a little bit of this, a little bit of that

we have a crazy july planned out!  we kicked off the month with a fabulous time on my parents’ boat on the Delta (near lodi, california).  we floated, relaxed, layed out and napped.  oh, it was so just what i needed!  lots of time to soak up the sun and enjoy my kids and family.

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my computer is back from the laptop doctor and is finally fixed!  good news!  but, we’ve been out of town and out of wifi range so blogging has been slowed down, yet again.  its funny, when i’ve been doing something nearly daily for over 7 years (blogging) and i stop for a few days, it feels like i’m ditching class or something!  it does feel good to have these unplanned breaks, but it also feels kind of wrong.  silly.

we dropped our oldest off at camp again for almost 2 weeks.   this year was so different from last year, where she was nervous and we were nervous.  this year she was so ready to go and we had no fears for her.  that was a good feeling!  grace is going to the same camp i grew up going to, and is in my hometown.  fun tidbit:  i was talking to other adults at drop-off and one of them asked me if i was lindsey jones (my maiden name) and i said yes.  turns out i just didn’t recognize her at first but we shared a cabin for a couple years!  so many of the campers have parents that were campers and lots of the counselors were campers as well – its really an awesome place!  we’ll miss gracie over the next couple weeks, but i’m also really excited to have some concentrated time with silas and lily.  we also get to see pictures posted of the campers daily, so its nice to be able to see her smiling face when i really miss her!

we’ve been on the road a lot and one of the things sean and i like to do to pass the time is listen to podcasts and ted talks.  our favorite daily podcast is the world and everything in it.  if you don’t listen to this already, you should.  its really great.  and this comes from someone who turns off the news every chance i can get.  i hate the version of world news our standard stations give us – i can’t even let my kids hear or see it.  but the world and everything in it is so different with a christian perspective.  we also love ted talks.  my favorite speaker is ken robinson, who speaks mostly on education and how we should think of it differently.  if you haven’t heard him, take some time and listen to his perspective – its been so good for me to hear!


on a lighter note, we stumbled across this video of a little girl trying to get herself in 1st position in ballet.  it is one of the cutest things i’ve ever seen and we could not stop laughing at it!  and after 7 years of blogging, i still haven’t mastered how to embed a youtube video on my blog – sheesh!

<iframe width=”480″ height=”360″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/tdylQeg5B9I?rel=0″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

again totally unrelated, i just signed up for another golden tote!  i ordered these 2 tops and will be surprised with a few other items – so fun!  here’s a peak at my first golden tote.  these 2 tops are not too big of a stretch for me, but they were so cute i couldn’t pass them up!  golden tote is also offering a complete surprise item tote if you’re feeling really adventurous!

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so there’s a bit of my rambling for you today!  we’re off to pack up the rv for our next adventure just one town away – 10 days on the beach – yay!

unexpected vacation


hey friends!

it has been one thing after another here with my laptop!  first my blog was hacked, then my hard drive was full.  a full hard drive means no uploading new pictures.  no new pictures means no blogging for me!  so while my laptop is at the doctor’s, i’m keeping busy with the chaos that summer brings.  oh, the chaos.  i may not make it you guys.

i’m hoping to at least get the linky up for wiww tomorrow, but most likely it won’t include any pictures (i’m borrowing sean’s laptop now).  please don’t be too mad if i can’t get that post up!