tuckered out

you guys, i am pooped!  we got back from our trip to spain late last tuesday night, so its been about a week, and i am still tired!  i acclimated back to our time zone within a day or 2 (day 1 was ROUGH!) but since then, once the kids are in bed, i crawl right into bed and just want to veg and fall asleep by 10 (early for me).  some nights i fight it and get a bit of work done, but most nights i give in and fall asleep after watching a show for a few minutes.

this whole “being responsible” thing is exhausting!  making sure people shower and eat is hard work!

so i had big plans to wrap up my house tour with my front and back yards… we’ll see if that ever gets done!

and then i planned on sharing our trip pictures starting yesterday.  oops!  that one i blame on the internets being down.  i had good intentions, i promise.

and tonight?  well, its 9:30.  the kids just fell asleep.  i worked all day at fred & betty’s, then picked up the kids, came home to a house literally turned upside down.  we forgot we were having the carpets cleaned and sean had to empty all of the bedrooms into the living room.  total disaster.  and the carpets that were supposed to be dry in “2 to 3 hours” are still wet.  12 hours later!  and we hosted growth group tonight!  so basically, we moved all of the excess furniture into our bedroom since its not carpeted, and shut the other rooms off from the guests.  and while we were at all this furniture moving, the girls and i decided to swap our living room with our dining room.  because why not add more chaos to an already crazy day?!

needless to say, no yard post tonight.  or barcelona pictures.  i do promise to post “what i wore” on wednesday because all bleep will break loose if i don’t ;)

ok fine, just one picture…



house tour {master closet & laundry room}



 you know we’re good friends when i let you into my closet!

we’re just about finished up with my house tour, so today i’m sharing with you my master closet and laundry room (they share a space).


 sean and i share a closet (he’s on the left, i’m on the right).  all of his clothes fit in here, and i have a dresser in our bedroom as well.


 i recently rearranged, cleared out and cleaned up our closet, and one of the biggest changes was so simple: slimmer hangers!  i love these velvet ones.  i got mine from target.


 our closets were done by sean’s company, onesource.


i used every little bit of wall space in here!


 my shelves hold shoes, folded jeans, and a few baskets holding my smaller clutches, mittens & beanies, and travel items (like power adaptors & passport holders).


 boots are held up with dollar store pool noodles cut to size with a serrated knife.


 we store our smaller travel bags at the top of our closet.


on sean’s side we have 2 laundry baskets – one for whites and one for darks.


 since we, uh, forgot to build a closet for coats and vacuums, we had to get creative.  our vacuum tucks into the teeny bit of floor space next to a doorway.


 we also have this awesome wall mounted ironing board from sean’s company that folds flat against the wall, then pivots out and down.  the iron holder is from ikea.  we placed it up high so that i can hang a hot iron there to cool, out of reach of small hands.


 right across from the closet is the laundry room.  this was an unintentional outcome when we were building our house.  our plans were to have the laundry in the playroom, since i knew thats where we’d spend most of our time.  but somehow we swapped things around and the laundry ended up here and i love it!  our laundry goes straight from the dryer to our closet with a flick of the wrist.  getting it folded or on a hanger is a different story ;)


 minor changes can make a big difference!


 i got these great baskets from the container store, and added stamped tags to keep things in order.


 we took a hollow-core door, cut it down and painted it to top our washer and dryer for a full countertop.


 even though i didn’t get the laundry in the playroom, its just a door away! (rug from target)

both doors in the laundry/closet are pocket doors since we were limited on space.  the one leading to the bathroom has a full sized mirror on both sides.


 another bonus from our happy accident design change:  our playroom opens up to our laundry/closet, which opens to our master bath, which opens to our bedroom, which opens to the great room, which leads back to the playroom… which means a chase race track for the kids and friends!

any questions?  let me know in the comments!