my morning walks

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 1.43.31 PM i have become a grandma.  ok, not literally, but you’ll see what i mean, and i’m sure you’ll agree with me…

i go on a walk by myself every morning, listen to the news, and drink my coffee.  just like my parents, who go on a walk together nearly every single morning (its quite adorable).  am i forcing myself to get old?!


{adorable leggings from gray monroe}

here’s the deal: i have been neglecting myself for a long time, in terms of exercise.  years back, i kind of got into running, and even ran a half marathon.  then proceeded to (basically) never run again.  i had a goal, met it, then realized i really never enjoyed running.  you know that high that runners talk about?  i’ve felt it exactly two times.  i would try running again off and on throughout the years, but never stuck with it because i disliked it so much.  but for me, it is the most logical form of exercise – i can do it from my house, i don’t need any special equipment, and its essentially free.  my other road block to exercise has been childcare, but now that my kids are a little older (13, 11, and 9), i can leave them for shorter periods of time to get out for some exercise.

but walking works for me. i’ve stuck to a consistent exercise routine for over 6 months now.  my biggest challenge was changing my sleeping habits.  to be consistent, i really didn’t want to leave my kids alone every day midday, so i get up before them, and try to be back before they are up.  now if you have babies, this may not be possible, but eventually your time will come.  i really never thought it would, but look!  here it is!  my time has come!  so i try to go to bed each night by 10, which is a huge change from the days when i ran my shop, and i’d stay up way past midnight most nights.  i get up around 5:45, start the coffee, do my devotional (new morning mercies by paul david tripp), get dressed and am out the door close to 6.


the details:

when i go: early morning, 6ish.  i have recently lengthened my walks, so i try to get out of the house by 6 so i can be back before the kids get up.  thankfully, my kids are rarely up before 7 these days.  i walk at least 6 days a week. sometimes i go later if i’m able – i hate walking in the dark!

what i wear:  weather depending.  on colder days, sweats, long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt and sometimes a jacket.  an earwarmer/headband or a beanie with a ponytail hole.  gloves.

what i bring: headlamp (in the winter), coffee, phone, earbuds

what i listen to: the world & everything in it (podcast), happy hour with jamie ivey (podcast), reclaiming conversation (book – long but so good)

apps i use: weather (to check the temp before i get dressed), podcasts, strava (to track my time and distance)

why i do it: mental health, time alone, exercise, the sunrises

to elaborate a bit more on “why i do it”, a big part of it really is for my mental health.  i really like time alone.  really.  i don’t like it all day long, because i get lonely (which seems quite contradictory), but i need a good dose of time to myself each day.  time for me to just be quiet, or zone out, or pray, and not answer any questions – its huge.  occasionally, i’ll chat on the phone with my BFF while i walk if we won’t get a chance to see each other that week.  if i’m dedicating so much time each day to this time alone, i may as well stack and make it exercise, too.  i can easily just walk for an hour, but i decided to start pushing myself more and really make it count as exercise, too.  using strava really helps me to monitor that because i can see what my pace is and if i need to move along a little faster.  but really, one of the biggest reasons i walk early every morning is for the sunrises.  i am a firm believer that God reveals himself in nature and his glory is undeniable when you see the sunrise.  each day it is so different and filled with colors streaking across the sky or moody with layers of greys.  either way, if you don’t catch it at the right time, you miss it.  and without fail, i wish i wasn’t alone because that glory is something that we all naturally want to share with each other.  i almost always audibly gasp and make myself laugh at what a dork i am.


i did a little research to support my love for walking vs. running.  basically, running is better (darnit) and produces benefits faster, but in the long run (no pun intended) can be harder on your body.  for walking to be a legitimate form of exercise, you really should go for an hour at a 13 minute mile pace.  my pace tends to be more in the 14 minute per mile range, but i am working to speed up a bit.  here’s a great article to give time/speed/calorie burn breakdowns that i found really helpful.  and here’s another interesting article.


here’s some of my favorite gear i use: leggings (with hip pockets), warm gloves, long sleeve top, sweatshirt, beanienike flex experience run 4

so what about you, do you exercise?  what do you like to do?  i have visions of going to yoga or a barre class with my girl friends, but i think we’d be too loud and goofy and get kicked out…

back in the saddle?


(these pictures are from our trip to santa barabara over christmas break, not related to this post, but still fun!)

hey friends!  its january, so that means i have to make resolutions.  really, not my favorite thing to do.  i am not a super introspective person, so i guess the practice of making resolutions is a good thing for me, to stretch me a bit.  one of my resolutions is to blog more.  but the funny thing is, i wrote down “blog more – ?”.  like i am unsure if it should be a resolution or not!  my husband has asked me a few times over the last couple years why i am still doing it, to make me really think through my reasons.  and i haven’t had a great answer.  i don’t have a business anymore, so i don’t blog for promoting my products anymore.  and finding the time to produce good quality content has been hard.  ok, thats probably a lie.  making time for good quality content has been hard.  i’m sure i could find the time.


we’ve been out of our last home for just over a year now, and in a rental house, and in the property finding/buying/house designing-to-build process for about 2 years now.  i’ve mentioned it before, but it has felt like an emotional roller coaster through these 2 years – not overly difficult, but entirely unsettling.  our rental has definitely felt like “home” but not the home i’d love to live in forever.  while its in a beautiful area, its cold and dark (as in it doesn’t get good light), and just kind of blah.  all this to say, i haven’t had a whole lot i’ve felt like blogging about because saying, “hey guys!  it looks like we’ve found property! oh.  never
mind” gets kind of boring after awhile.


 so why do i feel like i need to get back to blogging?  because i feel like i’ve lost myself a little bit over the last couple years.  while i am pouring myself into my kids and my home life more, i am missing a consistent creative outlet, missing pushing myself to write more and create content, which forced me to be creative.  so, here goes again, back to blogging.  forgive me if i produce the most boring posts in the history of ever, because right now, i think i’m doing this more for me than anything else.


 also on the property/house front, i am hoping to have some good news to share in the next week or so, but with the way things have been going, it may just be a bit longer…#cliffhanger