i’m linking up my phone pictures with my friend jeannett.  i’m thepleatedpoppy on instagram if you want to follow along!


oh, this boy is the best snuggler.  like you guys should all be jealous ;)  i will never regret co-sleeping with my kids as babies.  it was the best bonding time for us!  and even though we’ve moved far beyond that, i still love it when they sneak into bed with us in the wee hours of the morning.  (sheets are from target.  and yes, they are soft.)


last weekend i knocked a few projects off my list – painting this locker cabinet was one of them!


lily and sean cooked another one of their famous themed meals – this time focusing on pomegranates.  it was quite a treat!


i still don’t love my wreath, but have been too lazy/busy to rework it.  soon…


with a busy morning and a busy afternoon, i took a few minutes in between to sit and relax before the hustle began again.  sometimes it feels weird to stop moving on a busy day!


inspired by the printable tags made by emily, our family made a thankful tree and it has been so fun!  the kids love stopping by and filling out tags and adding them to the tree!

what are your plans for the weekend?  we have our school’s history day today (full viking attire to come!) and good friends in town – so excited!



i’m linking up my phone pictures with my friend jeannett.  i’m thepleatedpoppy on instagram if you want to follow along!


a couple weeks ago our good friends (so good that we call them cousins) visited us for a couple days on their way home to oregon.  we happened to have amazing weather and hit the beach.  its so nice to have friends that you can just fall into place with easily after lots of time apart.


i decided to join hollywood housewife and document the little details of my day via instagram.  of course, it happened to be the day i spent the entire day prepping centerpieces for a fundraiser.  not so exciting.  but i did manage to grab this one sweet moment getting ready in the morning with my grace.


with 56 tables needing centerpieces, i was so grateful for the other moms who volunteered to help me make them!  some of them are still sharing with me their glue-gun burns…  oops!


i gave a super quick explanation on how to make these book centerpieces: with a utility knife, slice out 50+ pages from each end of the book.  taking several chunks of pages from the center, fold into loops and hot glue down.  then take single pages and glue edges together, then glue those loops together.  then assemble it all together , book and page loops.


once a week i get to work with gracie and her friend on their weekly art assignments.  its fun to dig deep for that knowledge i once gained in a few college art classes.


this is my reality: i really do try to get dressed every day.  but i also try to get comfy as soon as i know i’m not leaving the house, often by 4pm.


crazy hair day.  she had her ideas, i made them come to life.


i bought a spicy shelf from bed bath and beyond last week but it didn’t fit the full expanse of my cabinet.  so i explained to my parents what i wanted and they built it for me!  yep, i’m spoiled.  that, and they can’t sit still and always need a project.  i’m happy to help ;)


when gramps is in town for pumpkin carving, the power tools come out!


so what have you guys thought of the time change?  while the early evenings bum me out, i love waking up earlier and feeling refreshed!


i spent all day monday setting up the window displays at fred & betty’s.   i gave the details here.  i’m so happy with how it turned out!


i still have this amazing giveaway of my favorite things!  its so easy to enter (go now).  and there are 29 other baskets you can win, too!


a full day of emails and blog posts, i decided i deserved a ginger beer.  my best friend turned me on to this, the best of ginger beers.  had it been after 5 o’clock, it would have magically turned into a moscow mule.


sean and i celebrated our 18 year dating anniversary this week!  half my life spent with my best friend, my favorite human in the world.  and look at how cute 2 of my 3 tiny humans are in that bottom picture – goodness i miss those squishy cheeks!

have a fabulous weekend friends!