yumm bowls

its a rare thing today, my friends – i am sharing a recipe with you!  this happens so rarely, and today is kind of laughable – its so easy!

a couple years ago, our friends introduced us to yumm bowls, their knock off version from a local restaurant.  after making our own at home, we have tweaked it just a bit, so i’m sharing a sort of third hand version ;)

yumm bowls at the pleated poppy

these are a favorite of ours for several reasons: everyone loves them, you can make them your own (adding your own favorite ingredients), and they are really quick to make (perfect for those nights that you forget to plan for dinner!).

ingredients: rice (my family uses brown rice – frozen bags from costco – i go without), beans (pinto or black), meat or no meat (can even be leftovers, like chicken or pork), shredded cheese, tomatoes, cilantro, avocado, lime wedges, sour cream, salsa (or corn salsa from trader joe’s is my favorite!), cilantro and sliced olives.

yumm bowls at the pleated poppy

yumm bowls at the pleated poppy

yumm bowls at the pleated poppy

yumm bowls at the pleated poppy

yumm bowls at the pleated poppy

yumm bowls at the pleated poppy

yumm bowls at the pleated poppy

yumm bowls at the pleated poppy

yumm bowls at the pleated poppy

while the beans are heating on the stove (i use 2 cans), i toss a bag of frozen rice in the microwave.  then i chop up the rest of the ingredients (cilantro, tomatoes, and avocados) and am ready to serve dinner in about 5 minutes!



linking up my weekly phone pics with jeannett!  i’m thepleatedpoppy on instagram if you want to follow along!


we have been lucky enough to have my dad at our house for several of his last birthdays – we love getting to celebrate him!  growing up, my dad would cook coq au vin for special fancy dinners, spending hours in the kitchen to create the yummiest meal.  this week, lily got to spend those hours in the kitchen with my dad and join in the family tradition.


we (my parents and i) have been busy coming up with fun random projects for the stitch market.  we’ve been looking around the garage and yard and piecing things together to make some really fun items.  i’ll be sharing more soon…


considering that our chalkboard had “happy 2014” written in 3rd grade handwriting still, it was time for a fun update.


i am so bad about cleaning my room.  it just gets little piles here and there, and i just never really seem to get to it.  but this weekend we really cleaned the whole house and got rid of all our piles (many just moved out to the garage, but at least they’re out of the house!).  getting this room clean and seeing how nice it can look has totally motivated me to keep it clean!


a super hero visited us this week for homeschool!


and this room has now stayed clean since the weekend!  its a miracle, you guys!  its amazing what cleaning up after yourself right away can do to keep a place clean. #lifelesson


we did get the dining room pretty messy after dinner the other night when we decided to dig into he chalk pastels.  we need to do this more often!


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i tend to hit a midday lull on our homeschool days.  lily still had plenty of energy to keep writing her narrative, so i kicked back next to her and drank my yummy chai.


after a nice long break, i am back at my sewing machine again, and it feels really good.


more pompom flowers!  these pretties are going to make their way to the stitch market in a few weeks, but i’d kind of love to keep them right here on my window sill!