Christmas cards with Minted

each year, i love pouring through our christmas cards from friends and family far and near. we keep them out all season as decor on a cork board in the center of our great room. when christmas is over, i gather all the photos together and hole punch them and put them on a loose-leaf ring to keep them together. it’s so fun to see how families grow and change over the year.

i rarely get around to sending our own cards. eek!! i know. i’m one of those “thanks for the card but i’m too busy to send mine” people. and we only take family pictures every few years.  every year i tell myself, “this is the year i will send out cards!”, but it just seems that i can’t get around to sending them out.  for the last 10 years. #shame

this year will be different! i’ve been browsing minted and they have so many amazing designs that are modern and keepsake worthy! so for all of you who are running behind on your christmas cards, i’ve picked my favorites to share with you!


jingly holiday  + aglow foil-pressed + whimsical branches

simply happy holidays + bright future + merry christmas ’59 + crafty floral

winter botanicals + modern palette + most elegant wreath + joyfully simple

glaze foil-pressed (joy) + festive christmas + very joyful foil-pressed 

click the link to your favorite, insert a great photo, and done! plus you can get FREE recipient addressing, so they arrive in the mail to you just needing a stamp. i can do stamps. actually … the kids can do the stamps. ;)

and while i’m at it, this personalized gift wrap is calling my name. i can’t decide on my favorite! the wreath with the photo is adorable but i also love the non traditional black floral print too! too many choices!!!


still slacking on your cards? the fine folks at minted want to help!!!

TWO (2) winners will receive $125 towards their purchase on minted! that’s a lot of cards and giftwrap or whatever else your heart desires! woo hoo! entry is easy, just enter your name. that’s it. you have time for that!

contest button

hurry- this giveaway ends on wednesday, december 16th!

good luck and merry christmas!!!

family olympics

several years ago sean & i came up with the idea of family olympics for his side of the family.  we alternate holidays with them so we always do it the day after thanksgiving or the day after christmas, depending on which holiday we’re all together.  really, it was our secret ploy to get his whole family to commit an entire day together, without the pull of other family or friends.  for the most part, our plan has worked… heeheehee ;)

each year the olympics change, but a few things stay the same.  we always start by dividing into 2 teams, trying to find an equal balance, and splitting up couples.  then we choose super wacky names.  this year we let the youngest team members choose the names and they came up with “team popsicles vs team starburstses”.  and team rivalry is big!

family olympics

we always start the same.  we gather in the park across the street from his parents house and begin by singing the national anthem.  its pretty loud & obnoxious!

then uncle vito leads us in extremely unconventional stretching (think finger stretches and breathing exercises).


we all contribute ideas for games.  bring back favorites and introducing new games is so much fun!

here’s the round up of this year’s games:


basketball free throws




swing long jump


balance beam/”log roll”


soccer penalty kicks


most lacrosse passes in 2 minutes


flying a quad copter & landing it closest to the mark


gift card shoot-out (not necessarily part of the olympics, but something the adult children do in lieu of a gift exchange)


name that tune


fast track shoot out


vaseline on the nose, picking up pompoms


tictac shake – can only shake side to side, first to empty both cartons wins.  you MUST see this video!

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 9.34.01 PM

tossing cheetos onto shaving cream covered shower cap – most cheetos wins!

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 9.34.45 PM

musical chairs


narrowed down to sean & i – i won!

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 9.32.04 PM

mini golf

we had a few other games i didn’t get pictures of – oops!

this is an ALL-DAY function for our family and its so fun!  we usually start late morning at the park, head back to the house for lunch, then do more games until dinner time.  we usually end with pizzas and once we even headed to the bowling alley after!

do you have any fun family rituals you do?  share!