the loft


if you’ve been a reader for awhile here, you may have heard me mention “the loft” here and there.  my parents built the loft above our garage a few years ago.  our garage is at the back of our property, detached from our house.  actually, it used to be a tiny one-car garage smacked up against the property line.  when they took our offer to build the loft, they also built a nice big garage underneath.  thank you!


since our house is built on a hill, our property slopes from the back to front, so our yard is tiered.  the entrance to the loft is on the second tier.  so the loft sits about a story higher than our house, and as a result has the best view on the property!


there’s a great wrap around porch on the 2 sides facing our property.


this is where my dad spends his mid-day break when he’s not working on our yard.  my parents live here one week a month and have invested so many of their days fixing up our yard, ticking projects off our to-do list, and loving on our kids.


my mom has a knack for decorating, thrifting, repurposing and crafting.  she and i fixed up this shell covered chandelier together.


because when my parents are here they eat most of their meals with us or go out, they really didn’t need a kitchen.  a mini fridge and a convection microwave oven that go pretty much unused would suffice if they ever needed to cook for themselves.

the cabinets are from ikea and are really great quality.  the countertops are concrete.


my mom has a sweet collection of birdcages showcased in her kitchen.  every once in awhile if i need a prop or something special for a decoration, i’ll sneak up to the loft and shop there first!






they have a fireplace that easily heats up the whole place – all 499 sq. feet of it!


my mom collected shells and sand at each island on a carribean vacation.  she bottled them for the loft.  i love the way she sets up the sweetest vignettes.






these collected items sit on top of the divider wall between the living space and the bedroom.  my parents have another loft above their main house in bass lake that they live in when they’re not here, an din that loft they have a very similar divider wall made from salvaged doors.  this one is made with windows they salvaged from a house that was getting replacements, and raw pine.  the back side has curtains that give privacy and soften the direct morning light.


 the walls are painted malibu beige by kelly moore.




to make the small space appear larger and lighter, my parents (who built much of the loft themselves) bought old mirrored closet doors from the restore, had them cut down, and framed them in on the wall behind their bed.


my dad built the matching bedside tables to fit their space perfectly.  he also made my girls a bedside table.  he’s awesome like that.


and my mom made these great lamps with a clear vase, a light kit, and a whole bunch of corks.


this is the view across their bedroom from their french doors.  there is a pocket door that is mirrored on both sides, closing off the closet and the bathroom just beyond that.


sean and my mom designed a double sided walk-through closet that has a second hanging section that goes to the ceiling with a pull down rod.


and here’s their pretty little bathroom.  travertine, breadboard, seaside colors all speak to both my and my mom’s style.


again with the pretty collections.




on the wall facing the sink is a floor to ceiling set of open shelves with a rolling hamper at the bottom and cleaning supplies and linens hidden in baskets on each shelf above.


the shower is tiny, but filled with light, and made more open with a glass door and enclosure.

so there’s the loft!  its a special place for our family:  it houses my wonderful parents, is a guest house for us when they’re gone, and the occasional hideaway when i need a little time alone!


what i wore

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hey friends, welcome to “what i wore wednesday”!  this is a happy place where i post my weekly outfits.  i try to take a pic every day in order to force myself out of my jammies.  somedays it works, some days it doesn’t (i stayed in my pj’s all day today!).  but for the most part, i get dressed nearly everyday and feel so much better about myself when i do!  if you need some extra motivation to get dressed every day, join us!


this is all i’ve got for you this week!  we’ve spent a lot of time at the pool and the beach, cleaning and organizing the house, and just laying low before school starts.

shirt – forever 21

skirt – target

hat – urban outfitters

market tote – my shop

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