packing light: nyc in the spring

packing light NYC in spring

we just got back from a family trip to NYC and it was amazing!  we were blessed with amazing weather, but we were prepared just in case it wasn’t so great.  with 5 of us traveling for 6 days, we tried to pack pretty light.  here are my outfits, and some tips!

packing light NYC in spring

for flying, i like to wear leggings for comfort, but to dress it up just a touch.  you never know when the flight attendant may need to choose someone for first class ;)  i don’t prefer to show my bum, so a longer tunic works perfectly.  i layer on a thin cardigan, and always always always wear/carry a scarf.  this can be used as a light blanket, a pillow, for a little extra warmth.  i like to wear flats on the plane, but decided to wear sandals this time.  i also tuck a pair of warm socks in my purse for once i’m on the plane – my feet always get cold!

we got into the city around 6, so this outfit transitioned well for walking and heading out for dinner – no need to change outfits!

leggings //  tunic {similar, similar} // scarf {similar} //  sandals {similar, similar, similar, similar}

packing light NYC in spring

like i said, we had amazing weather.  our first day was easily over 85*!  a tank would’ve been better, but this cotton shirt still worked nicely because it was light colored and loose fitting.  i tend to keep my outfits fairly neutral when traveling so if the weather throws me for a loop i can layer on pieces from other outfits and they’ll still work.  also, cross body bag.  a must.  i brought 2 with, both lay pretty flat.  why do i like these for travel?  because they have enough storage to fit the daily essentials, but not enough room to carry everyone else’s goodies!  each of my kids carried their own small bag for themselves (yay for big kids!).  cross body bags are great for long days of walking because i don’t have to hold my bag, i can alternate shoulders, and it is tight against my body on crowded sidewalks.

shirt {similar, similar} //   jeans //  converse //  bag

packing light NYC in spring

the next day the weather was cooler, even a teeny bit sprinkly (i think i felt maybe 10 drops).  it was still pretty warm, so an airy top with a light jacket was plenty warm.  comfy shoes are a must if you plan on walking much.  i have made the mistake of choosing cute shoes over comfort when traveling before and it was so bad i won’t ever do it again!  these boots were awesome.

shirt {similar, similar, similar} //  jeans //  jacket {similar} //  boots // bag {similar}

packing light NYC in spring

i am pretty sensitive to changes in temperature, so when i chose to wear a tank top, i also grabbed a sweater.  thankfully, my bag  is big enough to shove a sweater into if needed.

tank //  sweater //  pants {similar, similar, similar} //  converse //  bag

packing light NYC in spring

i don’t usually dress super casual when we travel, but in NYC i think you can really wear anything and fit in.  people & style watching there was so much fun!

shirt {similar, similar} //  jacket  {similar} //  jeans // converse //  bag

packing light NYC in spring

we had a morning flight out so no time for fun other than a quick walk to breakfast.  my “travel leggings” were on the bottom of the dirty clothes pile so there was no re-wearing them this time around!  jeans it was.  after having 3 kids, i have found that i prefer loose fitting tops.  i’m self conscious about my belly, so this trapeze sweater is perfect!  and again, a scarf.

sweater //  jeans //  boots //  scarf {similar} //  bag {similar}

i also packed a dressier dress, opaque tights and heels just in case, but we didn’t need them.  i also threw in a couple extra shirts in case i changed my mind.

i love the challenge of packing light!  if anyone wants to see what i’d pack for hawaii in the summer, i’d be happy to share.  all i need is for someone to send me there!

packing light for a long winter weekend getaway

winter weekend packing

sean and i snuck away over christmas break and left the kids with oodles of family (i don’t think they even realized we left!).  we hopped on a plane for a few nights away in seattle.  during the coldest time of the year.  we’re pretty much geniuses.  genii?

if you know me, you know i don’t do well with cold.  even so, i was able to pack reasonably and i have a couple tips for keeping extra warm while still looking extra cute ;)

winter weekend packing

day 1: travel day

 i like to be comfy on the plane, so i usually stick with leggings &  i always have a scarf.  since we landed pretty early in the day, i knew i had to dress for seattle even though i woke up in los angeles.

sweater – forever 21 {similar & similar} //  shirt – forever 21 {similar & similar}  //  scarf – forever 21 {same} //  ponte pants – stitch fix {similar} //  boots – off broadway shoes {similar & similar}

winter weekend packing

day 2:  lots of walking and these boots were great!  but then we also kind of went hiking, and well, not so much.


sweater – old navy {similar}//  shirt – target {same & similar}//  jeans – golden tote {similar} //  wedge booties – zappos {same}  //  beanie – payless {similar}

winter weekend packing

day 3:  more walking, ferry to bainbridge island, dinner with friends


sweater – target {similar} //  flannel – target {similar} //  jeans – forever 21 {similar} //  boots – off broadway shoes {similar & similar} // necklace – forever 21 //  beanie – roxy {same}

winter weekend packing

day 4:  walking, touristing, late flight home


sweater – forever 21 {similar & similar} //  shirt – old navy {same} //  jeans – golden tote {similar} //  wedge booties – zappos {same} //  scarf – always very {same} //  beanie – payless {similar}


a must for me is a pair of fun socks!

winter weekend packing

and these are what made my long weekend of comfort possible: the under & over layers.

jacket – stitch fix {same & similar} // super comfortable, waaay warm and cozy.  plus it had 2 big pockets so i didn’t carry a purse all weekend.

camisole – target {same} //  i wear these just about every day, and they are perfect for a little extra warmth without adding bulk

gloves – target {similar} // these are nice and warm with the fold over cuff.  but even better, the thumb & pointer finger have a little bit of metallic threads (or something?) so i could use my phone without taking off my gloves.

fleece lined leggings – deborah & co. {same & similar} //  these are what saved me every day.  nice and cozy and extra warm!  i just wore these under my regular pants and i was good to go.