strawberry baby shower


about a month ago, my friend Joy and i hosted a baby shower for a friend of ours who was having her first baby girl after 2 boys.  both joy and i were were the throws of summer, so we wanted to go simple, but still sweet and special.  joy came up with the theme of strawberries (perfect for a baby girl in the summer!) and i ran with it from there.

strawberry themed baby shower

like i said, we kept it simple, using mostly items we had around the house.  i have a small collection of vintage table cloths that i spread out randomly all over the looong table.  notice i didn’t even iron the table cloths?  i’m lazy crazy like that.  i also had this huge strawberry cookie jar that i’ve had for years – perfect!  a handful of joy’s polka dotted glasses were filled with iceberg roses cut from my garden.

strawberry themed baby shower

i had tassels left over from the spring stitch market and joy had some from her daughter’s birthday party earlier that week, so i made a few more and we strung them all over.  i’ll be sharing a tutorial on these simple (and weather resistant) tassels soon!

strawberry themed baby shower

strawberry themed baby shower

joy did easy snacky foods since this was an evening shower.

strawberry themed baby shower

between my collections and joy’s we had some fun red and jadeite pieces to pull it all together!

strawberry themed baby shower

strawberry themed baby shower

strawberry themed baby shower

strawberry themed baby shower

strawberry themed baby shower

i love planning big elaborate parties, but i also love a simple one that comes together smoothly, don’t you?


baby boy shower


i had the pleasure of hosting a baby shower a couple weekends ago for my sister-in-law’s sister-in-law.  got that?  slightly removed, but still family, right?

another friend was doing all the planning, so all i had to do was clean my house, kick out the boys, and decorate!


this shower was for baby #5, a boy, with 4 older sisters, so i knew i wanted a very boyish theme.  i also knew that i wanted to keep it simple, so i went with navy blue.

i am so blessed to have the lemon drop shop as one of my sponsors so i went to her for quick, cute party decor!

she sent me the striped favor bags, the striped paper straws, and the baker’s twine.  i had the pennants already cut out from another shower – i love reusing decor!  do you save your party decorations?  i have oodles and oodles of bunting and pennants and banners i have made in years past and love being able to reuse them for instant decor.


we were hosting a brunch, so it was a “sit down” shower, meaning i needed to have tables set for our guests, rather than just enough seats in the living room.


i made each of the guests a navy petal pusher – and even little ones for the little girls at the shower!  then i wrapped each petal pusher in the striped party bags and embellished them with buttons, crocheted lace scraps, ribbons and a little “oh boy!” tag.  all wrapped during a couple episodes of downtown abbey ;)


over the years of party throwing, i have slowly gathered a nice stock of supplies that work for any occasion – all white supplies: table cloths, cloth napkins, extra forks, white plates, and mason jars.


the center pieces were made with a wrapping paper runner ($1 at target!), and some simple bunting.


i love the mix of the blue, white and boyish stripes.


the actual display of the bunting was decided very last minute… like the morning of the shower!  thankfully, my parents were visiting and i volunteered my dad to create quick stands!


i had dowels on hand from various crafts, but they were all different colors.  thank goodness for quick drying spray paint!  my dad just chopped up a 2×4 into blocks and drilled holes for the dowels.


the bunting was made with baker’s twine, pennants out of cotton fabric, and hot glue.


i simply sandwiched the twine between the pennants with some hot glue – done in just a few minutes!


don’t you love it when hosting can be easy?