almost there!

20% off


well, i am blown away at how close i am to being closed up!  we have sold over 90% of our inventory, let’s finish off the rest!

for any order over $20 (before shipping), please take 20% off with code BYEBYE!

and if you missed out on any of my supplies last week, i am hoping to list more today – scrap bags, zippers, buttons, interfacing, batting, and big batches of posies.

and if you ordered last week and haven’t received your order yet, please be patient!  we are waiting for our shipping envelopes to arrive to send off the next big batch.  thanks for your patience!


today has been an amazing day.  i have been on a wild ride since the moment i woke up and saw more orders from my shop than i expected to see all day.  all day long i have been on the brink of tears – not because i am sad or regretting  closing the shop, but because i am overwhelmingly blessed.  completely overwhelmingly blessed.

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 11.28.18 PM

my day was filled with texts and emails of encouragement, and sweet comments on my blog, Facebook, and instagram.  when i went to our shipping department to start pulling orders for our shipping assistant (no way she could get this all done on her own!), i was met by 2 friends who surprised me to help!  another 2 friends took my kids from after school until nearly dinner time, and my sweet husband cleaned our house for growth group tonight!

my biggest prayer and hope through this is that i finish well.  i want to finish strong and give Glory to God through it all, whether i sell out in a few days, or a month.  thank you for being a part in this!

*     *     *     *     *

now for a few housekeeping details about the shop:

– we usually try to get orders shipped out within 3 days, and we are still going to try to do that, but most likely it will be a little bit longer.  with the amount of orders we received today, even with 4 of us processing them, we still only got about 1/3 of the day’s orders done!

– please don’t order a gift certificate (unless it will be used within a day or so).  i can’t figure out how to take that option off my site – sorry!

– i will be listing a variety of my supplies within a week or so.  there will be a lot, but for now i’m just focussing on selling my products.

– if something is marked as *SOLD* then its gone for good.  now that being said, i just realized i have a small handful of items that are almost ready to go into the shop, so i will get them in the shop soon!

– i AM going to continue blogging – yay!

– only one discount code can be used on each order.  if you have a separate discount code from the free shipping code (FREESHIP), it cannot be combined with another code.  sorry!

– while my first day of closing up shop was so successful, its definitely not over!  would you please still help me in spreading the word?  grab a button from below and add it to instagram or Facebook please – thanks!