exciting news!

its always fun to start a post like that, right?!  and i’ll just stop you right there.  no.  i am not pregnant.  i know you were thinking that!

sean and i have been eyeing some property for quite awhile now, even before it was up for sale.  its right next door to some good friends of ours, which is a sweet bonus.  it has a breathtaking view, is close to downtown, in a great neighborhood, and is a little more than 1.5 acres… so much that makes it appealing!

i’ve been daydreaming about building again for awhile.  i love our home.  i really do.  and i’d be happy to stay here forever.  but my wheels have been spinning  with ideas for a new building project (see this board)!   when we heard that this property may come up for sale, we felt like this was it.  this is what we had been day dreaming about.  we were told originally that this property wouldn’t be sold for quite awhile – it was in a trust and some issues needed to be worked through first (trust issues – ha!).  so we decided to stop thinking about it, but it in the back of our minds, and move on.  and then so soon after we had readjusted our mindset, they decided to move forward quickly and sell!

this is a great property and we would be so excited to have it, but its definitely not ours yet.  lots of other people want it as well.  so we wait and see if this is what God has planned for us.  we have decided to pray BIG because God does big things.  and we’ve been asking that He is really clear.  that doors will be clearly shut or clearly open.  and so far, we’ve had all open doors.

i am so excited about the idea of designing a home again, about what i’d do the same, about what i’d do differently.  and about documenting the whole process here!

so, yes, this is all super exciting, stressful, unsettling… and it means we have to sell our home if we get this property.  and that is why i haven’t been blogging much lately.  we’ve been maniacally finishing all the little & big projects we’ve been meaning to do for years (like stuccoing our back yard fireplace).  and clearing out the extra clutter and personal items from all around the house (no easy task to  do!).  here are a bunch of my most recent house pics for your viewing pleasure ;)  maybe i’ll do a more official house tour post soon…



























(i decluttered quite a bit more after these pics)

our house went on the market yesterday.  yikes!!!!  we have already had several people viewing the house (and for the record, it is so hard to get 3 kids off to school and maintain a home that looks like no one lives there!).  so, anyone interested in moving to san luis obispo, california and buying my home?  for reals.  if you or anyone you know is seriously interested, you can email me and i’ll send you the listing link.  its hard to find a move-in ready home in our town, plus a large yard, within walking distance of downtown, with a separate guest space to boot, so our space is pretty unique in that way.  my email is info@thepleatedpoppy.com.

repurposed vintage storage

i’m a big fan of multitasking, even when it comes to items in my home!  even though my aesthetic has been changing a bit, leaning more towards the modern, i still have a huge place in my heart (and my home) for vintage pieces.

repurposed vintage storage

i also love it when i can come up with creative storage ideas that work as well as they look, so repurposing vintage pieces for storage is something i do often in my home.

repurposed vintage storage

i think its practical to have our most used items easily accessible.  we use tea towels and dish cloths a lot in our home, so why not have them at hand in a pretty way?  after years of looking, i found this vintage scale with a hanging basket that holds my towels just above the kitchen sink.



repurposed vintage storage

this is my newest repurposed piece, and it might just work harder than any other piece i have!  i have lots of fun jewelry that i like to change out daily, so i also like to have it all within view to make my decisions easier.  i’ve had this fishing tackle box for a few years and always wanted to show off its pretty interior color, and now i can since it holds all of my earrings and bracelets perfectly!

repurposed vintage storage

this solution can really be made with any dish or container, but why not with pretty vintage milk glass?  i do a lot of my work while sitting in bed (hashtag rough life), so its nice to have all the little cords i use right at hand.  i keep a charger, earbuds, and my camera cord in there, along with a couple pens and some hand cream.  all to keep me from getting out of bed ;)

repurposed vintage storage

i scored this vintage laundromat cart several years ago and i love the versatility it offers.  we now use it as a catchall for our blankets we use most often but we’ve also used it to hold all of our family games.

repurposed vintage storage

vintage luggage has a variety of uses, but i use a few of my favorites to hold my wrapping supplies.  this particular suitcase holds my wrapping paper, and another holds gift boxes and gift bags.  we’re short on storage closets in our house, so getting creative with certain storage items gets tricky.

repurposed vintage storage

when you have colorful craft supplies, its fun to see them all at once.  these locker baskets corral my yarn, ribbons and fabric scraps.

repurposed vintage storage

i have several wood boxes that i use throughout the house.  this old fruit crate was previously in the kitchen holding cook books and a stack of vintage tablecloths.  now that silas is reading every night, it works great as a bedside table for him to easily access some of his favorites.

repurposed vintage storage

while this is not technically vintage, this is one of my very favorite storage solutions!  when we created new storage in our garage, we had no need for this tool chest anymore.  but it seemed like the perfect addition to a boy’s room!  its been a bedside table for a long time, but now it sits in silas’ room and acts as storage for all those miscellaneous toys, from marbles to nerd guns.  and its pretty much indestructible ;)

repurposed vintage storage

this vintage plant stand has been everything but a plant stand for me!   it sits in the kids bathroom just barely in reach of the potty in case of toilet paper emergencies.

repurposed vintage storage

i was given this awesome tool caddy for my birthday and it holds a couple stacks of napkins and our salt & pepper shakers on our dining table – i love it!

repurposed vintage storage

our beloved yellow dresser no longer sits in our entry way (the girls have it in their room now), but when it wasn’t holding clothes, it held all the kids’ art supplies and train tracks.  i love thinking of new uses for old items and making them work best for where our family is at right now.

do you have any creative uses for vintage items?  share in the comments!