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over the last couple years, my style preferences have shifted slowly from bright, colorful, and eclectic to a more neutral, clean & bright, slightly more modern aesthetic.  i still have a love for vintage items, and for the most part it still works.  i’m not the type of person that makes huge changes in home decor.  i am really slow to make decisions, or i don’t make any decisions at all!

now that we have sold our house and have the hope to build a new one on the horizon (albeit a very distant horizon), i have been pinning like a madwoman, really trying to hone in one what “my style” actually is.  i am so afraid that this will be a passing phase for me, that i’ll crave pops of color again, and feel like modern is too cold for me, then ohmygoodness what have i done?!  i don’t want to build a new home based on what i like right now, but want it to be something that is still classic and can stand the test of time.  lots and lots of time.

so dream with me for a minute at these kitchens!  i see a few themes: windows and lots of them!  also white, black, stone, and metal elements.  this look can quickly go cold without the right balance.  natural materials like wood really help to warm up a space.





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my current kitchen needed a little help in the accessory department as i was having a hard time making it feel like “me” or the new me, whatever that is.  world market to the rescue!  i really love so many of their items and really love that they are affordable.  i’m not redecorating my whole house, so there’s not a big budget for making my kitchen cuter.  i stopped into world market the other night and grabbed a few items (tea towels, pepper mill and salt cellar) and i found so much more that i didn’t take home but sure did want to!  so i thought i’d share them here so you can take a peek as well!

*this post was not sponsored by world market, i just happen to love their products.  i did use some affiliate links though, so any purchases you make through those links help to support this blog – thanks!*

Copper and Wood Paper Towel Holder

Medium Olivewood Canister

Vintage Style Ribbed Glass Jar with Copper Lid

Olivewood Salt Keeper

Wood Mortar and Pestle

Acacia Wood Cutting Board with Copper Hanger

Black Villa Stripe Kitchen Towel

White Marble Salt and Pepper Mill

Wood Bark Bowl

Agate Cheese Serving Board

Round Marble and Wood Pedestal Stand

White Marble Lazy Susan

Glass Decanter with Wooden Stopper

the story

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 3.47.10 PM

if you follow me on instagram, i may have shocked you with the news that we had sold our house and were moving.  um, sorry about not giving the full heads up!  but if you’re a long time reader, you may have read my post several months ago about our house being up for sale!  if you didn’t see that post, you should go back and read it… go ahead, i’ll wait…

so long story short, we had been feeling the itch to build again, found some property we loved and put our house up on the market quickly in order to buy this other property.  good news, our house went into escrow right away!  bad news, we were tremendously outbid for the great property, so we pulled out of the sale of our house (we had a special contingency written in just in case we didn’t get the property).  no big deal, we loved our house and were happy to stay.  but then our buyer said she’d be happy to wait around until we found another property.  well, we didn’t really think there’d be another property to meet our requirements (it needed to be a larger property than our current one, close to town, have a view, and not be too far out into the country – oh, and be cheap enough to build on the land and not raise our current monthly mortgage).  but we looked anyway and landed on a beautiful piece of property and some possible neighboring ones as well.  so we tried to enter back into the sale, and the buyer was no longer interested.  no problem, put the house back on the market.  thankfully it again went into escrow right away and 30 days in the buyer pulled out.  boooooooooo.  that was a rough one.  but we had already done all the improvements and repairs needed, and our realtor already had several other buyers interested.  without putting it back on the market, our house went into escrow again.  yes 3 times!

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 3.51.04 PM

so let me just pause here for a moment.  this.  this here is the reason why i have almost only been blogging What I Wore posts for the last several months.  my house was staged for months, so what was the point in changing out my decor and blogging about it?  we weren’t doing any fun day’s, so nothing post-worthy there.  and i also didn’t feel like i could really blog about the process, since i was feeling very fragile with all the ups and downs.  it was very much like being on an 8 month long roller coaster.  lots of highs and lows.

ok, back to the 3rd time in escrow… this one stuck!  it was a 60+ day escrow (the buyers were selling 2 homes first) and it felt very long.  it was very long!  but the house is sold and we’ve moved out and its all done and behind us now – yay!

