another day, another project

yay!!! i finally got to start gracie’s quilt today! (the finished quilt above is lily’s) this is something i find so completely satsifying for many reasons: i get to work with beautiful fabric, my daughter is stoked on what i’m doing for her, and i get to be creative (which is something i have let go of a little too much over the past couple years). so i’m trying to make gracie’s quilt very similar to lily’s, but i can’t get all the same fabrics now. i do have a ton of scraps that i’m using to piece it all together. so here’s a beginning step by step of my quilting process (and when i say quilt, don’t think fancy/ old lady. i totally break all the rules, or “cheat”, and am quite lazy in the way i actually do this):

1. figure out the size of squares and number of them i need for the front of the quilt – 7″x7″, 130 squares (aahhh – thats a lot!)

2. prewash all the fabric to shrink, then iron (boooooring)

3. begin cutting. i use a self healing mat and a rotary cutter (like a pizza slicer). it makes everything go much faster. i used to try to do this with a measuring tape and scissors, but my friend nicole (hi nicole!) taught me about the finer things in sewing!

4. keep cutting for the next few hours…..

so this is where i’m at so far. i have 97 squares and have run out of fabric, BUT i have enough scraps (smaller than 7″x7″) that i’ll piece together to make a 7″x7″ square. the next step is to lay out all the squares in a pattern i like, then start sewing. i wonder how far i’ll get tomorrow – sean has to work again, yuck!
have a good night!
– lindsey

finally, i’m finished!!!

this is where my project started… in JULY!

and today i finally finished…

2 duvet covers i had (stupidly) offered to make for a friend. my friend kris saw these pillows and asked if i could make her girls matching bedding for their new room (i had made her youngest daughter’s baby bedding). i said yes, thinking how easy it would be because these pillows took almost no time. i did no measuring, just eyeballed everything, and whipped them up. but they’re just pillows! they all fit differently, some too tight, some too loose, others a bit crooked, but i’m ok with that. but when you make a quilt, things need to be much more precise. not that i really was a perfectionist with these at all.
so it really didn’t take that entire time to make these – i took a couple months off here and there. but lately i have been really motivated to finish these because i wasn’t allowing myself to start another sewing project until i was done. next in line is gracie’s quilt and then the baby’s bedding.
i still haven’t completely decided on the baby’s bedding – thinking about browns, olivey/limey green, burnt orange, and some sort of turquoisy blue. i haven’t found all the fabric i want yet. but for gracie’s quilt i have almost everything i need, and i’m so excited about it. we recently moved gracie into lily’s room, so now her old room will be the baby’s room/ guest room. i want gracie’s bedding to match lily’s (which i love!) but i can’t get all the same fabric. so they’ll be a bit different (gracie wants more pink anyway).
so while i was a sewing nut this morning (knowing i was about to finish), everything else around here was, uh, interesting. lily and gracie were drawing with washable (thank god) markers and lily decided drawing on her face was more fun than paper. with jade green she had lined her lips then drawn a jester-like smile. it actually was pretty cute. and gracie spent about an hour fixing my hair. i ended up with three ponytail holders and 8 clips. and we’re all still in our jammies – its after 2 o’clock!
quick quotes for the day:
1. “mom, do balloons have bones?” – grace
2. “when i’m a mom, i’m gonna get myself treats ever when i want.” – grace

have a good one!

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