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school is out!!!  we picked the kids up from their last day of school in our new-to-us RV and headed down south.  first stop: angels game!  sean’s folks met us there and we also ran into some great friends – it was such a fun way to kick off the summer!  sean grew up going to angels game all season so it was so fun for him to relive those childhood memories.


i kinda want to go full on trailer trash with this rv – get a mumu, put my hair in curlers, serve spam with tater tots ;)


the next day we went to Big Air.  sean’s nephew works there and got us a discount, and sean’s mom treated the rest!  we had so much fun with the kids, but the next day i was h u r t i n g.  my friend emmy called it the big air hangover.  well put.


we still haven’t nailed down the perfect sleeping situation for the kids in the RV – all 3 on the over cab bed, 2 up/1 on the couch… so we’re still trying things out.  but this was one sweet snuggle to capture.  and gracie’s legs for daaaays?  crazy.  don’t mind her neck – ouch!


our main reason to head out on our first RV adventure was to meet this little guy, our newest nephew, maxwell!


isn’t he just the cutest?  and that mohawk is all natural – little stud.


sadly, last week we also lost a precious family member, sean’s uncle ray.  he was one of the sweetest, kindest men i have ever been blessed to meet, and from the sound of it, everyone else who crossed his path felt the same way.  he will be very missed.

but as with all cheney family functions, we still were blessed with a delightful time with bits of humor thrown in.  i am beyond blessed to be a part of this crowd.  the memorial service was a timely reminder of that.

and this little boy all dressed up.  too cute to not take his picture.  even with a mouth looking like he lost in a fist fight ;)


after the service we headed down to mission bay in san diego to camp for a few days.  we were right on the beach and had a couple pools to choose from in the campground.  so we bounced from beach to pool, beach to pool.  it was great!


family came down to join us on father’s day and we had a mellow vacation just hanging out.  perfect.


this boy never naps.  ever.  but when you combine several nights in a row staying up until 11pm, then a very long car ride home?  well, a nap happened and we were all thankful for it ;)


10 minutes after we pulled the RV in front of our house, these 2 showed up – yay!  my sister and her family live in australia, but she and jack snuck away for a much needed visit.


and a tiny little peek at a drawing gracie was doing for a friend’s birthday party for pin the nose on olaf.  she ended up painting the whole thing as well and it turned out pretty great!

what are your weekend plans?  we have my parents here now, too, plus my cousin and her family are coming in tonight – so fun!  we’ll have a very full house: 7 adults and 7 kids!


what i wore {golden tote}


i recently stumbled across Golden Tote while searching for outfit inspiration on pinterest.  golden tote is an online boutique that sends you a tote of styles, you pick 1 to 2 items, they surprise you with others! i think this new kind of shopping is great for those of us who hate shopping, or for people more like me who enjoy shopping but have a hard time stepping out of their fashion comfort zone.  i’d say golden tote pushed me way out of my comfort zone (its a good thing!).  when you sign up they send you a personalized tote based on your style. you can choose to receive 2-3 items a tote for $49 (a $200 value) or 5-7 items for $149 (up to $600 value).


i was a little hesitant about this dress when i first pulled it out.  until now i had never found a wrap dress that was flattering on my figure (boyish).  but i loved it on!  the fabric was really nice, the print was fun and something i’d never choose on my own, and best of all… it had pockets!

dress ℅ golden tote \\  wedges – american eagle \\  necklace – lisa leonard designs


i also styled it with my trusty denim jacket (forever 21).


another item i never would have tried on my own: these harem-style pants.  actually, i pulled them on and sean said no.  no way.  pleated and pegged pants?  nuh-uh.  and i agreed.  until i tried styling them with a few different tops.  and guess what?  i love them!  they are ridiculously comfortable and feel like a stylish notch above yoga pants and leggings.

harem pants ℅ golden tote \\  striped top – forever 21 \\  converse – nordstrom rack \\  hat – local surf shop (ccs)


i also tried it with a dressier top – i should’ve tried it with heels!


this top was one of the items i chose – i’m a sucker for mexican print embroidery ;)  i wasn’t sure about the fit from the picture, but i was quite pleased with it when i got it in person.

embroidered top ℅ golden tote \\  shorts – forever 21 \\  sandals – target \\  necklace – lisa leonard designs


i love pretty tops with distressed denim!

embroidered top ℅ golden tote \\  jeans – oooold \\  sandals – payless \\  necklace – lisa leonard designs


its even fun paired with colored denim (from target)!


i also chose these pants on a whim.  totally not my style, but definitely at my comfort level!  they are like pajama pants but cuter!

pants ℅ golden tote \\  shirt – forever 21 \\  sandals – payless \\  hat – urban outfitters


i wore the weekender pants on our recent camping trip and they were perfect!  all i wanted was to be comfy, but still look cute!


i wouldn’t normally choose a print this bold for pants, but by using a service like golden tote, it pushed me to try new things!


i love a good white top!  and another surprise for me – i wouldn’t have chosen this top based on its shape, but i preferred it on more than off!

that kind of seems to be the theme for me and golden tote: trying new things is good (and fun!).

top ℅ golden tote \\  coral jeans – target \\  converse – nordstrom rack

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