new baking center

baking center

my almost 9-year-old is the cook in the house.  and the baker!  we were at the point where we were dragging the heavy kitchenaid mixer a couple times a week, so i decided when i simplified our kitchen to create a specific space just for baking.  really, this is lily’s space.

baking center

i still wanted to keep things clean and simple, so its just the mixer and sugar & flour canisters, along with some really pretty anthro measuring cups.  but its all within reach for lily so she can bake to her heart’s content without needing to call me every time she couldn’t reach something.

but you don’t just bake with flour and sugar…

baking center

there’s all the other goodies, too, but they’re too ugly to have out!  and i had them on a too high/too small shelf across the kitchen, so for this to be a legit baking station, it all had to move.  its so much better now, all in one space!

baking center

and i cleared out one of our 2 junk drawers (why 2?!) to put all the little necessary gadgets as well.

baking center

 just doing what i can to ensure fresh banana bread in the morning ;)


what i wore

welcome to what i wore!  join me each week as i share my weekly outfits – just real clothes for real women.  i don’t have a huge shopping budget and i don’t dress super fancy, but when i get out of my yoga pants and into real clothes, i just feel better. another note: you will see me wear the same things over and over again.  i only have so many items in my closet so i either stick with what i know works, or i try a new combination with old items.  looking through the hundreds of other women who link to the bottom of this post helps me come up with outfit ideas. another huge help: pinterest!  i compile lots of outfits on there that i think i could pull off or have most of the components of it.  super helpful.


just the classics.

white shirt – target \\  jeans – forever 21 \\ sandals – glittered by me \\  necklace & earrings – lisa leonard designs \\  belt – target


love tee – forever 21 (i loved my first one so much, i bought 2 the last time i spotted them!) \\  jeans – stitch fix \\ wedges – american eagle outfitters \\  earrings – lisa leonard designs \\  tassel necklaces – made by me

note on the necklaces:  i haven’t had it in me to sell anything since i closed my shop, but i will be listing some items most likely this week (these necklaces included)!


new favorite outfit!

shirt – forever 21 \\  jeans – stitch fix \\  converse – nordstrom rack \\  belt – old \\  watch – one little mama (not sold anymore)


kids’ first day of school, work at the thrift store

top – forever 21 \\   jeans – forever 21 \\  sandals – target \\  earrings - lisa leonard designs


first day of homeschool!

tee – forever 21 \\  pants – golden tote \\  sandals – old navy \\ necklace – lisa leonard designs

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