Yes, Please: Target

If you’re like me, you go into Target with a list in hand, and walk out with a whole lot more than what was on your list!  We’ll call it a blessing and a curse ;)

There are times when I’m in a hurry and I can get in and out with mostly just the things on my list.  I love seeing what other people buy, so I thought you might, too!

pink cardigan

I have this cocoon cardigan and love it!  It runs a little large – I have a an XS and it’s roomy.  The pink is the prettiest blush color and super flattering.

Now on to the homegoods…

black herringbone wrapping paper

I grabbed a roll of this Hearth & Hand black herringbone wrapping paper after Christmas and love that I can also use it year round!  It definitely worked well with my Christmas decor this year, but it could be great for birthdays as well with just a few bright pompoms on top!

stoneware pitcher

This simple stoneware pitcher was under the tree for me this year.  There’s a good chance I bought it for myself…  I’ve been keeping it in the middle of our dining table, holding a few eucalyptus branches (sprigs?).  Its simple and modern, and just really pretty at a great price!

As you may know, we’re in a rental until we build our next home (more on that later).  I have put off  updating anything in this house for so long because its temporary and I’d rather wait until we’re in the next house before I purchase anything home-y.  Then I decided that was stupid.  I have been completely uninspired living here, and have decided after 2 years, I am finally going to do something about it!  Our bathrooms (we have 2 identical ones – upstairs and downstairs), are blah and boring, and our old, dingy towels and bath mats weren’t doing them any favors.  So off to Target I went.

target bath rug For my bathroom, that I share with Sean and Silas, I went with this bath mat (above).  I just read a review (I bought it in store, and we’ve already used it) that said the grey bleeds quite a bit into the white – darn!  I’ll try to wash it in cold and see how it does…

We already had these dark grey towels and a white shower curtain.

For the girls’ bathroom, which is also the main bathroom in the house, I went with something a little sweeter and softer.

pink and white bath mat

I chose this bath mat.  Unfortunately, its fluffier than our last bath mat and doesn’t fit under the door that opens on to it – grrr!  So it looks like I have another project to add to my list: trim the bottom of bathroom door.

macrame shower curtain

And this shower curtain.  The macrame details are even prettier in person!

My mother-in-law just gave us new white towels, so they are going in the girls’ bathroom for now.  I plan on painting both bathrooms soon because the pale lemon-lime that they are now is killing me slowly. #deathbybadwallcolor

pink pillow

pink tassel pillow

I also got a couple new pillows for our couches (here and here).  Clearing the house of all the sparkly Christmas decor leaves the space feeling a bit blah, and adding in a couple pillows with a bit of color did the trick!

wool area rug

I also just ordered this rug for our living room, and I’ll let you know if it works out!

You can get 20% off most home items with code HOMEREFRESH – woohoo! (offer expires 1/18)

So what’s your favorite find at Target lately?  Are you more of an in-store shopper or online?

front door update

front door paint

did you know i used to be a painter?  midway through college i interned as a faux finisher that eventually turned into a short-lived career (maybe 4 years total).  it was a really fun job, being creative and active everyday.  to keep busy, i’d often take on small jobs for friends.  a memorable one was the red powder room.  we chose a deep red, and i knew it would need a few coats of paint because reds can be tricky – they don’t get to their intended intensity until they’ve had really good coverage.  after 5 or 6 coats of paint and still not getting past the hot pink phase, i think we changed directions and went for a simple taupe!  sometimes red is just not the right choice!

IMG_4219 (1)

all that to say, using red paint can be tricky, and always needs several coats.  one of the first things i noticed about our house when we first saw it were the red front doors.  while i love a front door that stands out, this one stood out for all the wrong reasons.  despite the great shape and style of the doors, what i noticed most was the horrible paint job and hot pink/reddish color.  only one coat of red was added to previously white doors and, well, it definitely made an impression, just not necessarily the first impression that i think was intended.


when Decoart reached out to me with an offer to try out their new line of exterior home decor paint, Americana Decor Curb Appeal, it was just the motivation i needed to finally paint our front door.  as a renter, often the feeling is that my hands are tied as far as making changes goes.  but paint can make a huge difference for a very minor investment.  in fact, this project would cost less than $10!

black front doors

these are some of the pictures i drew inspiration from.

front door paint

i chose Colonial Black because i love a dark front door.  plus the house is a dark beige color and the black really stands out nicely against it.  not to mention my slight fear of color…

door colors

but if you aren’t afraid of color, there are 21 great colors to choose from!

front door paint

i used less than 1 bottle of paint for this project (both doors!), and only 2 coats in some areas.  the paint was so thick and gave really good coverage!  i had been telling my 11 year old daughter, lily, that i wanted to paint those front doors for the last year, so when we finally got the paint, she offered to help.  and by help, she did almost the entire project for me!  i walked her through the steps of painting and she did an amazing job, leaving me with just a few touch-ups and a few of the more difficult spots.  the paint dried really quickly, so we were able to do a second coat (really in just a couple spots) after an hour, and close our front door within just a couple hours.

front door paint
one of the more difficult parts of painting a door is doing the parts in the right order.  as you can see by our door’s previous paint job, painting with the direction of the grain of the wood is pretty important.

front door paint

start with painting the recessed areas first (1), then the flat panels (2).  i like to paint the shorter raised panels in the direction of the grain (3), then the longer ones (4).  for the window pane dividers (5), i almost never tape the glass off.  it takes so long and is really hard to get accurate and in the tight corners, plus its really easy to scrape any paint from the windows with a flat razor blade.  i finish with the longest flat panels (6), always keeping with the direction of the grain.

front door paint

also, using the right brush is important.  my favorite brushes are made by purdy, and i especially like the angled brushes.  we used a 2 inch angled brush for this whole project.  brush care is also really important.  as tempting as it is to dip the whole brush in paint to not have to reload as often, dipping just the bottom 1/2 inch or so is ideal to keep the bristles nice.  plus its much easier to clean when the project is done.  this paint cleans up easily with just water and a teeny drop of soap.

front door paint

i am so pleased with the finished product and how quick & easy it was!

diy front door makeover


  (click the image above for where to purchase)

this post was sponsored by Decoart, but all opinions are my own.  i have been a fan of Decoart paints for years and use them often in my home.  when you support my sponsors, it supports me – thank you!