clipboard wall art


 this past weekend i had a couple big projects i wanted to tackle,  plus several things i really needed to do.  so naturally, i started with something completely off my list!


when you enter our home, you are presented with 2 options:  go up, or go down.  the entry way is a landing with 2 stairways since this house is a split level home.  i love having a designated entry, which we lacked in our last house, but the wall heading upstairs left me in a bit of a decorating pickle.


its a nice big wall, great for a statement piece of art or a collage.  the problem is that there are more stairs next to the wall.  let’s see if i can explain this:  when hanging art, you generally want the center of the art to be at average eye level.  so when you stand on the landing at the top of the stairs, your eye level is in one spot…


but then go up the stairs and the eye level was another foot higher.  hang art for one level and it looks too low, hang it for the other level, and it looks too high.  rather than hanging one big piece of art, i knew a collage would be the answer.  i could hang some pieces higher than others and the whole eye level rule can be somewhat discarded.  by the way, i’m not big on following design rules unless they make sense to me, and this one just does.  i like balance and order, and correctly placed art!

rather than doing one of my typical super busy and eclectic wall collages, i knew i wanted to go simpler but still have a big impact.


i’ve had several clipboards on hand from various homeschool projects and organization efforts.  i grabbed a couple more at the thrift store when i was there last week.


i decided where i wanted the highest point to be of the top clipboard, along with how far in i wanted it from the corner of the wall.  i marked the hanging point with a pencil, then measured the distance from the ceiling down, and from the corner in, and marked those same measurements on the other side of the wall for the second clipboard.  once i had them hung (just by small nails), i held up another clipboard to decide how i wanted the rest spaced out.  using a measuring tape and pencil, i spaced out the rest of the the boards.


i gathered all the neutral prints i had around, and printed out a couple more to complete the look.  super easy!


i subscribe to paperworks monthly and besides the super useful lists and calendars i get, i can also access all the past printables and other goodies!  {disclosure: that is an affiliate link for paperworks – you get a $5 discount, i get $5 credit. win, win!}  so when i needed a couple more prints to fill the boards, i hoped on there and had free access!

micah 6:8 //  in this house //  how great thou art (by gracie) //  ephesians 4:2 //  quote by george macdonald // life is short

what i love most about this, besides it being nearly free and taking only minutes to complete, is that it is completely changeable!  i can put up photos, or more kids art work, or change it with holidays and seasons.  yay for versatility!

clean and modern kitchen accessories

PicMonkey Collageb

over the last couple years, my style preferences have shifted slowly from bright, colorful, and eclectic to a more neutral, clean & bright, slightly more modern aesthetic.  i still have a love for vintage items, and for the most part it still works.  i’m not the type of person that makes huge changes in home decor.  i am really slow to make decisions, or i don’t make any decisions at all!

now that we have sold our house and have the hope to build a new one on the horizon (albeit a very distant horizon), i have been pinning like a madwoman, really trying to hone in one what “my style” actually is.  i am so afraid that this will be a passing phase for me, that i’ll crave pops of color again, and feel like modern is too cold for me, then ohmygoodness what have i done?!  i don’t want to build a new home based on what i like right now, but want it to be something that is still classic and can stand the test of time.  lots and lots of time.

so dream with me for a minute at these kitchens!  i see a few themes: windows and lots of them!  also white, black, stone, and metal elements.  this look can quickly go cold without the right balance.  natural materials like wood really help to warm up a space.





Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 1.59.35 PM




Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 9.33.43 PM

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my current kitchen needed a little help in the accessory department as i was having a hard time making it feel like “me” or the new me, whatever that is.  world market to the rescue!  i really love so many of their items and really love that they are affordable.  i’m not redecorating my whole house, so there’s not a big budget for making my kitchen cuter.  i stopped into world market the other night and grabbed a few items (tea towels, pepper mill and salt cellar) and i found so much more that i didn’t take home but sure did want to!  so i thought i’d share them here so you can take a peek as well!

*this post was not sponsored by world market, i just happen to love their products.  i did use some affiliate links though, so any purchases you make through those links help to support this blog – thanks!*

Copper and Wood Paper Towel Holder

Medium Olivewood Canister

Vintage Style Ribbed Glass Jar with Copper Lid

Olivewood Salt Keeper

Wood Mortar and Pestle

Acacia Wood Cutting Board with Copper Hanger

Black Villa Stripe Kitchen Towel

White Marble Salt and Pepper Mill

Wood Bark Bowl

Agate Cheese Serving Board

Round Marble and Wood Pedestal Stand

White Marble Lazy Susan

Glass Decanter with Wooden Stopper