master bedroom inspiration

i have been craving change so much lately.  i’m not sure what’s going on with me?   i have been switching things around in the house like crazy, and as it turns out, i’m not super happy with most of my decisions.  grrr!

i’ve been slowly working on my bedroom for years, just a piece or 2 at a time, but never a full makeover.

in case you didn’t know, i’m not the type of person who decides to redo a room and then goes out and buys all new things.  um, no.  not my style at all.  first of all, money.  second, i like to buy unique items at flea markets and garage sales, and be creative with what i already have.

so here’s where i’m at:

master bedroom

these are some of the staples i already have in our room: pinched pleat comforter (similar), rug, curtains, and walnut colored wood floors.  thats what i want to keep and work with (plus all of our furniture – i like it all, in all of its randomness).

but this below, this is what i want the room to feel like.  its romantic and clean and a little rustic.

master bedroom

the top image is just what i want.  layers, wood, texture.  i’m seriously considering adding this wood to our bed wall, but the for the rest i want fresh white walls.  i have a chair sitting in the corner and would love to get it recovered, if i could ever decide on fabric.  the wood drum pendant, in a smaller version, would be awesome hanging next to the chair.  i’d love to paint our frames in a few shades of antique gold.  the antlers as jewelry holders is genius!

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lazy susan update

we have a funny situation with our dining table: because its so wide, its really hard to reach anything in the middle.  i like to keep napkins out with salt & pepper, but to get to them the kids have to climb onto the table.  not my favorite.

PicMonkey Collage

i picked up this large lazy susan at the thrift store almost a year ago, waiting for the prefect… something… to put on top of it.  turns out i had that perfect something hanging from my wall already!




i picked up this metal tray at a flea market last year.  i think it was actually a table top for a small table.  it fit perfectly on top of the lazy susan!


my best friend gave me this old tool caddy for my birthday because she knew i’d love it and find some quirky use for it.  it currently holds our napkins and s&p shakers.


our table’s finish is starting to wear off so we use coasters every once in awhile at the table, so on went the coasters.  another friend made those for me years ago. i know, i have great friends!


and then i finished with a hydrangea from the garden popped in a mason jar!


now we can all actually reach the items in the middle of the table!