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welcome to what i wore wednesday and happy new years!

style-wise, i feel like i honed my personal style a bit more, realizing more of what i like and what looks best on me.  i’ve learned how much better i feel when i actually get dressed each day, but also gave myself grace for the days that i just didn’t want to get out of my jammies!

 speaking of jammies, we are enjoying our 2nd week here at my parents’ house at the lake, and i have hardly been getting dressed at all!  its really been wonderful, completely relaxing and so very needed.  so all that to say, i have hardly anything to share with you!  you can only handle so many pictures of me in my pj’s ;)

do you struggle with finding motivation to get dressed each day?  are yoga pants part of your uniform?  i’d love to challenge you to take part in what wiww.  try just for a week, taking pictures of yourself every day.  its so interesting how different you look in pictures versus in the mirror!  and when you start documenting what you wear, you generally want to step it up a bit.  i always feel better about myself when i take a few extra minutes for myself, and i bet you will, too!

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day in the life…

i always want to be a fly on the wall on other people’s lives, to see how they really live!  i took a regular day about a month ago and tried to record the daily goings-on so you could get a peek into my days!

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6:30 – roll out of bed and into the shower.   i don’t think i opened my eyes until i was out of the shower!

6:45 – dig through clothes on closet floor that i haven’t put away yet from our last trip.

6:50 – climb back in bed with laptop, soon joined by a child.  reply to a few emails, print out grids (lesson plans) for today’s homeschooling.


7:00 – out of bed, all 3 kids up.  breakfast.  COFFEE.  christmas music is on.  of course.

7:30-9 – reminders of chores, etc.  write paychecks.  order fabric.  blow dry bangs.


9 – start homeschool.  kids start on independent work: handwriting, phonics. i prep work for cutting.

9:30 – grammar with the girls (first language lessons)

9:45 – get a phone call.  discipline 2 arguing children while on the phone, trying to not let the caller know whats going on.  its called the silent yell.

10:00 – help girls write letters to family members, gracie finishes first and takes a break.  silas gets out of a time out and finishes his handwriting.  i work on a couple emails and name tags for the stitch market vendors.

10:45 – get a delivery for new straps for market totes!  help silas with math, gracie does math wrap ups, lily finishes more independent work.

11:00 -12 – read story of the world (learn about hinduism and buddhism) and read d’aulaires’ book of greek myths.


12:00 – kids make lunch while i zone out for a bit.  think about napping…

12:00 – market vendor stops by for a few minutes.  help gracie find a greek vase picture and print it out so she can write about it.

12:30 – eat lunch lily made for me (quesadilla).  sean comes home from morning appointment.  fireplace fixer guy stops by to fix the loft fireplace. work on emails and blog post.

1:00 – let kids each have a piece of candy.  candy drama ensues.  so hard to start school again!  have kids clean up messes they made.  now they are all hungry again. getting themselves fruit.

1:15 – more candy drama.  candy bag gets “thrown away” (or hidden).  everyone in a time out.


1:20-1:45 – i took lily out to do math while the other 2 stayed in their rooms.

1:45 – finished math with lily – no tears or yelling = HUGE success!  other kids can come out of their rooms.  but they don’t.  lily decides she wants to do more math!

1:45 – 2:20 – i work on emails, a guest stylist project, etc.


2:30 – help silas with phonics, reading


3:00 – head to fred and betty’s to finish window displays with the kids

4:45 – home, dread doing dinner.

5:00 – home, neither sean or i want to make dinner.  i stay home to veg for a bit while sean takes the kids out to pick up greek take-out.

5:30 – eat dinner

7:30 – kids in bed, head to the playroom/studio to start work.

8:00 – midnight-ish – work on blog posts, reply to emails, finish prepping fabrics.  watch several episodes of “the good wife” on hulu while i’m working.  bed time.