it has been quite awhile since i’ve done my weekly iPhone pic recap, so this is more like a month’s worth!


sushi monday’s are my favorite date with sean


my latest installation at the kids’ school


made it about 5 days through jillian’s 30 day shred #winning


new babies = spring!


i’ve visited my parents4 times in about 5 weeks (pretty rare) and it was great!  this is my favorite corner of my childhood home


my parents walk together every morning. i love getting to join them!


3 days a week and si just earned his orange belt!


gracie was made a sign for some friends who were visiting


flowers + antlers = my only spring decor


gave this little twerp a hair cut.  gosh i love him!


i played the role of super cool fun mom and took the kids to dinner, ice cream, and the movies!  also, cinderella just might be my new favorite movie – so good!


i did a little hand lettering at fred & betty’s (our school’s thrift store).


this is what gracie gets to do for school for her reading assignments!


this is one of those pictures that we’ll hold onto for the wedding slideshow – we’d like to have that little girl in our family one day ;)


my favorite human


we nixed our original spring break camping plans due to rain and headed to my parents’ house instead and got SNOW!  sitting there, watching the snow fall for hours, my best friend by my side, the kids playing in the background – couldn’t have been better!


silas was peeved because i grabbed him out of the nice warm car for this picture.  but it was worth it!


i guess we were supposed to have a #4 to round things out ;)


the forks is my favorite local restaurant by my parents’ house – so yummy.  i love that we can just line all the kids up at the bar – i remember doing that every summer as a kid!


the girls started getting stir crazy so my mom got them some magazines to cut up.  gracie came up with this awesome layout and gave the nester a daughter!


i’ve been putting in some extra hours at the thrift store and this guy comes with me once a week.


we found rot, mold, water damage and all sorts of other things hiding in our front porch.  this big redo has turned into a HUGE project.  good times.


when i have a lot of my plate i tend to redecorate rooms or start unnecessary projects, hence the girls’ room getting rearranged. #somuchtodo


and after the end of all of this crazy, God is so good.  I was sitting in my back yard, waiting for dinner to finish on the grill, reflecting on my crazy week.  each time i felt i was going to lose it this week, God showed me grace and love through my family.  He met me when i needed it, each time, all the time.

i hope you all have a wonderful weekend!




i’m linking up my phone pictures with my friend jeannett.  i’m thepleatedpoppy on instagram if you want to follow along!


we got a smidge of rain, and the HILLS ARE ALIVE!  i’ve been picking up running a bit lately and this view makes it all worth it.  that and an hour all by myself.


my girls were trying to raise money for winter camp so they had a bake sale during a neighbor’s garage sale.


i get 2 days a week to get my stuff done while the kids are at school.  those days are usually filled with meetings and errands and thrift store work and blogging and house stuff.  but every once in awhile, i slow down and have to make the decision of whether i keep trucking along or take a nap.  this day i decided to keep working and by 3 o’clock i really regretted that decision!


we get a harvest box every other week filled with veggie goodness.  i made this for myself and 2 of the kids while sean was on the date with the other.  arugula, blood oranges, red onions, purple radishes and goat cheese, mmmmmm!


instead of napping the other day, i made these pretties (and a tutorial, too)!


we got a couple days of rain (yay!) but with all the petal falling off our trees it looked like snow.


i just started getting monthly paper works from jones design company.  we love them!


lily is doing her science project on what makes cookies the fluffiest.  she was so fun with this project, all 10+ dozen!  and we have been enjoying her project all week…


more info to come soon, but this is a fun project i just started helping with!


part of that project included choosing paint colors, and then i started choosing paint colors for myself!


target, you are killing me.


i was really hoping my kids would opt for store-bought valentines, but they wanted to use this tutorial to make watercolored letters for each of their classmates.  when they were done (way past bedtime) i was so glad they chose to make them.


and then i played a bit with the watercolor paint, too.


school is more often than not a battle with this guy.  but he has really been stepping up his game lately!  so proud of him.

sean is home after a few days away so we’re going to soak him up this weekend!  what are your plans?