viral pharyingitis

view from bed

yuck. thats what i’ve had for the last few days. i woke up thursday morning with a scratchy throat, then ignored it through out the day. again on friday, but it still seemed not too bad in the daytime. night time was miserable. i couldn’t even swallow my own saliva without tears coming to my eyes. so i woke up saturday morning telling sean i needed to go to the e.r. or the med stop. so my wonderful husband took all 3 kids and got them to the birthday party i would be missing so i could go to the doc’s, then had them the rest of the afternoon while i rested. i thought for sure i had strep throat. not that i’d had it before, but just a guess. after a couple ear checks and throat feels, and what they non-chalantly called “tickling” the back of my throat with a huge q-tip (followed by gagging and coughing in the nurse’s face multiple times, and of course more tears – it really hurt), the determined it was not strep, which is good, but instead i have viral pharyngitis, which is a strep-like virus. after 3 days of steroids and loading up on vitamin c, i’d say i’m back to 95% health and can eat just about anything without my throat hurting. yay for drugs!

on a totally different note, as i’m typing this i hear silas crying. i layed him down for his nap a bit ago and thought he was probably about asleep. so i went to check on him and HE WAS OUT OF HIS CRIB!!! i had to run through in my mind quickly, “did i put him in the crib?”, but of course i did. he finally figured it out. it was only a matter of time before he could get out on his own, but still! do i have to buy one of those tents to keep him in?!? crazy!


muddy buddy

why is it that doing what you are NOT supposed to do is soooo much fun?!