out of whack

its 5:11 now,
and i’ve been awake since 3:40.
i’ll try not to complain too much so you don’t hate me.
i’m all out of whack because sean and i just got home last night from a week in the mediterranean!
but please be patient with me – 
posts on our week will be coming soon,
as well as tutorials on details from the tiny party.
but for now,
i think i’ll go back to bed and snuggle up to a heavy breathing 2 year old boy that i have missed oh-so-much.
g’night (errr….. good morning?)

sweet shot

i’m linking up with darcy again.
here’s my sweet shot.
we went to my parents’ house on bass lake a couple weeks ago.
because our windows all faced THE WRONG DIRECTION the kids were up,
bright eyed and bushy tailed, at 5AM!
so i was up, too.
but thankfully, i was able to enjoy the beauty that was my childhood home,
and caught the steam rising from the lake as the sun just started to warm it up.