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back to school blues

i write this the day before school officially starts.
and i’m a bit sad.
tomorrow is a BIG day for our family.
BIG changes.
little ones turning into BIG kids.
let me ‘splain our school situation to some of you that i have seriously confused.
yes, we are home schoolers.
but yes, we also send our kids to school.
here’s a link to our school (the website is being updated, but you should still get a good feel for it).
we are part of a classical school that is part time home school, part time at school.
so on mondays and wednesdays, gracie (and now lily, too) will be going to a regular classroom setting with other students and get a good portion of their learning done there.
then on tuesdays, thursdays, and fridays they are home with me.
i feel like its the best of both worlds:
i get to keep them home and spend more time with them, but i am given direction on most of their curriculum.
one thing that scares the bujeezers out of me is the thought of choosing all our curriculum and planning it all!
but the kids also get classroom time, but with just 14 kids per class, 
so the teachers really get to know the kids well.
so that’s the school in a nut shell.
get it?
so my lily, my little not-even-5-yet lily, will be going into kindergarten tomorrow.
and to make matters worse (or on some days… better) silas will be going to preschool on mondays and wednesdays, too!
such a happysad day!
on one hand, my nest will be empty for 2 partial days a week.
so you can see where i’m torn, right?
to have 2 days where i can work in daylight hours rather than the wee dark hours of the night sounds wonderful.
but to not hear little voices, or get kisses for no reason at all, or get snuggles…. well that just stinks!

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school office: before & after

for those of you that don’t know, we’re a part of a school that is part-time home school, part-time at school. our oldest is in kindergarten and attends school 2 days a week. along with tuition, each family has a requirement to fulfill hours for volunteering each trimester. not only does this help to keep costs down, but also helps parents to invest emotionally and physically into their child’s education.

the director of the school is a good friend of mine. she knew i needed more volunteer hours and had a fun job for me. the office was ok, but not super organized and welcoming. we met and decided on a slightly new layout and lots of fun details. late one night, my mom and a couple friends and i got together to put in a few hours to beautify the office.

there is still much, much more to be done, but its a fun improvement. and my hours are fulfilled for the trimester! yay!