house tour {nicole’s home}, part 1

remember, long ago, when i had a fellow crafty friend here to guest post for me once in awhile?  and she had a beautiful home that she shared with you all and we all drooled like crazy over it?  and then she sold that house?

well, guess what?!  she and her husband have built another house and this one just might be even more amazing!  get your pinning fingers ready (especially in the kitchen and dining room!).

nicole wanted to go for a farmhouse style and i think she hit the nail on the head, especially when you look at the garage (grey washed building on the right of the house)!  they are still pretty freshly new into this house and a few things still needed to be finished, like adding the shutter-type things on the side of the garage/barn windows.

chalkboard and bench on the front porch. she got made the black & white stripe not so stark by using the backside of the fabric – genius!

here’s the family room, just off the front door – cozy, family-friendly, perfect.  you’re going to love nicole’s style – its a funky mix of vintage, modern, and farm-style.  wall color:  woodrow wilson putty, valspar from lowe’s – fabulous neutral, i’ve used it in a couple homes before.

she has a huge ottoman that she just adds a different cover seasonally, sometimes its just a throw, like this plaid one, or other times its a fabulous piece of fabric tailored to fit.

the barn doors over the mantle cover the tv opening.  the windows on either side are filled with mercury glass pieces.

the chair is a great garage sale find painted a fun green, and recovered in a classic damask.

how pretty is the milk glass lamp?

you can see in this picture the piano top decorated a little differently!

i love how she used this sliver of a wall creatively and packed it full of pictures!

ahhhh, the kitchen!  nicole knows how to do kitchens oh so well!  when i first walked in here i literally had my breath taken away!  it is so beautiful.  every single little detail.

the fridge will soon be covered in chalkboard paneling – so fun!

the kids’ stool painted orange is a beautiful contrast to the turquoise island.

nicole had a piece of the countertop cut to fit next to her sink as a chopping block.

you know i love the paneled ceiling (i have it in my house, too).  the family distressed the wood floors themselves, along with a group of friends – they just went at it with chains and nails and spoons – whatever could make an impression!

do you see that sink? so pretty!

the rug is actually 2 rugs from urban outfitters sewn together, thrown over a yoga mat – nice and comfy for standing at the sink.  again, genius.

and can you see under the cabinets?  it looks like it, but there is a black piece of wood just behind the legs so it looks like a free standing piece.

oh the turquoise island again.  i swear i will do this one day in my own home – its just the whole actually doing it that is holding me back.

the cabinet under the drawer is a pullout trash unit – for trash and recycles.

this is where nicole’s 4 kids eat many of their meals – this is the heart of their home.

take in that whole stove area.  on either side are nooks holding all sorts of kitchen goodies.

such a beautiful stove!  see why my breath was taken away?  and yes, nicole has a healthy collection of anthropologie tea towels.  no, i’m not jealous one little bit.  *ahem*

taking advantage of every space, a wine rack is perfect above the fridge.  but what i love even more is the chicken wire in place of glass fronts on the upper-most cabinets.

this seat is a little slice of heaven.  i spent many hours sitting here in this seat, covered in pillows made from tea towels.

do you see inside the cabinets?  behind all the fabulous dishes?  yellow!  they had the interiors of the cabinets painted the same as my yellow dresser, french pale gold, by behr.  i am going to shamelessly copy this, too.

and on either side of the playroom entry are her pantries, one of them holding her microwave.

and that little peak into her playroom/schoolroom is all you’re going to get because all my pictures were terrible!

that will have to do for now, but i’ll share more soon!

*   *   *   *   *

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what i wore wednesday {and a visitor!}

for those of you new here, what i wore wednesday isn’t really a record of just what i wore on wednesdays, but originally started as an accountability tool to show what i wore every day, to motivate myself to get out of my sweats and pjs and get dressed – even if i wasn’t leaving the house!  so many of you have joined up with me on this and it is really working, is it not?

so last week i decided to pose a challenge – choose something out of your closet that you haven’t worn in a long time and try to make it new again, try mixing it up with something you’ve never tried.  uh, this was really hard!  through this process i have definitely thinned out my closet a bit in finding things that i just could not make work!

the item in question is the pari of khakis.  i haven’t worn them in a couple few years.  khaki is a really hard color for me to figure out – i know its a classic, but what does it go with?  i felt like this outfit was super blah and will not be wearing it again.  plus, the pants don’t fit me as well as they used to – they are shorter since they don’t sit as low on my waist as they used to.  good thing i’m on day 10 of the 30 day shred!

top & sandals – target

khakis – old navy

green tank under – old navy

bracelet – gift

necklace – lisa leonard designs

my sister-in-law was visiting and my photographer for a few days!

dress, tank, sandals – target

sweater – banana republic

necklace – crystal b. *love*

its back to school time and this is what all the teachers are wearing… in my house, at least!

shirt & jeans – forever 21

sandals – gap

bracelet – stacy lynn

hey! stop climbing on your sister, errrr class mate!

headband – just.lovely.things.

necklace – gift from my mom


so are you ready for this week’s challenge?

thrifting!  wear something that you have bought at a thrift store, or if thats not your style, let’s go for your absolute best deals you ever found.

here to give you a crash course on thrifting is my new friend abbie, from five days… 5 ways.


