DIY moose silhouette pillow

diy moose silhouette pillow

i saw this pillow at target and loved it, but wanted to make my own version!  i was already incorporating this plaid fabric into our christmas decor, so i decided to use some for a simple pillow.  i had also been saving up some high quality felt for a couple years for just the right project.  its a sickness i know. #fabrichoarder

diy moose silhouette pillow

i copied my inspiration pillow as much as possible, but also used a simple google search for “moose silhouette images” for reference.

diy moose silhouette pillow

i sketched on parchment paper since it was the closest thing to tracing paper that i had.

diy moose silhouette pillow

i put the moose silhouette over the felt, and pinned it all over.

diy moose silhouette pillow

i used really sharp scissors to get it cut out, and tiny ones for the tight spaces.

diy moose silhouette pillow

i was using an 18″ x 18″ pillow form, so i cut the plaid fabric to 18 1/2″ x 18 1/2″, and stitched the silhouette to the plaid.  i had to stitch really closely to the edge, and also walk the needle slowly around the tight corners.

diy moose silhouette pillow

i was so excited to get this pillow made that i forgot to take any pictures!  here’s a great tutorial for making a zippered pillow.

diy moose silhouette pillow

and now this little guy lives on our couch!

the pleated poppy_moose pillow tutorial

i’ve made a little pdf for you if you’d like to try this on your own.  my moose is a little bigger than the pdf, so you may want to enlarge it a bit.

click here for the pdf.




pillow update


i know i should be doing a post on fall decorating, but i just can’t.  really.  i can’t.  not when it is literally the most beautiful time of year here on the central coast.  fall is our summer.  mid 80’s every day, light breezes… not fallish at all!


but.  that didn’t stop me from redecorating!  my pillows really needed an update.  like i-had-the-same-ones-for-the-last-5-years kind of need to update.

so update i did!  i have slowly been collecting pillows here and there for the last few months, and then i took a couple days off work and made a bunch – it was so fun!




i made both of these pillows.  super basic with a zipper on the bottom.


i got this turquoise fabric a couple years ago from walmart!  i’ve been sitting on it for just the perfect project.


this turquoise pillow is from target and the most fabulous pillow in all of the land was made by paisley sprouts.


look at the stitching!  it is amazing!  i want 100 of these pillows.




i got this granny square pillow at our holiday stitch market, and made the other pillow.


isn’t the gold polka dot burlap so much fun?


i’ve been hoarding this yellow trim for a bit and finally found a great use for it.  only bummer was that i had to hand stitch it on.


these alphabet pillows migrated from the playroom.  i’m hoping to replace them soon with black & white awning stripe pillows (i need one more day!).


this itty bitty pillow may just be my favorite.  lily thinks it stands for ” silas + lily” ;)


it was super easy, made with thick yarn for a bigger impact than embroidery floss.




black & white striped pom pom blanket

reclaimed wood coffee table

diy terrariums

yellow & white fabric –

gold dot burlap – joann’s

yellow braided trim – joann’s

white slipcovered couches – ikea and custom

circle quilt

grey woodgrain fabric – hawthorne threads

entryway details