just another day at the beach… in october!


ok, so you may be tired of me talking about our warm central coast weather.  its actually only comfortable this week at the beach – so hot every where else!


it may seem weird to some of you enjoying the crisp weather and pumpkin lattes, but i do miss a traditional fall.  growing up we had turning of the leaves and cool temperatures, but our fall weather here is better than our summer weather.  it feels so weird to put our fall decor, and we definitely aren’t wearing our fall clothes yet.


our weeks are pretty full with school and activities, so sunday afternoons are really our best bet to get down to the beach.



my kids are sporting clothing from sunuva, a long time sponsor.  we absolutely love their beachwear & swimwear.


my girls actually had on their striped swimsuits under their clothes, which are some of the best fitting suits we’ve ever owned.


lily’s romper is pretty much the cutest ever.  i want one in my size.  my favorite details: the bow at the back neckline and the length of the shorts (not too short).


gracie’s tunic works great as a swim coverup but is also super cute with leggings or skinny jeans!


i love silas’ aqua linen shirt!  he also has it in a dark grey – so great for a church shirt that he actually likes to wear!






sunuva has some really adorable clothes – sweet, and child-perfect (not too grown up)!


i’m pretty crazy about this mexicana embroidered dress!


and this feather dress!  do you see the feather tassels?  so cute.

great news!  you can get free shipping on your items from sunuva with the code HELLO14!

when my kids get to wear adorable clothing like this and play in the waves in 85* weather, it makes me not wish for a real fall quite as much ;)


styling book shelves


did you see the transformation of my book shelves, with just a little bit of paint and a little bit of time?

i thought it would be fun to show you how i style my shelves.  each time its a little bit different, and i learn something new.


 since these are books shelves, the most basic place to start is with the books!  i tried moving the top shelf up and putting the books up high, but it looked really funny, so back to the middle it was.

it may be getting old. but i still think that arranging books in rainbow order is the prettiest!


 i used up most of my pretty books on the right side, so i had to decide what to do with the left.  i stacked some pretty vintage books in the center and 2 wire baskets filled with books on either side.  while the color isn’t balanced yet on both sides, i still like it.


 in an effort to add more color to the left side, i started big.  i put the large canvas from red letter words up high, with a portrait of the kids and a big red #5.  i liked the balance of color, but it wasn’t quite right.  but i kept moving on anyway…


 a few years ago gracie made the bronze colored paper mache horse and i love it!  i added a copper pot on the left with a big full plant.  i love fresh greenery mixed in on the shelves.


 now to balance out the top, i added one of my favorite globes to the top right, and framed a print from nap time diaries in a really pretty wood frame with a linen mat, and a random antler on a book in front.

this is where eis start changing things around, to make them feel right.  i took down the red #5 and added mini globes instead.  better but…

i also added a framed print from silas’ old room to the bottom left shelf and put a turquoise dish in front of it.  i figured i’d add a family pic over the print in the frame later.


 and this is almost where i ended up.  i really love the old red clock that was in my dad’s office my whole life, so i decided to work that in.  i moved the pic of the kids down to the frame on the bottom left shelf and added a yellow book to the stack of vintage books (the left side needed some yellow).


i am feeling really fancy that i was able to figure out this little gif of the shelf transformation!


 and now for closeups!

this side is definitely my favorite because sit has all my favorite things on it.  did you notice i added the #5 behind the horse?  the verdict is still out on that one.


 and even though its not my favorite, i still really like how this side ended up!

i have a thing about balance and making sure there is just enough, but not too much so its matchy matchy.  i also think having a bit of white space is good so your eyes have a space to rest on, so i ended up packing away a lot of my usual shelf decor.

and now the rest of my house is driving me nuts so i’m attacking one space at a time.  ok, thats not true at all – i’m attacking the whole house and not finishing anything!