christmas gift guide: for the chef

christmas gift guide: for the chef

i thought it would be fun to gather some of my favorite items all in one place for little christmas shopping gift guide!  today i’m sharing ideas with the chef in mind.  whether she be 9 or 39, i think these are fun kitchen items any chef would love to find under their tree!

christmas gift guide: for the chef

i’m a big fan of functional home items also being beautiful, and beautiful home items also being functional.  the kitchen is a great place to employ this theory!

christmas gift guide: for the chef

1 – i have a couple of these mini colanders and love them!  we use them for berries and tomatoes that we leave on the counter for snacking.  2 – this is by far the prettiest recipe card holder i have ever laid eyes on.  ever.  3 – tea towels are in constant use in my kitchen, so why not make it cute?  4 – measuring cups = necessity.  copper = beautiful.  copper measuring cups = beautiful necessity.  5 – aprons.  they look pretty just hanging up, but work great for hand wipers like me. 6 – everyone needs a cutting board.  7 – i think potholders should be replaced every year.  maybe it should be a law.  8 – silpat mats – do you have one of these?  i have a couple that i use every time i bake.  slap one on a cookie sheet and cookies slide off without sticking!  and clean up is a breeze.  9 – such a pretty utensil crock!

1 mini mint colander //  2 recipe box & cards //  3 stripe kitchen tea towel //  4 russet measuring cups //  5 bahia apron (& in child size!) //  6 state shaped cutting board //  7 polka dotted potholders //  8 silpat baking mat //  9 ceramic utensil crock

christmasy shelves


hellooo!  i am finally decorating for christmas and i am learning some things about myself: 1) i never ever ever want to wait until after thanksgiving to decorate ever again.  2) i like to take my time to decorate.  i do not like to be rushed.

i like to keep somethings the same year after year with my christmas decorates, but i also like to try new things.

like these photo shelves in our dining room.  i wanted to make them new and christmasy and fun.


last year i changed my decor from super bright and colorful to a luxe lodge look: plaids and fur with some sparkle.

luxe lodge christmas

this was my inspiration board from last year.


i snagged the “joy” marquee letters from target way back in october, when i was verbally scoffing at them for having christmas decor out so early, but secretly so glad to get these letters that i knew would sell out ;)

last year emily sent me a handful of christmas prints that she and some friends put together and they were the perfect addition to my shelves.


the floating shelves are from ikea.  they’ve been the perfect shelves for just blending in and are nice and deep to hold lots of frames.


i added a little bit of green with these adorable mini trees and stuck my teeny vintage glittered deer i found last year at the thrift store.


this is my favorite of emily’s christmas prints.


i backed it with some $1 wrapping paper from target – a quick and easy sort of matting.




and just because i like to keep it real, my house is an absolute disaster right now.  to be honest, these shelves are the only thing in my house that are finished.  i have opened boxes and piles of ornaments all over every surface.  plus our normal every day piles.  and then some.  sheesh, i need a maid.  and a personal assistant.  time to go add these brilliant ideas to my christmas list…