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somedays i don’t have much exciting going on here, but i still feel like i have so much to share!  over the last seven years of blogging, i have been blessed with many friendships in the blogging world, and am still constantly inspired by them and several other bloggers that i wish i knew!


even though i’ve never met emily, i’d like to call her a friend.  isn’t it weird how blogging does that?  she is constantly inspiring me!  this week, she has created some free easter printables for us!


i need this in my home!  so excited to print this out.  i’m thinking i may even try to watercolor some of the letters…


alissa is a real life friend who i met through blogging years ago.  she has since grown her blog and brand and created a wonderful media group that i have been pleased to be a part of on several occasions.  alissa just revamped her look with a new blog and it is nothing less than stunning!  grab a cup of coffee and go sit down with her for awhile.


myquillin, aka the nester, has been an inspiration to me since i started blogging.  i’ve had the pleasure of meeting her in person several times and she is a joy to be around!  when i first opened my shop, the nester gave my business the biggest boost it could ever get by collaborating with me to make customized nesting place posy pins for her readers.  i will forever be grateful for her support!

the nester has written a book!!! her tagline “it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful” has always hit home with me, and i can’t wait to pour over her book!  you can pre-order yours now!

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 10.46.57 PM

this girl brings jesus into every room she walks, and i’m grateful to be able to call her my sister (in-law).  denise and her girls are visiting this week.  she is the kind of friend/family that you can get comfy with right away and know she isn’t judging or critiquing, just loving on me and sharing her always encouraging, sometimes challenging words.


are you following along with east coast creative‘s creating with the stars?  it is almost too much.  inspiration overload.  i can’t  even.

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 10.50.06 PM

and here’s a sneak peek at something that has been in the works for months and months.  apparently, i am the slowest decision maker in the world.  i’m all hurry up!  then wait……… i want to think on it for awhile.  but right now, i’m in love!  things still need a bit of tweaking, but i am excited to be making progress!  huge thanks to my ever-so-patient designer joanna (when she was little, she babysat my oldest!).

ok, there’s your daily dose of inspiration overload!

the organically clean home

the organically clean home

i’ll be honest with you:  i tend to go with the easy route.  after 6 years of being in business for myself, part-time homeschooling, and being mama to 3 kids (can i still call them little?  please say yes.), one area of my life that severely lacked attention was the cleanliness of my home.

i can tidy up quick, and even do a speedy wipe down of the bathrooms before guests come over, but i have either done few and far between deep cleanings, or simply relied on the chores my kids do to help around the house (which deserves another post of its own).  but now that i have a little more time on my hands after closing my shop, and a LOT more mind space, i feel like i actually have margin in my life to try things like making my own cleaning products!

my good friend jeannett has been making her own laundry detergent for years, along with a few other cleaning products, so all this organic, homemade stuff is not just for hippies ;)

becky, from clean mama, a long time wonderful sponsor of mine and blog expert on cleaning, has written a book called the organically clean home!  i have loved her printables to organize my life, and now am so excited to use her recipes to try to make some of these products myself!

i’m specifically looking forward to a few things: 1) to be able to save a little money making my own cleaning products.  who doesn’t like saving money? 2) to make safer products for my kids to use, because really, they do more cleaning than i do.  3) to make mopping cloths to replace my disposable ones!  (only 3 ingredients, one of them being water, i think i can handle that!)

becky’s book is released this friday, but you can pre-order now!

would you like to win a book of your own?  you know you do!  go ahead and pre-order your own, and try to win one for a friend (not a requirement, just a suggestion)! enter via the rafflecopter below.

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