another full summer week!  i’m linking up my weekly phone pictures with my friend jeannett.  i’m thepleatedpoppy on instagram if you want to follow along on our summer adventures!


what do you do on 7/11?  go to 7eleven of course for the free slurpees!  we literally could look out our rv window and see one across the street from our campground, so it really didn’t take much convincing to go get a treat.


we also were walking distance to a sweet little bowling alley.  it has been really sweet doing special activities with just silas and lily while gracie has been at camp.  when the kids started saying they were hungry, we made them dance out on the bowling area for their food.  because we’re their parents and we can ;)


this ball was made for me!  ok, not really, but it should’ve been.


my closest friend lives in what we call “south county”, meaning she and her family are only about 15 minutes away from us.  but we rarely drive more than 5 miles to get anywhere, so we just don’t spend a ton of time at each others’ houses.  but this week we were camping in their neck of the woods and we got to see them a lot – yay!  we always talk of someday getting a huge property and building a commune, because all of our kids are going to marry each other.  i’m sure it will all go as planned… ;)  anyway, joy let me play with all of her amazing collections and redecorate her shelves!  it was so much fun.  her house is like the best flea market, so shopping her house for different items was like a treasure hunt.


staying on the beach has brought us to the ocean nearly every day.  the weather was overcast almost the whole 2 weeks, but it was still comfortable.  we roped our friends into joining us for our morning walks a few times.  if the kids are up for it, we walk all the way to the caves and tide pool-ish areas where the kids can search for crabs and sea anemones.


someday soon i’ll share the few improvements we’ve done on the rv so far, but things are moving v e r y   s l o w l y.  i spotted this repositional wallpaper at target, along with matching paint, and i’m thinning about using it in the powder room portion of the rv.  i got lots of feedback on Facebook and instagram on this product, but i haven’t pulled the trigger yet and would love your opinion on it as well if you have any experience with it!

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 4.03.09 PM

joy and i were sitting on the beach one morning, watching our kids dig and play.  we started noticing seals bobbing close to the shore line.  then a few dolphins.  not a rare sight, but still really exciting.  then more and more dolphins that started surfing in the waves and jumping in huge pods further out.  then we saw some huge dolphins further out in the water breeching really slowly.  the more we watched we realized they weren’t dolphins but whales!  we saw lots of backs breeching, then even heads and tails!  it was truly one of the most breathtaking days I’ve ever had!


somehow we convinced my nephew and his girlfriend to come have dinner with us at the campground (sean was out of town and i needed some adult interaction!).  he brought his new puppy for the kids to love on – so cute!


the kids begged us to play mini golf at the campground the whole time we were there, but somehow we managed to stay to busy to make it work.  so with 45 minutes to spare before we had to check out, the kids and i snuck away while sean did all the gross rv clean up stuff.  i think i got the better end of the deal.  plus, i won, so that makes it more fun too ;)


i have always loved behr paint.  they just have great colors!  i have used it on several of pieces of furniture in my house and have some new painting projects in mind.  i just got this new paint deck in the mail and am taking on the road with us to try to nail down some new colors.  just looking through the fan deck gave me even more project ideas to do!


after we left the campground we headed up to bass lake, where i grew up, my parents live, and gracie was going to camp.  this picture is from the foothills past the valley, just before we headed into the mountains.  we watched the sunset turn the sky into cotton candy clouds and listened to worship music on pandora as we pretended the kids were falling asleep in the bunk above us.


this morning we woke up and picked up gracie!  it was so good to see her, even though she wasn’t nearly ready to come home.  i’m thankful she has such a great camp experience and that she loves it so much, but man its good to have her back!


my 2 brothers also send their kids to camp with gracie, so we all got to reunite for a bit too.  my brother christopher (on the left) lives on maui so i don’t see him nearly enough.  we’ve spent all day with him and his boys on the lake today.


and now i’m back to being a mom of 3!  we head off early tomorrow morning for our next big adventure!  follow along with me on instagram and you can see where we’re headed next!


what i wore

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welcome to what i wore!  i take pics of my daily outfits to keep myself accountable to actually getting dressed everyday.  pi’s are so much more comfy, but i feel better when i’m dressed!  link up below if you have a fashion-centric post!

we’re still on our rv trip, so i only have a couple outfits to share.

what i wore at the pleated poppy

top – sosie \\  camo pants – target (similar)  \\  sandals – glittered by me \\  necklace – lisa leonard designs

i learned a new trick!  if i go to bed with wet-ish hair and twist it up into a bun, i wake up with wavy hair – so easy!  no blow drying, no curling, no effort.

what i wore at the pleated poppy

cardigan – banana republic \\  tunic – forever 21 \\  skinnies – forever 21 \\  wedges – american eagle \\ necklaces – made by me

note on the necklaces:  i still have a handful left over from the spring stitch market that i plan to list (either in my old shop or on instagram) at the end of the summer.  i’ll keep you posted!

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