summer bbq


with the summer nearing the end (today is our first day of school!), we decided to host a bbq with a few other families from our neighborhood.  we are blessed with awesome neighbors!  having something on the calendar is always good motivation for me to clean the house, and this time the backyard, too!  silas was my little workhorse this day.  he asked me to pay him $15 an hour.  we negotiated down to $3.

i went simple and summery with my decor:  a rainbow of bandanas for napkins, white plates, hydrangeas in mason jars, all on top of layered white table cloths.


we pulled a few pillows from our porch couch to soften up the fireplace since we were going to have a fire once the evening cooled down.


i set up a little drink station on our potting bench to make serving yourself easy.


and i’m still kicking myself for not taking any pictures during the gathering!  we had a great night, good food, and lots of fun!



if you ever want a good laugh & some pure entertainment, just put pharell’s “happy” song on youtube and it will make. your. night.


oh yeah, and you have to have kids to do the funny part.


here’s the deal:  my girlfriend told me how their family watches that music video and her son (same age as silas) loves to dance to it and try to imitate all the moves.   so cute, right?  well, silas and the girls did the same exact thing and it was awesome!  seriously some of the hardest laughing sean and i have done in a long time!


while first time was definitely the funniest, we’ve done it a few more times and it just makes me smile.  and who can’t use a good smile?  can i get an amen?


this time just the girls were getting their groove on.  as my online friend emily pointed out to me, our kids are just at the sweet spot – such great ages.  i so enjoy sitting back and watching them be silly and goofy and getting little glimpses of looking like big kids.


we’re kind of a dance party family.  we always have music playing, pretty much from once we wake up each day.  so when a good song hits we tend to make total goofs of ourselves and have a dance party with the kids.  its pretty awesome.  and they’re not too embarrassed of us.  yet.



the girls are sporting adorable new t-shirts ℅ the talking shirt, a company founded by a mommy tired of tees with rude/snarky/inappropriate sayings on them!  she also has two little girls and wanted them to spread a positive message wherever they went.  i love that idea!



the colors and prints of the shirts are super cute, but i also love the cut – not boxy, but not tight fitting either.


the talking shirt is giving away a prize pack of 3 tees of the winners choice!

see rafflecopter below to enter!

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