jewelry storage made beautiful {glitter & gloss}

jewelry storage made beautiful at the pleated poppy

are you guys enjoying this series?!  i not only love getting new ideas, but i love getting a deeper peek into people’s homes – seeing how they really live.

heather is a fellow handmade business owner, mama, and blogger.  my favorite place to follow heather is on instagram (glitterglosshg) – she gives sneak peeks into new products and fun pics of her ultra-stylish little girls! 

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Hey everyone! My name is Heather, and I blog over at Glitter and Gloss.  I also have a jewelry shop of the same name. I was so excited when Lindsey asked me to be a part of this series. Working in the jewelry business, and having a lot of friends in this business I’ve amassed quite a collection!

All of my jewelry sits on my dresser (not super creative, I know, but it works….) in random pieces I’ve collected over the years. One of my favorite possessions is an awesome jewelry box I got at antique fair for $7! It had an….um….rather unique smell when I first got it, but after airing it out in the back yard for a few days and a lot of Febreeze it’s now perfect.

The jewelry box holds so much, and is a really fun piece itself.  The bottom drawers has a bunch of little compartments, perfect for rings and earrings.
My favorite drawer is the one that holds all of my Spike the Punch pieces, made by my friend Elizabeth:

I also have some organization pieces from Marshalls, that are perfect for storing my bracelets and necklaces and a cute stand from Urban Outfitters that is perfect for earrings:

I got this linen bust at a store that was going out of business, and like to put different statement necklaces on it. I switch it up every so often and right now it’s holding this fun, bright one:

I keep my paper bead bracelets by 31 Bits and Noonday Collection in a candy dish from Marshalls:

….and even more bracelets are held in a mini trifle dish from Homegoods:

My husband has been getting me Kate Spade earrings for every birthday, Valentine’s and anniversary for years now, and I use an Anthropologie egg crate to store them all:

 All together it looks something like this, with my long necklaces hanging off of my perfume rack:

 ….I know it’s a lot of jewelry, but it’s pieces I’ve made, friends have made, or I’ve been gifted over the last several years. I’m excited to pass it all down to my girls (who already come in often to wear my things!)

I’d love to help one of YOU expand your jewelry collection by offering a $20 shop credit – just use the rafflecopter below to enter:

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Thank you so much to Lindsey, for letting me share my collection!

jewelry storage made beautiful {the nester}

jewelry storage made beautiful at the pleated poppy

 thanks so much for joining me in this series!  our next post is by the nester.  i have long followed the nester in the blog world, and have so enjoyed visiting with her at various conferences.  she is a delight and has a home that is as welcoming as she is.

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I’ve had to come to terms with my jewelry storage. Because I just looked down as I typed this and my wedding band is sitting next to the computer, I don’t even remember taking it off, for real, I was shocked when I saw it as I sat down to write this post. It’s one of the many reasons I don’t wear a diamond. I’m a stripper. A jewelry stripper. At the end of the day there’s a trail of jewelry all over the house. So in our room I try to corral it on the white dresser.

Necklaces go on the bust,

Little junk goes on the three tired stand.

But I’ve learned to put bowls around the house so I can just set abandoned bracelets in there without having to walk upstairs. Oh the humanity of walking up the stairs.

You can tell what I wear often because the same stuff shows up in most of my jewelry bowl pictures.

I wish I would have thought of the jewelry bowl in the family room and in my office years ago, it would have saved me from feeling really disorganized and I’d probably have a few more cute pairs of earrings that wouldn’t have gotten lost around the house.