hello. my name is lindsey and i’m a fabric-a-holic.

i must confess:  i’ve been hitting the fabric shops pretty hard lately.  at some point it has to stop, but when new prints come out almost daily and my design a.d.d. kicks in and 17 different wristlet clutch designs aren’t enough…. you get the idea.  i love what i do, but it just stinks to actually have to pay for my supplies.  this would be even more fun if fabric were free!

spending half of a day refolding and organizing my fabric is a half day well spent in my books.  its often when i come up with new ideas, when i’m able to pair new fabrics together that i hadn’t thought of before.  this shelf is definitely one of my “happy places”.

so where are my favorite places to shop for fabric?

i do most of my online fabric shopping at:

hawthorne threads

fabric shoppe

and fabric.com

do you have any favorite online fabric shops?

new and newer (and some old)

new is good, right?!

well i finally got all my new reversible pillows listed!  i am a sucker for pairing fun fabrics together, so i decided what better way to enjoy looking at them than having them in pillow form right on your couch?!

each 16″ x 16″ pillow is double sided, with contrasting prints on each side, and finished off on the bottom with an invisible zipper.

you hear that? a zipper.  meaning these pillows are in a removable, machine washable cover!  the cheeto covered fingerprints leave their mark on your pillows?  no big deal, just unzip and toss in the wash.  or if its not your wash day (or week, ahem) just turn the pillow around to reveal a fun new print – woohoo! (it’s really the little things in life that excite me)

feel free to grab a few to mix and match!

i have 2 of each pairing available, so you can double the fun if you’d like.  but, like most of my items, when they’re gone, they’re gone.

oh, and the pillow form?  it’s included.  mmhmm, you’re welcome ;)

*  *  *  *  *

and something newer?

well, this isn’t exactly new, but i love my readers.  and i love my customers.  you are lovely and kind and leave the sweetest notes anyone could ever receive.  for reals.

so here’s the something new:  for those of you that like to shop, every order in my shop that is over $50 (not including tax) will get free shipping.  not just for today.  or this week.  for good.  for ever.  for reals.  ’cause you rock.

hop over to my shop and see my cute little button that darcy made.  she is good.  and free shipping is good.

because of the way my shop is set up on big cartel, the shipping charges will be refunded shortly after purchase.

*  *  *  *  *

and some old…

it was time for me to destash again this weekend.

i listed lots of great fabrics that i just don’t use anymore, or never even cut into.

they are listed at super low prices, and are already moving fast!

hopefully later this week i’ll add some grab bags of scraps…

*  *  *  *  *

and for friday’s show & tell winners:




you have $10 of shop credit waiting for you!  email me with how you’d like to spend it!  thepleatedpoppy@gmail.com