fall favorites

hey friends!  when i’m avoiding responsibilities, like laundry or dishes, i like to window shop online.  a couple of my favorite stores to window shop at are target and forever 21 – coincidentally, i like to shop there in person, too ;)

i decided to throw together a few outfits for fall.  fall is pretty delightful here on the central coast, but the mornings and evenings can get a bit chilly, so no heavy coats or warm boots are really needed just yet.

fall inspiration1

first up is forever 21.  some of you have asked how i manage to get through their store because of the sheer volume of clothing.  i get it.  i do have some strategies that i use there, but thats for another post.  so don’t be surprised when you find that the website is about as large as their stores.  strategy number one: use the search bar if you have something specific you’re looking for.  or if you just want to browse, start with the new arrivals.

so on to this outfit!  i love pairing together contrasting items, the unexpected, casual with dressy, hard with soft.  the only thing that is questionable for me in this outfit are the heels.  i am crazy about how they look, but i’m pretty wimpy when it comes to heels.  so this would work for a date night where a lot of sitting would happen ;)  if i couldn’t pull off the heels i’d swap out some flats with a similar toe and definitely the ankle strap, like these!

sources:  necklace \\  baseball tee \\  boyfriend jeans \\  menswear-inspired watch \\  heels

fall inspiration2

next stop is target!  its the one stop shop for… everything – ha!  now i much prefer actual shopping in target than shopping on their website – its just messier i guess.  when i try to search for something, i’m wading through maternity clothes and other items i’d never actually see in a target store.  so there’s that.  but in store = fave.  but with a little searching, i still love to shop at target.com.

the outfit above definitely represents a cozy fall weekend at home or at my parents’ lake house.  its all about comfort and all about casual.  but with this outfit, at least its cute and packed with style!  my sister and i are kind of known for running to the market by my parents’ in our pi’s, but if we were to head into town to get pizza, i may throw on those quilted sneakers instead of the muk luks.

sources:  sweater \\  tank \\  lounge pants \\  quilted sneakers \\  muk luk boots

fall inspiration3

this outfit is also from target, and perfect for a fall day here.  this would be great for a day of work meetings – a little casual, but still polished, and very creative!  i love the rough details of the moto pants with the sweetness of the eyelet tank.  also, most of these items are all on clearance!

sources:  bag \\  tank \\  scarf \\  ankle boots \\ pants


swap out the tank for something a little breezy and an edgy scarf and its perfect for a day running errands, an afternoon lunch with my hubby, or a concert in the park.

sources:  bag \\  scarf \\  ankle boots \\  pants \\  tank (no longer available – boo)

so how about you… where’s your favorite place to window shop for clothes?


david kind

did you know i wear glasses?  i wear contacts most of the time, but i’ve noticed the older i get, the more i wear my glasses.  my eyes just get tired! #oldlady

i was THRILLED when david kind contacted me to see if i’d like to try out a pair of their glasses!  glasses shopping is not really fun, unless you think trying to make a decision on your appearance while 3 kids also try on every.single.pair. of glasses within reach is fun.  no?  me neither.

the david kind experience is so different.  SO different!  first i filled out a super simple profile on their website and included a picture of myself.  but i was in a hurry and i made a mistake:  i didn’t add anything to the notes for my stylist!

soon after, i got the prettiest package on my doorstep.


and opened up to find 6 pairs of frames hand-picked for me!  my stylist added notes for me – why she chose each pair, the pros of each, and the differences between them.


and then she followed up with me via email.  i am slow to make decisions (hence shopping in costco optical is not always ideal), and her follow-up email was really helpful.  she offered to Skype with me, but my home rarely has a Skype-able moment due to the constant noise level, so i opted out.

instead, i took phone pics of myself with my current pair, then each of the pairs she sent me.  not pretty you guys.  what is it about cell phone pics that distort your face?  or is it just me?  either way, i feel like i should’ve done my hair and makeup just as a courtesy to my stylist.  but no.  sorry trish!

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 10.39.10 PM

(btw, these pics are a bit funky because i was holding the camera up high to get rid of the camera glare on the lenses, so these all look really low on my face.  not so in real life.)

i told trish what i liked about my current pair, what i disliked, and what i wanted to be different.  and thats where i should’ve started in the beginning.  those were the types of things i should’ve added to my notes in my profile.  after looking over my pictures, trish responded with her opinion of each of the frames, which were definite no’s, which she preferred, which fit well…

with her guidance (and actually my first inclination), we chose “laurel”.

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 11.04.42 PM

yay!  i wanted a slightly chunkier pair, and i love tortoise shell.  they are kinda nerdy and kinda funky.  love them!


so what next?  this full service experience just got better.  rather than making me search for my glasses rx or call my doctor, trish did it for me!  they did all the work and i get my new glasses in the mail.


 no running to the store to choose my glasses then again to pick them up.  so easy, and i couldn’t recommend this experience more highly!

thank you david kind, not only for the great glasses, but also for the incredible service!