DIY moose silhouette pillow

diy moose silhouette pillow

i saw this pillow at target and loved it, but wanted to make my own version!  i was already incorporating this plaid fabric into our christmas decor, so i decided to use some for a simple pillow.  i had also been saving up some high quality felt for a couple years for just the right project.  its a sickness i know. #fabrichoarder

diy moose silhouette pillow

i copied my inspiration pillow as much as possible, but also used a simple google search for “moose silhouette images” for reference.

diy moose silhouette pillow

i sketched on parchment paper since it was the closest thing to tracing paper that i had.

diy moose silhouette pillow

i put the moose silhouette over the felt, and pinned it all over.

diy moose silhouette pillow

i used really sharp scissors to get it cut out, and tiny ones for the tight spaces.

diy moose silhouette pillow

i was using an 18″ x 18″ pillow form, so i cut the plaid fabric to 18 1/2″ x 18 1/2″, and stitched the silhouette to the plaid.  i had to stitch really closely to the edge, and also walk the needle slowly around the tight corners.

diy moose silhouette pillow

i was so excited to get this pillow made that i forgot to take any pictures!  here’s a great tutorial for making a zippered pillow.

diy moose silhouette pillow

and now this little guy lives on our couch!

the pleated poppy_moose pillow tutorial

i’ve made a little pdf for you if you’d like to try this on your own.  my moose is a little bigger than the pdf, so you may want to enlarge it a bit.

click here for the pdf.




luxe lodge christmas wreath



like i said yesterday, i believe the wreath on a door is like the invitation to a party:  it gives the visitor a taste of what to expect inside!


this was my first attempt at a wreath. blah.

i bought a styrofoam wreath and wrapped strips of fabric left over from my moose pillow, hot gluing the ends down on the back side.  then i borrowed some of the all white pom poms the kids have been making and tied them onto the wreath.  i really wanted something glitzy so i added little bits of tinsel and sparkly acorns.

 i knew something was wrong about it, but i just couldn’t figure out what it was.  so i put it out to my friends on instagram and Facebook.  well… turns out i have many opinionated friends – 137 of them to be exact!  i got so much input and great ideas!  most common critiques: fatten the wreath, add green, no acorns, spread out the pom poms, ditch the tinsel.


so i did just that!  i took an old plain pine wreath i already had, spread all the branches until the wire form was exposed beneath it, and smashed the plaid wreath on top of it.  i used thick black wire to attach the styrofoam wreath to the pine one, using long pieces of the wire twisted tight in the back.  i tried to “hide” the black wire where the black plaid parts were.  another option would’ve been to use fishing line to be more hidden.


now that the wreath was thicker, the pom poms made more sense, so i just spread them out a bit, and added a sparkly snowflake in the mix.


to add a woodsy element, i tucked a branch under the plaid wreath.  and because i’m loving gold and glitter spray paint, i added a little sparkle to the tips of all the branches!


and here it is!  isn’t she pretty?