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 3.46.43 PM

so some questions you may have, as we’ve been asked a lot:

do you have property to build on?  no, not yet.  we’re waiting till after the new year before we bombard/heavily persuade the few property owners to give us a smokin’ deal on their land.

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 3.50.22 PM

are you renting?  yes!  we are so happy with our rental house.  its very far away from our last home.  well, it feels very far, but is really only about 15+ minutes away.  but we can’t walk to town or school anymore.  we are on the complete opposite side of town.  but the house is great, its clean and very big to us.  the kids each have their won room which feels like a luxury.  and we don’t have anything in storage since we have a 2-car garage and a large playroom/game room to store our extra boxes that i can’t decide what to do with.

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 3.46.25 PM

are you unpacked?  yes, for the most part!  there are no boxes in any of our living spaces, except for the playroom, which we have yet to really use yet – probably since it has so many boxes in it!  while we are unpacked, we are definitely not organized.  we’re getting there, room by room, but everything is at least generally in the right place, just not necessarily organized like i’d want it to be.  but it will be.  we’ve only been there a week.

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 3.45.36 PM

do you miss your old home?  oddly enough, no.  as i feel the cold drafts coming from under the doors of our new house, i quickly miss our well-insulated home.  as i organize our closet, i miss the custom built in cabinets sean designed for us.  but no, i don’t miss the house.  and i’m not sad about it either.  i only had a very few sad moments about leaving the home we’d lived in for the last 9 years.  here’s my theory on that: i think because our house sale process was so long, i had so much time to process leaving, and when it took so much longer than anticipated, i wanted to leave so badly just to be done with the process!  i am fully expecting to go through a period of mourning, but it definitely hasn’t hit yet.

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 3.46.02 PM

how are the kids doing?  our youngest is really the only one to have been teary about leaving.  he had a couple hard times when he didn’t feel like the new house was his home and he wanted to go back.  but beyond those few times, they’ve all adjusted really well.  the girls are thrilled with their own rooms and the kids have spent their first week of christmas vacation setting up and decorating their rooms.  they will definitely miss the proximity we had to school before since we’ll have to leave the house 20 minutes before school starts now, but they have friends close by that they can take a bike trail back and forth between the houses and have been loving that.  we have a decent sized back yard and a huge concrete front yard that is great for silas and all his wheeled antics.

so when will you build?  well, that depends on how quickly we get property and design the house and get permits and how much rain we get this year and…. lots of factors go into that one.  we are hoping to nail down a property quickly (but it could actually be a very long process), and get moving on the design soon.  my mom and i actually made several preliminary designs so we could get budgetary numbers on building costs, so we have a good start already.  our city is notorious for being very difficult to work with in the permit process, but thankfully the property we’re looking at is over the county line and not in the city limits, so we’d be working with the slightly-faster county.

IMG_2050 (1)

will you build the same style house?  nope.  and i think thats what excites me the most about this whole process, besides having a lot more land for the kids to run wild on and not fear complaints from nearby neighbors.  we are looking to build a more modern, industrial barn & farmhouse.  you can see my many pins here.  we loved the style of our old house, but we also know that lots of craftsman details and built-ins and custom cabinetry is not the cheapest route to go.  and over the last 10 years my style has changed a lot as well.  there are still many design elements that we will do again (butcher block island, white subway tile) but many of our decisions will be budget and design driven.  think concrete floors, bright white walls, high ceilings, warm wood elements, and pops of color.  i can’t wait!

will you build a loft again for your parents and guests?  yes!  we did;t make this decision without my parents since they built the loft and are a big part of our family’s lives.  we will be building a loft above the garage again and hopefully also building a barn eventually to have a huge guest sleeping loft in (i picture it filled with cousins at christmas!).

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 3.47.52 PM

sorry for keeping so many of you out of the loop.  i really feel like this blog is a place where i can be open and share, but these past several months i’ve felt tongue-tied as far as what i could share.  i am really excited to share soon what our rental house looks like, how our building process goes, and lots of design ideas!