house tour {master bath}


i haven’t changed one thing in our master bath for the 7 years we’ve been here!  i still love the color and obviously all the fixtures are staying.  its very minimally decorated, and i really like that in here.  the rest of my house is an explosion of color, so having a place of calm is kind of nice!


our countertops and floor are travertine.  i love the soft look of it and it has held up really well (no stains or chips yet!).  the medicine cabinets were off the shelf from… home depot or lowes (i can’t remember!).


these little jars live on our counter, filled with the daily necessities.  i picked these vintage burma-shave jars at a garage sale.


our sinks are from kohler.  we use these mason jar soap dispensers all over the house (similar).


this little wire basket was a gift from my mom years ago and fits 3 rolls of tp perfectly!


we only have a few things on the walls:  these 3 pics and another frame by my sink.  i love the dark wood frames!


the shower is the best spot in the room!  its nice and big… and has 2 shower heads!  we put a solar tube in there so its always nice and bright, even when there’s a full moon ;)


you know me and how much a cannot handle being cold, so i have a robe hook right outside of the shower to minimize the cold air to body time ;)


we also ditched towel bars and just use hooks for our towels.  since the kids shower in here more than in their bathroom (its more fun?), this makes it so easy for them to hang up their own towels.


hardware is like the jewelry in the room!  door knobs are from emtek and the latches and pulls are from house of antique hardware.


paint colors:  i wish i knew!  the wall color is a martha stewart color from when she had a line at kmart.  i think it was called robin’s egg blue?  so bad, sorry!  the white trim is called arctic white i think?  i basically asked for the brightest white i could get!

any questions?  i’ll try an answer if i know it!


house tour {master bedroom}


 this room has never felt “finished”, just more of a work in progress.  but really, i love it.  it is truly a place of refuge for me.  i tend to go straight to bed lately once the kids are in bed.  usually its with my computer to write bog posts or catch up on emails, but the space is just relaxing to me.  i do tend to keep the bed made (ok, maybe 50%of the time) because you can see in here from the main room of the house.


 we have a lot of privacy at our house, but these windows are covered by honeycomb shades.  i hate them, but they are really functional and hide in a small space at the top of the window when they’re open.

the dresser was a hand-me-down from friends – has a sweet scandanavian feel, perfectly weathered.

wall color is flax by restoration hardware.


 the lamps are from target, as well as the shades.


this poor little pot of succulents used to be full of friends, but my newfound green thumb doesn’t seem to apply to succulents indoors.  the “c” is from anthropologie.


 when we were building our house, i kept saying the master was going to be too small.  which is funny since the house we were moving from barely fit our queen sized bed.  but really its way more room than we need.  i know its not huge, but it feels luxurious to us.  the french doors open up to the back yard.

i know all the design shows say to get rid of ceiling fans, but where we live very few people have air conditioning because our weather is so mild, but during those few weeks of 100* weather, the fan is a must-have.


 this combo of furniture was found back in the day when i owned a furniture business and sean and i would go to flea markets every sunday.  the side cabinets were found at the rose bowl flea market and were taken out of a kitchen of a home that was being demo’d.  the dresser was found at the long beach flea market and has the perfect sized shallow drawers for my t-shirts, tanks, shorts and jammies.


the chips of paint show the piece’s history!


 i love having all my jewelry on display!

i can’t imagine putting it all behind closed doors.


 this is a little sweet spot for me:  the picture is of sean and i when we were dating, the necklace on the frame was from our wedding day, and the teddy bear was made from my gramps’ shirt after he passed away.


 these are just a few of the many photo booth strips we have.  i’m even wearing overalls in some!


 this garage sale chair is covered in a table cloth i got at target.  its not perfect, but since i am so afraid of committing to a fabric to recover the chair in, this feels like a good compromise.


 the euro pillow shams are from tuesday morning and are by ralph lauren, with really small subtle ruffles.  the printed pillows are from anthropologie (thank you gifts cards!).  i made the other 2 small pillows.


 the window picture frame was a valentines gift to sean about 15 years ago, filled with dating and engagement pictures.

the bed is from pottery barn.  they misprinted a price in their catalogue that was ridiculously low, but they honored the printed price, so we scooped up the great deal!


 this beautiful bamboo throw is ℅ nine space.  it looks lightweight but it is so warm and cozy!  its the perfect blanket for snuggling up in bed with!


 the puckered bedspread is from target, the coverlet was a wedding gift, and the bedskirt is from… a store?  yes, definitely from a store ;)

the cozy rug is from target.  i was a little fearful of the creamy color getting thrashed, but its in a pretty low traffic zone and has held up well so far.

i have some big dreams of changing up the wall situation in here, but big dreams tend to require lots of time.  or lots of patience.  i’m short on both of those right now!

have any questions?   i’ll do my best to answer them!