DIY leather tassel necklaces

diy leather tassel necklaces


i am a creative down to the core, but i don’t capture my projects as often as i’d like to because i do most of my creating at night.  night time is great for crafting but bad for blogging (no light = bad pictures).  but yesterday, when the kids were at school, i made the grown up choice to create this tutorial instead of napping (and totally regretted that decision by 3pm)!

diy leather tassel necklaces


i created these leather tassel necklaces several months ago with some left over supplies after closing my shop.  i kept a couple for myself and love to wear them layered together.  i can wear them long or short since they are adjustable.  i have been asked for a tutorial several times after wearing them in my what i wore posts.  so here you go!

diy leather tassel necklaces

you need a handful of supplies for this project.  i got this 3 pack of tools at walmart several years ago with needle nose pliers, round nose pliers, and side cutters.

diy leather tassel necklaces

you can find leather tassels all over the interwebs, but i found some here.  i got mine with antique bronze caps, but there are a couple other options.

diy leather tassel necklaces


an unnecessary addition, but super cute, i add a wire wrapped bead to the end of each necklace.  any beads will do, i just had these glass beads from walmart.

other supplies needed:

about 32″ of chain – i chose antique bronze (similar here)

2  4mm jump rings (similar here)

1  6mm jump ring (similar here)

1 head pin (similar)

1 lobster clasp (similar)

diy leather tassel necklaces


i’ll take you through step-by-step, but you can see the basic order (above) to putting together this necklace.

diy leather tassel necklaces

this requires some cooperation between your right and left hands, since you’ll need to use both the needle nose pliers and the round nose pliers (or any 2 pairs of tiny pliers).  begin by opening the smaller jump ring just enough to add the lobster clasp and one end of the chain.

diy leather tassel necklaces

once those 2 pieces are on the jump ring, close the ring using both pliers.

diy leather tassel necklaces


next take the larger jump ring and slide the tassel onto it, and the chain inside the ring, then close the jump ring.  its important that you put the chain inside the jump ring rather than a loop of the chain through the jump ring.  once the ring is closed, you want the tassel to move freely along the chain, not be stuck on one loop of the chain.

diy leather tassel necklaces


next make the wire wrapped bead.  this is a little tricky, so here’s a great tutorial, but i’ll try to walk you through it.

diy leather tassel necklaces

slide the bead onto the base of the head pin.

diy leather tassel necklaces

using the needle nose pliers, hold the wire about a 1/4″ up.

diy leather tassel necklaces

bend the wire around the pliers to form a loop.

diy leather tassel necklaces

wrap the wire tight around the pliers, tighter than i did here!

diy leather tassel necklaces

holding the needle nose pliers in one hand, take the round nose pliers and grab the end of the wire, and wrap it around the head pin, just above the bead.  then clip off any remaining wire left.

diy leather tassel necklaces

it takes a few tries to get this right, be patient.

diy leather tassel necklaces


take the smaller jump ring, open it, and add the wire wrapped bead and the end of the chain, then close the ring.

diy leather tassel necklaces

all done!  layer a couple of your favorite colors for a lightweight addition to your outfit!

diy leather tassel necklaces


let me know if you have any questions!

diy leather tassel necklaces


DIY reclaimed wood sign


my mother-in-law sent me a link a couple years ago to a blog post about a sign she wanted me to make for her.  i told her i could make it, and i did!  it only took me 2 years to make it…

well, not really.  just 2 years to start it!


sean took some reclaimed wood, assembled it into a rectangle – it was pretty big… about 2.5′ x4′.


simple wood scrap braces support the back.


i created a word document with 2 fonts: modern no. 20 & stalemate.  to save on ink i printed it as an outline only.


i layer out all the pieces of paper, connecting them with tape.


i trimmed anywhere the papers overlapped.


after several different attempts, i finally figured out the quickest way to transfer the outline to the wood:  with chalk!  i kept the top edge of each word taped in place, then flipped it up…


and coated behind the lettering by rubbing chalk on it.


i flipped it back in place and then traced the printed outline by pressing hard with a sharp pencil.




the chalk transferred right onto the wood!  it was trickier in some spots because of the heavily weathered wood we chose, but still turned out great.


i was doing this project late in the night and kind of forgot to check if i had all the supplies on hand that i needed.  i ended up mixing together several bits of bottles of white paint and used a couple super thin brushes to outline the letters, then filled in with slightly wider brushes.


after it had all dried i just dusted off the excess chalk (this pic is pre-dusting).


i added the star at the end, using a straight edge and a white colored pencil to make the lines, then coated with paint.


and here it is in its final resting place on my mother-in-law’s mantel.  until its time to pack up the christmas decor…

(this project was relatively simple, but pretty time consuming.  after the wood was assembled, the rest of the work took about 8 hours.  just a heads up!)