Hello, Pleated Poppy readers!

Excited does not begin to describe how I feel about getting to chat with you guys today on Lindsey’s awesome blog! Thank you, Lindsey!

Before I tell you a little about myself, I thought you might want to know that I’m hosting a Pleated Poppy giveaway, and you can find out all of the details here.

See? I have my priorities straight!

And now that you’re back…Hi there! My name is Abbie, and I’m a thriftaholic.

Whew! I feel better now that’s off my chest. I missed my Thiftaholics Anonymous meeting this week, but this is kind of like a (really big!) group session, right?


In addition to being a hardcore thrifter, I’m also a follower of Jesus, a wife, a mama to three kiddos under six, an exercise instructor, a writer, and a DIY fanatic.

Oh yeah. And I run not one but two blogs (I think that makes me a blogamist):

1. Five days…5 ways, my everyday blog where I like creating thrifty projects like these:


2. Secondhand or Bare Bottom—my smart-mouthed style blog where everything I wear or carry (accessories, bags, shoes, everything) is 100% thrifted.

Obsessed much? Why, yes, I am.

Today, I’m here to share with you my tips for finding thrifted outfits so that instead of this:


You like?

I know for some of you this is what comes to mind when you think “thrifted,” especially Goodwill!


There was no way I could pass up an attempt at “The Elaine” while I was wearing this get-up. And yes, I did pay good money for these things at Goodwill. Good thing they have a 7 day exchange policy, huh?

You get this:


Or is it this?:


One of these outfits is 100% thrifted, and one is 100% retail. Can you tell which is which? Because if you can’t tell the difference, you shouldn’t have to pay for it.

Today is actually the inaugural post of a new series I’m starting on my Wardrobe Wednesday posts at Five days…5 ways.

It’s called Thrifted or Grifted.

Thrifted: (adj.): previously loved and ridiculously cheap…aka Secondhand

Grifted: {(adj.): swindled or cheated…aka Retail

And yes, I know that not all retail is a swindle. I’m a happy clearance rack browser myself, but it makes the title rhyme, so I’m going with it.

The coolest part?

Thrifted or Grifted is interactive! Just click on the link and place your vote for which of the above outfits you think is thrifted and which is retail. I’ll post the tally and and reveal which is which before my 5 Things Thursday tomorrow!

So, how DO you score awesome thrifted finds?**

1) Go early, go often, and go long. My specialty is Goodwill, and I like to go on Mondays/Tuesdays in the morning because they’ve had time to get themselves organized from the weekend rush. DON’T go on a Saturday at 11 or you’ll get nothing but picked-over racks and a headache. I usually go once a week if I’m doing “focused” shopping or once a month if I’m just browsing. Frequency definitely yields better results. I hardly ever get out of there in less than two hours (with three munchkins in tow), but one hour could produce some pretty fantastic deals.

2) In the case of Goodwill, ignore the racks that are always there at first, and, if your store has them, start with the ones they roll out on the floor every 45 minutes or so. Some stores will even make announcements when they roll out new racks so you can do your best Usain Bolt impression beating all the other bargain-obsessed chicks to that adorable Anthropologie skirt huddled behind those maroon pleated polyester pants from 1984.

3) Don’t be afraid to haggle. Most thrift-store items are reasonably priced to begin with, but many times, the items are priced by separate people in the back who sometimes get bitten by the random bug and pop a $10 price tag on a pair of cute-but-hardly-worth-it flip-flops. If you find something you think is overpriced, don’t be afraid to ask management to lower it. Especially if you have a comparable item that is already marked lower that you can show them. Also, learn which stores have bargain days. Stores like Salvation Army often have brown bag days specials when everything you can fit in one bag is one low price.

4) If you find something you love that has a flaw, ask yourself these two questions: 1) Can I fix it/how long will it take me?, and 2) How much can I get them to lower the price because of the flaw? If the answers are A) Yes/not too long, and B) Enough that it’s dirt-cheap…buy it and turn it into a project!

5) What about shoes? Aren’t they gross?—Shoes can be tricky for the germ/other people’s feet averse. I’m not really one of those, but I only buy the ones that are in great condition, and I keep a big, fat can of Lysol waiting for them when I get home!

**Disclaimer: I neither hold a degree in thrifting nor have I taken an online course. The above are just some methods that work for me.

Here’s a glimpse of a portion of my Goodwill shoe collection:


And here are of some of my favorite 100% thrifted outfits that I’ve put together:


Have I convinced you to give thrifting a shot, yet? It’s quite the thrill when you score that mint condition Marc Jacobs skirt (it’s right there in the bottom left corner of the collage) for $4.

You’ll be hooked in no time!

Which means that I’ll be seeing you at the next Thrifters Anonymous meeting! I’ll save a cookie for you.

Oh, and I really hope I get to “meet” you in person at Five days…5 ways and/or Secondhand or Bare Bottom. I’d love to have you by for a visit!


thanks so much abbie!  you have inspired me to give this a shot, but i think i’ll take baby steps and go without my kids first!

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