rental house: silas’ room

boys room

as i was thinking of a post title for silas’ room makeover, i realized there really isn’t a theme to his room.  and i really don’t want there to be.  but that doesn’t really sound good: “themeless boy’s room”.  it doesn’t just roll off the tongue.  nor is it very pinnable – ha!  I think if i had to name it, it would be “modern, sporty, vintage, random boy’s room”.  again, not so pinnable.  but then i realized si’s room was very affordable.  as in i only bought one new thing.  and thats really my favorite way to decorate – i like to dig through things around my house, grab items from other rooms, and then make it all work!  honestly, i think i love the challenge of it.  i think it would be easy to grab all of the adorable boy’s room items at target (because it is all just. so. cute.), but 1) i don’t buy new things that often, and 2) its like putting together a puzzle for the first time, to make a space look good without buying new things, and still reflect the personality of Silas in the space.


and we’ve only been in this house for about 3 months, so does Silas’ room really need a makeover?  well, really it just needed a fresh start.  we had a handful of sweet kids who helped us move in, along with their parents, and they all set up silas’ room.  and really, it was cute.  but i wanted to make the space work a little better, and honestly, look a little better.


we’ve had this old long board of sean’s with hooks added in si’s room before, and it just made sense to put it up again.  love it.  always will.



our house is on a bit of a hill, so the downstairs fills kind of like a basement.  there’s a partial wall/wainscotting/shelf thing on one wall, and it actually works out great!  its painted a slightly darker shade of blah, but its neutral and not horrible at all.


so as a blogger, i’m supposed to only show beautifully decorated rooms, but you know what, that room would not be lived in by a little boy.

{frame & print from zoe clothing company}


so i don’t remove all his little collections of rocks and handmade creations.  no, they don’t “go” with the room, but they go with the room because they go with the boy.  these are the things he loves.  i add my own flair in a few spots, but really i have been trying to let go more of “me” and let this space be for him.

but i did tuck away his giant hex bug maze into his closet.  because that thing just drives me nuts and causes all sorts of mess all over the floor.


our last house had lots of built ins, so storage for everyday things has been a little harder to figure out here.  we don’t have any bookshelves, so i got creative with wooden crates.  silas loves books.  he’s not a huge reader, but he loves looking through books.  have you been a reader for a long time?  do you remember when i used to show pictures of him sleeping with a book on his face?  he used to fall asleep like that every night!


the kids have been studying astronomy for the last trimester and si has been loving it, so i printed off this art print from paperworks (here’s a referral code for $5 off for you, $5 credit for me!).


i am not a lover of stuffed animals so there really are very few in our house.  but this monkey in the middle has been a part of our family for a very long time.  silas’ nickname has been monkey since he was a itty bitty guy.  he has always been a good climber.

{pillows from target and tjmaxx – old}


a friend from church gave us this huge map – i love it!  i wanted it in our dining room, but the blue was just a little too bright.  i love it in here though.

i surprised silas by fixing up his room when he was gone for a day.  when he walked in, the map was his favorite thing in here!  i had a really hard time sharing that dresser with him since its my favorite.  but its too small for my room and the most masculine option.


 this rug was my only purchase for the room.  yes its a pretty big purchase, but something that i could use in several different areas in our house.  here are my thoughts:  the rug is thin.  it has to have a rug pad under because our laminate floors are really really slippery.  but its huge and the price is great for that big of a rug.  and its neutral.

the duvet cover is from ikea. and i made the bandana quilt a few years ago, and love it in his room!


those signs have moved with us for the last 13 years.  we lived in san clemente before we had our first baby and have a handful of these signs with local beach names.


my dad made this side table a few years back for the girls, but the grey is a nice neutral color and works great in here.  and wow i need to dust that bottom shelf!


this locker basket holds a random assortment of balls.


i love adding plants in bedrooms.



i madeover silas’ room first because i see it the most.  our bedroom is right across the hall from his.  and the girls’ rooms are already pretty cute.  gracie asked me to help her redo her room right after i finished silas’, so you’ll see that soon.


silas has a thing for rocks.  he studied earth science earlier this year and loved it.  but he’s always been picking up unique rocks and telling me why he has to keep them.  rather than storing them in a box, i decided to finally put them on display in an old coke box.


i wish i had a sweet story about that skateboard, like it was my dad’s when he was a kid, but really sean and i found it at a flea market long before we had kids and had to get it.  i mean, teal wheels.  no brainer.  si bought that metal plane from Fred & Betty’s with his own money and is super stoked on it.


these sweet blocks were a baby gift from a friend.



while not my favorite addition visually to a room, these mirrored closet doors provide lots of entertainment during solo dance parties and they double the amount of natural light in the room.


and there’s this last sweet edition to his room: one of his sisters made him a little wash tape banner that we put on his door.

so how do you decorate?  do you like to buy all new or slowly pick up pieces at thrift stores, or use what you already have?

clipboard wall art


 this past weekend i had a couple big projects i wanted to tackle,  plus several things i really needed to do.  so naturally, i started with something completely off my list!


when you enter our home, you are presented with 2 options:  go up, or go down.  the entry way is a landing with 2 stairways since this house is a split level home.  i love having a designated entry, which we lacked in our last house, but the wall heading upstairs left me in a bit of a decorating pickle.


its a nice big wall, great for a statement piece of art or a collage.  the problem is that there are more stairs next to the wall.  let’s see if i can explain this:  when hanging art, you generally want the center of the art to be at average eye level.  so when you stand on the landing at the top of the stairs, your eye level is in one spot…


but then go up the stairs and the eye level was another foot higher.  hang art for one level and it looks too low, hang it for the other level, and it looks too high.  rather than hanging one big piece of art, i knew a collage would be the answer.  i could hang some pieces higher than others and the whole eye level rule can be somewhat discarded.  by the way, i’m not big on following design rules unless they make sense to me, and this one just does.  i like balance and order, and correctly placed art!

rather than doing one of my typical super busy and eclectic wall collages, i knew i wanted to go simpler but still have a big impact.


i’ve had several clipboards on hand from various homeschool projects and organization efforts.  i grabbed a couple more at the thrift store when i was there last week.


i decided where i wanted the highest point to be of the top clipboard, along with how far in i wanted it from the corner of the wall.  i marked the hanging point with a pencil, then measured the distance from the ceiling down, and from the corner in, and marked those same measurements on the other side of the wall for the second clipboard.  once i had them hung (just by small nails), i held up another clipboard to decide how i wanted the rest spaced out.  using a measuring tape and pencil, i spaced out the rest of the the boards.


i gathered all the neutral prints i had around, and printed out a couple more to complete the look.  super easy!


i subscribe to paperworks monthly and besides the super useful lists and calendars i get, i can also access all the past printables and other goodies!  {disclosure: that is an affiliate link for paperworks – you get a $5 discount, i get $5 credit. win, win!}  so when i needed a couple more prints to fill the boards, i hoped on there and had free access!

micah 6:8 //  in this house //  how great thou art (by gracie) //  ephesians 4:2 //  quote by george macdonald // life is short

what i love most about this, besides it being nearly free and taking only minutes to complete, is that it is completely changeable!  i can put up photos, or more kids art work, or change it with holidays and seasons.  yay for versatility!