Casual Fridays

Do any of you remember “Insta Fridays“?  I used to do an Instagram update every Friday on the blog – like a little weekly recap.  I miss that!

Instead, today I’m sharing a few things I’m loving lately, am inspired by, or just get a kick out of!

  • I recently listened to Michael Hyatt’s new podcast called Lead to Win which he hosts with his daughter.  I particularly liked this episode talking about 5 reasons resolutions fail – its made me rethink my list of resolutions, rework them, and rename some of them as “goals” and set a plan in action to achieve them!  There are several podcasts that I’m loving right now – maybe I’ll share them all in a post soon.  Do you have a favorite?

4 to follow

  • I have been doing some deep dives on Instagram after I took a month off over Christmas break.  I am finding more “house-centric” feeds and endless inspiration for our next home.  Here are 4 of my new & old favorites: (clockwise, starting top left) Arrows & Bow, Brepurposed, Chris Loves Julia, and My Simply Simple.  And you can follow me over there, too!  Who are some of your favorites?
  • Pretty much our entire family is NOT musically gifted, but we sure do love music here in the Cheney household!  Dance parties are a pretty regular occurrence.  Sometimes just me alone.  By myself.  In the kitchen.  We have a Samsung Soundbar that gets pretty loud and has great sound, if you’re looking to up your dance party game! new city catechism
  • Our family (and our church) is going through the New City Catechism together.  There’s a kid’s version and an adult version – we’re using the app but I also got the book because I like to have an actual book sometimes to read through.  We’re choosing to do both versions, but aiming to memorize the longer adult version.  There are 52 questions, designed for us to memorize 1 each week.  We’re 3 weeks in to it and successful so far – only 49 weeks to go ;)
  • Our youngest, Silas, is 10.  Obviously old enough to know how to tie his shoes.  But the kid (along with his father) hates to tie & untie his shoes, so he does his best to slip them on without doing either, which tends to break down the shoe a little faster.  My sister introduced us to these awesome elastic shoe laces – they look like regular laces, but are stretchy so make just about any lace-up shoes into slip-ons!

And now let’s celebrate because its the WEEKEND!!!  Sean has been traveling all week and this mama is ready for some time with her favorite man.  We’ve got a teenage girl sleepover planned, a little parent training seminar to attend, a birthday party, and a wine & cheesecake party (woohoo!).  I also have several started projects that I need to finish – did you know I am famous for starting projects and not finishing them? One of my goals is to be a better finisher – ha!

Have a great weekend friends!  What are your plans?

what i wore

Welcome to “what i wore”!  I have been doing this post weekly for what feels like a hundred years (other than my recent hiatus – oops!).  I originally started these posts to motivate myself to get out of my sweats and into some regular clothes.  I type this as I am literally still in my sweats from my workout this morning – ha!  As a stay-at-home, work-at-home mom, I have always found it to be a struggle to put fashion before comfort – I’d rather stay cozy and lounge in grubby clothes all day – are you with me?!  But really, I don’t actually feel better.  I feel unmotivated and lazy, and my clothing encouraged that.  Over the years, I have found things that I feel good in and that feel good to be in – I have not sacrificed comfort for style, but found a way to marry them.  I have also had a lot of fails over the years, and have really started to hone what my style really is, while still giving myself freedom to have fun and try new things.

So many of you have been following this series with me for years – thank you!  I apologize for my absence and inconsistency lately, but my real life (kids, husband, homeschool, work) took priority, as it should, and required me to step back from this space for a little bit.  I’m sure you can relate!

But I’m back, sharing some outfits from the last couple months, and some more recent – enjoy!  and as always, link up with me below your own fashion posts, and be sure to check out others’.

