new products!

i’ve been super busy creating new products and restocking sold out favorites!

first, i’ll share the new ones (and so many more are coming!):


i love my foldover clutches, especially this one with amazing fabrics!  this woodgrain fabric is one of my favorites!


i keep one of these reusable tote bags, tucked neatly in its pouch, inside my purse.  it comes in handy every time i’m at the grocery store or target!  its so nice and compact, fitting in the palm of my hand when its tucked away!


this might just be the cutest checkbook cover i’ve made!  its so happy!


i love the graphic print of the wide black and white striped pencil pouch with the grass green lattice liner!


lots of new travel tissue cases were added in to the inventory, just in time to toss in the backpacks for back-to-school!


and now for the restocking:

my most popular foldover clutch, with black and white stripes and a faux leather fold.


also restocked is a coordinating market tote (i love this one!).


all 3 styles of the Much Ado About You planner covers were restocked as well.


tons of new sets of posy hair clips for your little girls (or for big girls, tucked into a messy bun!).


and a grey chevron mini messenger bag with a mint sash is back in stock!

 we have only 2 weeks left until school starts and i am kind of freaking out!  i feel totally unprepared, yet am kind of looking forward to getting back into a routine.  anyone with me on this?



linking up my weekly phone pics with jeannett again!  i’m thepleatedpoppy on instagram if you want to follow along!


my baby turned 6 last week.  it makes me feel like an old mom!


we went camping in our local mountains and stopped at the pozo saloon for lunch.  they served their water in a recycled olive jar!


we had quite the crew of kids while we were camping, but it was surprisingly relaxing!


everyone had a few turns at the “weaponry”: bow and arrows and bb guns.  i need more practice with the bow – my forearm is all bruised up from it!


silas has been asking sean constantly to go shooting ever since sean brought his childhood bb guns home from his parents’ house.


i have a fun contest going on instagram right now!  take a pic of the contents of your bag and post them on instagram with the hashtags #thepleatedpoppy and #whatsinmybag.  winners will get a $50 and $25 gift certificate to my shop!  details here.


we have been working all this week on our front yard, setting a flag stone patio and walkways.


i am loving the way its all turning out, but i am exhausted!  my parents have been working hard all week on this and i am so appreciative of it!  today we set the stones with a poly sand and then we’re spreading mulch over all the dirt.  the yard will finally look nearly finished!


i’ve had fun playing with my new canon eos rebel sl1 this week!  its so small that it fits in the palm of my hand!


our garden is bursting with flowers right now!  and each flowers seems to be a home to a family of bugs.


we had some friends over a couple times this week for a bbq.  setting the table is always my favorite job.


my friend jess brought the yummiest pies:  lemon meringue and key lime pie!  ohmyword these were crazy good!


during our bbq, we played around with my new camera and compared my other dslr to my new one.  wow, what a size difference!  do you want a new camera?  i’m giving one away over here!


after working my tail off in the yard all week, i was too exhausted to do much after dinner, so si, lu and i hung out with my parents and watched shark week (sean and lily were on a date).  silas and i were putting on our shark week faces ;)

what are you up to this weekend?  we’re throwing si a little party, having dinner with our besties and then hopefully laying low!