simple (& budget friendly) beauty products

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budget friendly beauty products

last week i was parenting solo for 4 days and by the time sean came home i was ready for a break!  a nice mini getaway for me is to grab a couple magazines from my daily weekly trip to Target and hideout by myself.  as winter winds down and we head into spring, i needed a little pick-me-up to spark some inspiration, and honestly, to zone out for a bit.  just a little me time.

Real Simple (one of my go-to magazines) had an interesting article about anti-aging beauty products and it got me thinking.  actually, it sparked a conversation with some girl friends as well.  you see, i have a really simple beauty regimen, if you can even call it that.  i’m in my 30’s and have a very basic routine.  thus far, my main defense against aging is sunscreen.  thankfully, my closest girlfriends are in the same boat as me.  no retinoids or serums or masks.  i joked that we at least will be old and wrinkly together!

while i know its time to start adding in some additional help, like maybe some under eye cream, i really enjoy the simplicity of my daily regimen.  and even more, i like the price.  i’m not looking to complicate this part of my life, but simplify!

budget friendly beauty products

i’m going to share with you my daily routine, plus a few extras.  maybe as we head into spring, these products can help you feel fresh and ready for the new season!

budget friendly beauty products

these are my cleansers:  clean & clear morning burst exfoliant (i use this in the shower), and olay oil minimizing toner (i use when i don’t have time for a shower).

budget friendly beauty products

immediately after i wash my face, i use olay sunscreen.  its a moisturizer and spf 30 combo that doesn’t leave my face feeling oily. my other daily musts are mascara, a little swipe of blush, and some moisture on my lips (and a bit of color).

budget friendly beauty products

this next group are my “extras”: either for breakouts or for date night, hopefully not at the same time!

i was having breakouts around my nose for several months then finally went into sephora for some help.  the saleslady gave me murad acne spot fast fix for spot treatment that i can use day or night, and tarte bb tinted treatment for covering up problem areas, applied with a concealer brush.  thankfully my freckles have always been helpful in concealing most of my blemishes so i don’t have to use this stuff too much!

have you heard of e.l.f.?  its a newer brand at target that stands for eyes.lips.face.  and its super inexpensive.  i’ve never been great at applying eye liner but i wanted to try liquid eye liner without investing too much in case i didn’t like it.  turns out its easy and fun!

i always have lip balm on and sometimes add color with lipliners or lip stains – this darker e.l.f. lip stain is a fun change for me, a big step out of my usual tones.

budget friendly beauty products

from top right, clockwise:

lip pencils: sephora nano in cute caramel & maybelline in nude

exfoliator/cleanser: clean & clear morning burst facial scrub

eyeliner:  e.l.f. liquid eyeliner in black

lip balm:  burt’s bees original

moisturizer:  olay complete with spf30

lipstains:  e.l.f. in nude nectar & berry blush

toner:  olay oil minimizing toner

mascara:  covergirl lash blast volume very black

tinted concealer:  tarte bb tinted treatment

blemish treatment:  murad acne spot fast fix

blush:  e.l.f. contouring blush & bronzing powder in st. lucia (i only use the blush – i have no idea how to use the bronzer!)

budget friendly beauty products

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so what about you?  do you have a simple beauty routine, or a time intensive one?  do you have any simple product recommendations for us?

updated boy’s room {with a subtle surf theme}

so before we get to today’s post, a few things:  yes, i change my kids’ rooms around a lot!  i’m considering it as doing my part to help my kids to be flexible as they get older ;)  also, when i do these major room changes and swaps, i almost never buy anything new.  i shop the house and use what i already have!  so don’t think “sheesh, this lady changes things all the time and spends 9 million dollars each time!”,  because i spent zero dolla on this one.  i’ll leave a source list, but lots of the pieces here are old or thrifted!

subtle surf themed boy's room

we moved silas back into the front bedroom and put the girls back together.  the bickering just had. to. stop.

so my reward for dealing with the bickering for so long, and for moving 2 twin beds and a queen size bed, was to redecorate the 2 spaces!  the girls room remains a horrible mishmash of randomness, but silas’ room came together quickly.

i decided to grab items around the house that were blue or green, and wood, looking for texture.

skater’s turf sign – flea market //  giant S – garage sale //  “it is well” print – nap time diaries //  north beach & san clemente signs – from a shop in san clemente (when we lived there) //  ampersand – made by my dad //  “i can do all things” print – nap time diaries //  mirror – thrifted frame, then added the mirror //  chevron hamper – home goods //  headboard – thrifted, then painted and added cork board //  bedding – chenille duvet, wedding gift //  grey & white striped pillow cases – ikea //  tie dye pillows – target //  turquoise pillow – made by me //  navy & white striped pillow – tj maxx //  bedside crate – gifted // lamp – target

subtle surf themed boy's room

this wooden fruit crate was a gift that keeps on giving.  i love it here as a table, but it also works great in my kitchen to hold cook books and stacks of vintage table cloths!

subtle surf themed boy's room

this longboard was sean’s years ago but got a nasty split, so we just used it for decor and added hooks to it!

subtle surf themed boy's room

i don’t know the name of the wall color – sorry!  but its in both of the kids’ rooms, i loved it that much!  i made the blanket at the end of the bed and love how it pulls together the blues and the grey on the bed.

subtle surf themed boy's room

even though these shelves are a little tall in front of the windows, i already had them and love how they look and function in this room.  it was pulled from a school before some remodeling.

subtle surf themed boy's room

i have a little suitcase collection and love this blue metal one!

subtle surf themed boy's room

my parents and i made these arrows (there’s another on the other side of the windows) for the stitch market last year, and i kept a few for the house.  this tool chest has been repurposed  as silas’ toy chest for years and works great for all those little toys, like yo-yos and tech decks and tinker toys.  the radio is old and only semi-functinal – from target.  and i got the huge glass float on our road trip to oregon last summer.

subtle surf themed boy's room

subtle surf themed boy's room

subtle surf themed boy's room

 so there you have it!  a little sporty, a little beachy, kind of boyish, but still works well when we have guests and we have to kick the boy out.  sorry kid.