winter emptiness {& being ok with it)

so you’re thinking this is going to be a serious and emotional post, no?  well, i’m not so much talking about feelings but furniture and home decor!


every year, after i take down our christmas decorations, my house feels empty.  i have just removed boxes and boxes of decor, and a giant fixture in the room (hello, a tree?!), so the room really is much more empty.


i love to take the time to sit in the “emptiness” and see how i should change up the room, see what i’m feeling for it, and decide if i want to try something new.


the room is now in an edited state.  i took out the red and other obvious christmas items, but i still wanted to feel wintery in here.  even though it is really truly 80* outside.  i wore shorts today.  its insane.


so i kept the faux fur throw, the cable knit, and some fun gold accents, but i also added in just a smidge of color.


i kept the lodge feeling going subtly with the birch bark wrapped candles and antlers,


and i just couldn’t put away the trees!  they fit the winter bill, so i decided they can stay just a bit longer.


we moved the furniture around, which i love to do, even though there are really only a few options to make the 2 couches fit.


the biggest change that i’m trying to get used to is the piano.  me no likey.  but sean really wanted to try it there and really wanted it away from the dining area (it was a pretty tight fit next to the table).  and since sean rarely speaks up when it comes to design, i try to honor his requests and make them work!  but this is not working for me.  first of all, you can see the back of the piano behind the couch!  yuck.  we have discussed painting the piano (yes, everyone has a strong opinion on painting pianos), which if we keep the piano here i think we need to do.  it just blends in with the floor too much and the back of the piano would look much better finished if we have to look at it.


so here’s the deal.  this is my real house, not a fancy staged blogger’s house.  its not finished or decorated exactly how i’d like, but its still good.  and i’m happy with it.  and i’m ok with it not being perfect.  i’m ok with taking time to find the inspiration to make something beautiful happen in here and not forcing it.

for now, this place functions as it should:  our family and friends gather here and relax.  we play games at this table and have been reading together at night on the couches.  the table and couches are apparently perfect for running around.  and around.  and around.  as they should be.

so if you’re silly like me and are feeling a little like “my house looks so blah after taking down all the festive decorates” and wanting something amazing again, stop.  be ok with it being just ok.  its a home.  live in it.  don’t force inspiration, wait for it.


what else is new?

i just shared with you last week all of the fun new products i’ve recently added to my shop, but guess what?

i added MORE!

i’m loving all these new zipped pouches, so i’m wondering: how many pouches are too many pouches?  ’cause i want to keep them all!


i’ve always been drawn to fun bike prints!


and the contrasting persimmon liner?  love it!


this pretty little linen pouch coordinates perfectly with the grey linen market tote (i’m snagging one of those market totes for myself this week!).


this adorable feather zippered pouch also has a coordinating pencil pouch, which someone (me) forgot to photograph – oops!


i’ve carried these pouches before, but its been awhile!  i only have a smidgen of this fabric left, so grab these while you can!


and i carried this heart fabric long ago, and its baaaack!  this is a favorite for little girls and big girls alike :)


i also have this fun pink scrappy bunting that is going to be perfect for valentine’s day!

also, i still have some christmas items left and they are still 40% off with code 40OFF – yay!