christmas ornaments {lisa leonard designs}

there are some words i really have to think about when i write.  “ornaments” is one of them.  you see, after saying “ordaments” for years (as my kids say it), its hard to remember the real, grown-up way to say it right!  “hostable” (hospital) is another one of those words ;)


my kids love getting special ornaments every year, especially if they have their name on them!  and honestly, i love having ornaments that are pretty.  yep, i said it.  i’m the grinchy mom that only likes a “pretty” tree.  but as a solution, i also have a special tree in the playroom that the kids gets to decorate however they like, and all the non-coordinating ornaments live there.  everyone’s happy!


these ornaments are from my friend, lisa leonard – aren’t they so pretty?!  we have a handful of ornaments from lisa leonard designs – my kids know them as the ones “from miss lisa”.


not only are lisa’s ornaments beautiful, they are classic.  so when my kids leave the nest (sad face), they will have timeless ornaments to start their own christmas traditions with!

these ornaments are only $20 each!  and even better:  lisa has offered my readers 15% off with code VERYMERRY15!  (offer expires december 25th)

{click here to shop}



i’m linking up my weekly phone pics with jeannett again!  i’m thepleatedpoppy on instagram if you want to follow along!


my kids are big into wearing fake glasses.  and i’m big into my kids.


i have been giving peaks into a new product and i finally finished them!  bitty button earrings are now in the shop!


we had a grand opening party at fred & betty’s and i did the window display.  it is so fun for me to branch out of my normal routine and do something purely creative!


my friend jess had a wine & cheesecake party and it was so much fun!  its really nice to be a grown up sometimes ;)


lily loves to cook, and sean loves to encourage her cooking, and i love to eat.  so everyone wins!  we’re trying a new idea:  having her cook a big fancy meal once a week (with assistance) with a theme.  this week’s theme was raspberries:  pork tenderloin with raspberry sauce, spinach salad with raspberry balsamic dressing, and raspberry bread (basically cake).


this is what it looks like when sean is protecting my life from a bird-sized moth.  i love him.


have you taken my survey yet?  today is the last day, and there’s a little something for you at the end!


i slept in ’til after 8 yesterday!  oh it was so nice!  yes, we were way behind on the rest of our day, but it was awesome.


did you see my post about poppy soap co?  i’d love if you helped support lindy, who gives a bar of her soap to a women’s shelter for every bar purchased!  then hop on over to my facebook page and enter to win 1 of 4 $35 gift certificates to poppy soap co!


how cute is this charm bracelet from lisa leonard designs?  each month i get a new charm in the mail, that little dove being my newest charm.   but so sad – my year is almost over!  i hope she does the charm bracelet again next year!


we are just a few weeks away from our holiday stitch market and it is going to be a gooood one!  if you’re local (or within driving distance) you have to come join us:

thursday, december 5th:  4-10

friday, december 6th:  10-3

saturday, december 7th:  10-3


i would be a really bad single mom.  we would eat breakfast-for-dinner every night and be chubby mc chubbersteins.


i added a few new goodies to my shop yesterday!  this pouch is a new favorite!


 i also added 2 new floral cowl scarves as well – love them!   who says winter scarves need to be blah and dull?

what’s on tap for your weekend?  i’m looking forward to getting some projects done around the house!