house tour!

house tour at the pleated poppy

hey friends!  wanna come over for a bit?  yay!  how about for 2 weeks?  even better!  join me for the next couple weeks as we tour my home, room by room!

see you soon!



linking up my weekly phone pics with jeannett!  i’m thepleatedpoppy on instagram if you want to follow along!

i didn’t post much this week – its been a crazy one!  we’ve not only been super busy, but the week has been full of some really wonderful & some really difficult things.  mostly, this week has been filled with prayer, which is as it should be.  this week was filled with need for Jesus.  and coffee.


we wrapped up the stitch market on saturday!  it was a great show, even better than our holiday market!


we surprised the kids on tuesday and went for an adventure, that took a few turns… it was a gorgeous drive down the coast, though!  we had planned to take the kids to the beach, but with all the complaining we got in the car (so done with that!) and because of the next picture, we just ran out of time.  so basically we were a big disappointment to our kids, which is always fun ;)


but we came home with this!  that should win us some cool parent points, right?!

we’ve been looking at used motorhomes for several months and we finally pulled the trigger.  jeannett’s trying to convince me to “pinterest-ify” our motorhome, but i don;t think there’s much hope.  thankfully, its really clean inside.


this is silas’ “best friend girl”.  i’d like her to be my daughter-in-law some day.  besides, her mom is my best friend.  who’s with me to bring back arranged marriages?


holy hotness.


i got some new shoes from american eagle – super comfy rose gold sandals!  i got to get sort of dressed up last night for a celebration dinner at school for families who have been there for 5+ years.  its so nice to be a part of a community of wonderful people to do life with!

enjoy your weekend!  i have a fun new series planned for next week – be sure to come back!