

have you tried stitch fix yet?  it really has been fun and i’m excited for my next fix in may!

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want a look into my life & my head right now?  i always love reading rambling posts from others – it kind of gives you an idea of how a conversation would go with them if you were to sit down and catch up over coffee.  so grab a cup of your favorite drink and cozy up with me!

how’s my life after closing the shop?

this is my most often asked question over the last month and a half!  my quick answer:  wonderful!  next question:  what do you do with all your free time?  my answer: i’ve already filled it!  but what is totally different is my mind space.  i feel like i have room to breathe and space to think, things i haven’t had in a long, long time!

so, crazy weather here, right?

i know it seems silly to go straight to the weather, but seriously… it was around 85* today!  we spent the afternoon at the beach after church and it was hot!  i was prepped with comfy pants and a sweatshirt just in case, but so thankful i packed bathing suit bottoms and a tank!  the kids played, we hung out and chatted with friends, and then sean and i peppered with the volleyball for a bit.  and today:  i am a bit rosy from the sun and sore from the volleyball – apparently i need to do more squats!

i was part of a great round robin giveaway yesterday on Facebook, and i was giving away a $25 gift card to target.  i asked for a simple answer as an entry to the question: what was your last purchase at target?  it was so fun reading all the answers!  want to know the most common answers?  diapers, the movie frozen, easter treats, bathing suits, dollar spot items and bedding.

you know how i do fun things at our school’s thrift store, like setting up displays, rearranging sections, and doing the window displays?  well, my job there just got much larger, more of a consultant position that involves me working more closely with the staff.  i am super excited about this opportunity because i am so passionate about the store!  ever since heading up the renovation there, i feel tied to the store’s success, so i’m excited to get more involved!

even though i no longer have my shop, i am still running the stitch market with my partner emily.  its in less than 3 weeks!  the funny thing is, i plan on having a booth like always, but i am still finding out what i want to put in the booth!  i’ve been making a handful of things here and there, but i need to get on making more products soon!  i’m excited to see the response to my new, and totally random, products!  it feels weird, and oddly freeing, to not really care too much about what i’m going to sell!

so, thoughts on mom shorts?  when you’re a mom, is there a length you should stick to?  i know body type has a lot to do with it, but what’s appropriate?  i personally think i look better with a 3″ inseam, but as a mom i feel like thats a bit short.  plus, we tell our girls to stick to the school dress code, which says our shorts and skirts need to at least reach our finger tips, and at 3″, they don’t.  thoughts?

remember those houseplants i bought awhile back?  they are all still alive!  i cannot believe the difference that houseplants make in our home.  i know it sounds weird, but they add a freshness and vibrancy that you can’t get from other decorating items.  want to know my green thumb trick?  water!  i know, its brilliant!  actually, thats not totally true.  i have 2 tricks.  the first is to actually remember to take care of the plants and my second trick is ice cubes.  rather than pouring water on the plants, every few days i put a 1-3 ice cubes on each of the plants so they get watered slowly.

sean earned a trip again for us this spring – we’re going to barcelona!  we leave in less than a month and i am so excited!  while the majority of the trip is basically planned out for us, we are heading over a few days early to catch a world cup game, then explore on our own a couple days.  any suggestions?  we’re thinking maybe mallorca?  anyone have any suggestions for must-see’s?