Just before Thanksgiving, I found a few dresses that I knew would be great through the holidays – not too dressy, not too holiday-y, and could be worn a few different ways.

target dress


This one felt the most “holiday-ish” because of the metallic gold details, but the long sleeves and high neck made it feel really casual to me, too.  And its super comfy!  I wore this for our New Year’s Eve party (that I didn’t get a single picture of – boo).  I wore it with opaque black tights and black t-strap heeled clogs.  Shoot – its not available online anymore!

target dress


This one I didn’t end up wearing for an event, but wore it for a date night and for church.  It feels a little shorter than I’d normally wear, but the high neck and longer sleeves make it feel more conservative, so it balanced out.  I also wore this with opaque black tights, which makes showing legs feel less showy.  This dress isn’t available anymore online, but still in some stores – go check yours in the clearance section!

target dress

This dress I love!  The girls and I joked that it was a bit “witchy”, but so pretty and flattering on.  I wore this for our work Christmas party with bare legs and pointy-toe heels with an ankle strap.  Its no longer available online, but is in some stores.  Here’s something similar.

what i wore at the pleated poppy

earrings // shirt {similar} // vest // jeans {similar & similar} // shoes

Yes, I am really into this pale pink/blush color!  I am so drawn to it right now!  We have the weirdest weather right now – 40* in the morning, 75* in the afternoon – how do you dress for that?!  (ps – the vest also comes in an amazing mustardy-olivey color)

This striped shirt has been a favorite of mine for years!  I got it at forever 21 and then found its almost-twin at shein, but even that is no longer available!

The vest is newish from Old Navy.  I don’t wear it a ton because if I’m cold I like to keep my arms warm, too, but I love how it looks.

The jeans are also forever old and from forever 21.  After the holes got too bog for me, I patched them up with an older pair of jeans that I chopped up – I love how they turned out and wear these all the time!

White converse are my go-to.  They just work and are comfy.  I am about ready for a new pair.  When they get dirty, I toss them in the washer and dryer and they come out nice and bright, but after a couple few years of doing this the rubber sides start pulling away from the canvas.

what i wore at the pleated poppy

dress {only the red plaid is still available, here’s a similar one} // tights // boots {slightly different color than mine}

I have worn this dress so many times already!  I got it just before Thanksgiving and it is a new staple for me.  I love a good forgiving dress.

I also love a good pair of cable knit tights!  These dark charcoal ones work great, aren’t too dressy but also don’t make me feel like a little girl.  They keep my legs warm and add a bit of modesty to my slightly short dress.

I love these wedge booties (but hate the word booties!).  They look great with skinny jeans, cuffed jeans, flared jeans, and dresses.

what i wore at the pleated poppy

jacket {I love this version & it comes in a variety of colors – and this one, too!} // sweater {similar} // jeans // boots // earrings

This jacket is a standard for me.  It works with just about any outfit, and adds just enough warmth if I’m already wearing other layers.  It was a Stitch Fix find from long ago, but I still see similar styles often.  Stitch fix is hit or miss with me, which I think is actually fine.  I often only like maybe one thing from a fix, but that one thing is often a staple like this jacket, or a great pair of jeans, or sandals, and it makes all those bad fixes worth it!

The jeans are new from Old Navy.  I have a hard time getting their pants to fit right – they tend to be tight on my calves for some reason.  I don’t think I have unusually large calves?  But these pants feel like I’m pulling on a pair of leggings.  They are super soft and cozy.  They look like jeans and feel like pajamas.  I do have to wear a belt with them though because they really like to slide down my bum.  But the color is amazing!

The sweater is a simple black v-neck sweater from Target (old, sorry).  It has a thin, tight weave that can easily dress up.

And of course my Nickel & Suede earrings.  I wear a pair probably 4-5 days a week.  I love them!

what i wore at the pleated poppy

See, the jacket works again!

what i wore at the pleated poppy

sweater // jeans // boots {similar & similar}

I got this sweater at Zara a few years ago when Sean & I went to Monte Carlo – whenever I wear it, it reminds me of the trip!  I love this sweater because its thin and is a fine knit, and it has a pretty neckline.  But I can’t find anything similar to link to – sorry!

These black jeans (even though they look blue in the picture) were steals from Forever 21 – like under $10!  They have held up surprisingly well and fit great.

These boots are another favorite of mine.  For longer days, I prefer this flatter heel.

what i wore at the pleated poppy

what i wore at the pleated poppy

cardigan {similar} // shirt // jeans {similar} // boots {similar & similar} // earrings

My sister-in-law handed down this shirt (dress?) to me.  I love the look of it, but am just not sure if its right for me.  I tried to balance the brightness of the colors with neutrals.

These black jeans were another great Stitch Fix find – super slim, but with a higher waist, and super black.

The boots were inexpensive finds that are good basics, but I’ve never really loved them – I think maybe they are a little wide on my feet…  On the hunt for a great pair!

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