on being known

i got some really sweet gifts from my closest girlfriends for my birthday last week!


nicole gave me the feather notebook.  she almost always gives me notebooks, which i love because i’m a notetaker and idea sketcher.  she gave me some fancy hand cream that i would’ve never treated myself to – it looks good and works amazingly!  she also gave me the #5 to add to a couple other 5’s i have.


joy gave me the vintage bingo cards in the most beautiful shade of teal with bits of red, and the old tool caddy.


but my favorite part?  the tool caddy was filled with my favorite treats that joy makes: blondies!

the best gift of all was that they made me feel known.

nicole knows i love making lists.  she knows my hands are always overused and neglected.  she knows my love for chippy paint and family-centric decor.

joy knows i love vintage and distressed finds with history!  she also knows my love for color and whimsical decorating.  and she knows that they way to my heart is through my stomach.  with blondies.  always blondies.

these girls know my likes and dislikes, but they also know my highs and lows.  they’ve walked with me in the valleys and celebrated with me on the peaks.  they know my failures and love me anyway.  and when i fail hard, they bring me blondies.

thank you girls, for knowing me.

dee’s house tour!

hey friends!  i love featuring fellow artists and dee from red letter words is one of my favorites!  i think one of the best ways to get to know someone is by their home, and dee has been kind enough to give us a tour of hers!  she and her family just relocated from michigan to texas and i don’t know about you, but i am shocked at how lived in her home looks already!  here we go….
we moved to Texas from Michigan 8 weeks ago.
we bought our house online and I didn’t see our house until we moved in!  yikes!  a little nerve wrecking – but we love it.
the front door – it’s always open! – I’m a fan of the drop in:)


when you walk in you can either go straight into the living room, turn right into the office (which is our boys lego/play room) or turn left into the formal dining room – (which we use as our game room:) – there is almost always some sort of game going on in here.


this is the wall opposite the windows in the game room – we keep all the board games in the black armoire.


from the game room (since its a formal dining room) you can walk straight into the kitchen – past the cupboards and giant island is our eating space it goes out to a covered patio and pool!


My daughter Katy made that Austin skyline art for my birthday – she’s 16 so she went and had a piece of wood cut at Home Depot, painted it and then drew the skyline – I love it!
the room off the eating area is the guest room – it’s light and bright – one of my favorite rooms!
Tim and the boys made the headboard out of pallet boards, the art is a vintage paint by number, the waves print from my shop and the oil beach painting we commissioned last year  – it’s our favorite CA beach.
I haven’t committed to hanging everything yet – still rearranging a little.
and all those wires and routers and remotes on the night stand? – well they keep the place running:)


here’s a fun collection of stars on the wall opposite the bed – and is the inspiration for all my newest Christmas prints this year!  I keep all the kids 3-d artwork in that antique Hoosier Cabinet – there is even some of mine and Tim’s sculptures in there too!  oh the things you find when you move across the country!


you can go outside from either the guest room or the eating area – here’s another of my favorite spots – there are several trees in the backyard situated just right for a hammock garden! – Here’s one of them!


back inside we go…

when you walk back inside you go through the eating area to the living room.


then there is a hallway to our bedroom which is approximately 15 lunges to the bedroom  :)


the wall above our bed is a favorite too!


In Michigan we had a basement.  There are no basements in Texas – so upstairs is the kids rooms, a tv room and a super multi tasking office/homeschool/artsy craftsy space.
Here it is – it’s clean now – so we should document that :)
the black cabinets hold all our art supplies, the upholstered rocking chair in the corner is the one I rocked all my babies in – I will never not have it in my house:)  We recovered it a few years ago with painters drop cloths.


that old general store paper cutter is something I have been searching for 20 years.  I finally found the one in Round Top TX a few weeks ago.
here’s a close up  – the middle dowel is supposed to hold another paper roll – but I put washi tape and jute string there instead – see the eye loop there to tie your scissors and the slot you can keep them in?  well – someone has untied the string and left with the scissors! – I cannot find them anywhere – sometimes I hide them myself and forget where they are.


on the opposite wall is a shelf holding lots of miscellaneous stuff I have yet to hang, a giant map and a door to an outside patio.


we love this space!!!
so do we, dee!  thanks so much for opening your home to us!
and since we always want to know where the goodies come from, here’s a super thorough source list:
– living room –
 globes,  tin plaid picnic baskets and vintage picnic baskets, paint by number of the Last Supper, tea crate end table – all found items at various antique and vintage stores
pillows:  pottery barn and Dwellings (a super cute design studio in Grand Rapids MI)
green chairs:  dwellings
art on mantle: 1st thursdays art walk – Laguna Beach
– hallway to bedroom –
large 40×40 Print of Hebrews 10:23 – custom print for  my family – www.redletterwords.com
I will never not have this scripture in our home – its been a favorite for a long time and one we’ve clung to at many different points in our lives
lamp in hallway:  my favorite – we’ve had it forever – Tim and I found it over 20 years ago, painted it and made it pretty again:)
– bedroom –
picture frame: leftover from Tim’s photography studio days – I was in charge of all the window displays so when we sold the photography studio 8 years ago I kept some of the frames until I could use them.
mounted photographic prints: my husband’s shop 
lamp: Dwellings
pillows: pottery barn and Target
– upstairs homeschool room –
 rugs: Ikea and I can’t remember??
 table with paper cutter:- Round Top TX antique fair
 chairs: collected over the years
 black furniture: we’ve had for years – we direct ordered it from North Carolina! – I think even before the internet!! gasp:)
orange pillow: anthropologie
 most all accessories have been collected during our travels – we’ve been going to antique shows and auctions for over 20 years together:) – so I don’t have any links for most everything
 20×20 gallery wrap canvas with heart shaped instagram with pictures from our trip to Italy: my husband’s shop –www.colorincprolab.com
Italy map – I schlepped it back on the plane along with a bunch of other stuff:)
 white cabinet: Dwellings, black shelf pottery barn- forever ago!
 map! – @contentedsparrow gave it to me!!:)
– game room –
 rug: Dwellings
chairs: world market
chairs on wall: various antique fairs, collected over time – most have been used in product shots for red letter words
round table: pottery barn – at least 10 years ago – I’m thinking of repainting it – but can’t decide on a color
dice + dominoes: pottery barn long, long ago
games 20×20 gallery wrap: I made these way back:)
yellow tray?: no idea
art on wall: garage sale – I loved it so I had it framed
– kitchen table –
 austin art: made by my daughter
Behold print: my shop 
Table: ordered from James + James in nw arkansas 
– guest room –
waves print: my shop
not only is dee’s home beautiful, but so is her shop!
dee has generously offered 25% off your entire cart with code poppy25 – WOW!